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10 Ways To Renew Your Look-Homemade Face Packs

Each and every woman desires a fair and glowing skin. We have been brought up in such an environment that we tend to admire fair skin tone. In addition to this, we all understand well that people with a fair skin tone end up looking good in almost all colours.

While those who have a darker skin tone tend to look good only in few colours and the rest colours might not suit them well. This conception has lead to the manufacture of a range of face packs for skin whitening.

10 Ways To Renew Your Look-Homemade Face Packs

Though beauty is a blend of outward appearance, personality, intelligence, charisma and elegance of a person, we tend to associate beauty with the skin colour of an individual. This perception has lead to the use of skin whitening products by people these days.

A glowing and fair skin is what each one yearns for indeed! There are a huge number of beauty products available in the market for skin whitening. Most products claim to be using natural agents for the skin whitening. However, the addition of many harmful chemicals to these products during their manufacture takes place. Many people turn to using home-made items for whitening of their complexion while many others reach to the nearest shopping mall for their skin needs!

Face Packs for Fairness


  • The market is overflowing with a broad range of products for the flawless skin that people look for these days.
  • There are face packs for glowing skin, face masks for fairness, face masks for glowing complexion, face washes for cleansing the skin and much more. Once you use a product, you can decide for yourself the best face pack for glowing skin.
  • These products are easy to use and apply as they mostly come in a tube and can be stored for future use.
  • Most products don’t have to be used for long duration of time to get the party look. They can be used to get an instant glow on the face just before heading out for a party or an event.

There is almost everything easily available in the market nowadays. You just name it, and you will find it in the market from cleansers to exfoliates. The face packs and cleansing lotions are easy to carry and keep. They also have an expiry date mentioned on the cover as well as the tube or bottle. So you can use them accordingly and store for usage later on.

Go Homemade!

While many people head straight to the shopping centre for the best brands for skin whitening, many others prefer homemade face packs.

  • You can get the flawless look by using few items that are readily available at home. These can be bought easily from the nearest grocery store.
  • You can make your customised homemade face masks for glowing skin, homemade face packs for skin whitening, homemade cleansing lotions and the list is endless.
  • There are so many options available in the market these days that seems a difficult decision to get rid of those synthetic products for your skin care and stick with the homemade ones. But you will be amazed to know that you can now make almost each and everything you need for your beauty regime from your kitchen!
  • You can make a make-up remover naturally by using coconut oil rather than a synthetic remover.
  • A natural face wash can be done very conveniently at home as per your skin type. All natural exfoliates natural cleansers can be done and used in place of the products available in the market.

What Makes your Natural Skin Lifeless?

  • The most important point to remember when taking care of your skin is that you need to clean your skin regularly off the dirt and pollution it faces all the time.
  • Lack of oxygen supply and blood to the blood vessels will lead to a dull and gloomy look!
  • Constant exposure to the harsh sun rays and also to pollution will make the skin look dull and dark.
  • A tired body will lead the skin into looking equally dull and overcast. Mental stress will show its first signs on the face.
  • Inadequate nutrition and dehydration will make the skin flaky. It is important to nourish the body with sufficient fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Proper diet will create a healthy body and hence a healthy skin! It is therefore very crucial to have a healthy diet with adequate water intake.
Water- the Best Cure for a Dehydrated Look!


  • Water is a paramount aspect of the healthy body and mind. The same goes for a healthy skin too!
  • Lack of water intake can lead to a dehydrated look by making your skin and lips dry. Water forms a major part of our body about 80%.
  • Water aids in keeping the skin look fresh and young in addition to helping in weight loss.
  • Ample water intake will lead to the proper cleansing of the blood in our body. A healthy metabolism will keep the skin glowing and fresh.
  • Water also helps in preventing the sagging of the skin. Insufficient water intake can make the skin cells loose and hence give it a sag and wrinkled look.
Are There Harmful Chemicals in Your Skin Whitening Cream?

The market is overflowing with products for a fairer complexion. Most advertisements claim to be efficient in helping you get the glowing skin and the flawless look you need. How far is this true? Most people remain dissatisfied with the results.

  • The creams have harmful chemicals like bleaching agents, phthalates, and steroids which end up doing more harm to your skin than do any good.
  • The toxic chemicals in the skin creams and face packs for fairer skin will end up damaging your delicate skin.
  • It will alter the ideal skin tone and complexion and eventually lead to hyper pigmentation.
  • Few chemicals can also be absorbed into the blood stream and reach the various metabolic systems of the body, having a very detrimental effect when used over extended periods of time.
Hyper Pigmentation and Skin Whitening
  • Synthetic beauty and skin care products contain a lot of alcohol, wax, dioxane and other parabens which are harmful to the skin.
  • Hyper pigmentation is nothing but the uneven and irregular skin tone that is caused by some external factors. These can be easily treated naturally to a significant degree by the use of Aloe Vera gel over the hyper pigmented areas of the skin on a regular basis.

It is, therefore best to stick with the homemade face pack for skin whitening. The homemade face masks will help get a fairer complexion without hyper pigmentation or making your skin look patchy.

Harmful Effects of Few Ingredients in Your Synthetic Skin Care Products

The synthetic skin care products include many detrimental effects on the human body.

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Cellular damage
  • Low birth weight in babies
  • Reproductive toxicity
  • Allergies, rashes
  • Endocrine disruption
  • Kidney/skin/lung cancers
  • Tumor growth
  • Respiratory dysfunction

Do You Know Your Skin Type?

Beautiful skin is nothing but a healthy and glowing skin tone. Each person dreams of such a skin tone, isn’t it? Now that we have understood the causes for dark skin and the benefits of using homemade face packs, let us know understand that each and every person has a different skin type. What works well for one’s skin might not be very useful for you. It is, therefore vital to first understand your skin type.

There are various kinds of skin types of people, namely normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and combination skin type. Each skin type will need a different kind of skin care and hence it is very critical for you to understand your skin type before you decide upon making the best face pack for a glowing skin. Depending upon your skin type, you can make your homemade face pack to treat hyper-pigmentation, pimples, excessive oil on the face or even dry skin.

Each time you visit the salon or go to the spa, you end spending massive amounts of money behind the facials and clean ups. Why do you have to waste the money when you can pamper your skin naturally in a cost effective way at home?

10 Best Homemade Face Packs For Skin Whitening

You can make use of homemade face packs for glowing skin by some key ingredients available at home. Few of these ingredients include honey, milk, fruits, yogurt, Aloe Vera and so on. Most of these ingredients are easily available at home and are inexpensive too. They are useful in helping you in skin whitening by their regular use.

Face packs using citrus fruits are becoming very popular these days. Most fruits and vegetables are storehouses of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Both these vitamins are very beneficial for a glowing and flawless skin.

  • Banana is known to help in getting a soft and supple skin.
  • Papaya, potato and curd can be used effectively for skin tan and sunburns, which is equally valid.
  • Cucumber acts as an excellent ingredient for cooling the skin. It is especially beneficial for the people with dry skin.
  • Almonds can be used as a scrub to exfoliate the dead skin of your face.
  • Kiwi is known to help in giving the skin a natural glow and sheen being rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help in rejuvenating the skin and giving it a little glow and sheen.
  • Tomato is one of the most active ingredients for tightening of the skin thereby reducing wrinkles. It helps in the prevention of aging of the skin by making it look young and lustrous.
  • Natural products like coconut oil have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Hence it is beneficial for both the hair as well as the skin.
  • Honey is used to moisturize the skin evenly. It has antibacterial properties that aid the prevention of acne and pimple formation.
  • Carrots, lemon, and other citrus fruits can be used effectively for a healthy and glowing skin.
  • Basil leaves have antiseptic properties and hence useful on pimples, acne marks and blemishes.

Hence nourishing your skin with the homemade face packs is a very effective. You don’t have to spend massive amounts of money to get that flawless look. You can make yourself look young and glowing by using the natural ingredients that are inexpensive and easy to use.

Guidelines for Using a Homemade Face Packs

Guidelines for Using a Homemade Face Packs

Now that you have understood the skin type, you need to keep few factors in mind before you use the face pack or the face mask. Keeping these basic tips and guidelines in mind while taking care of your skin will help you get the best results.

  • First and foremost, you need to understand that face packs must be applied to clean skin only. So remember to wash your face thoroughly with water before using the face mask.
  • Use warm water to make sure all the pores of your skin can open up.
  • After washing the face thoroughly with water, it is important to remove any trace of moisture from the face.
  • You can either use a soft towel or blotting paper to remove all droplets of water and make your skin dry. Face packs for fairness or glowing skin should never be applied very close to the eyes or the area close to the lips.
  • Time plays a very crucial role when using a face mask. It is important to remember to check the time and remove the face mask or face pack after ten minutes of application as the skin would become dry.
  • Removal of the face pack is also important. It must be done very gently.
  • Always rinse the face with warm water and then with cold water. This aid in closing the open pores post the face mask application. If the pores of the skin remain open, you will end up excreting oil from them even after rinsing the mask off your face.
  • Lastly, you should always make sure that you aren’t in a hurry when you are applying the face pack.
  • Choose a place which is free from disturbances, as you can relax while you pamper your skin. Apart from cleansing the skin, you also get an opportunity to relax your mind and soul!
  • Exfoliating your skin is important to be followed at least twice a week. Since we are exposed to pollution of all kinds every day, exfoliation is important in skin care.

Organic Skin Care

People are getting more and more aware of the harmful chemicals present in the cosmetics, skin care cream and lotion; they tend to either stick with the organic skin care products or use homemade face packs.

  • Organic skin care regime is the best option for those of you who are having a sensitive skin type that is prone to allergies.
  • The organic products are mostly composed of plant-based compounds thereby decreasing ill effects that one could get from the harmful chemicals.
  • The plant-products help in exfoliating the dead skin and rejuvenating it, by making the skin glow.
  • The most common compounds of organic products include olive oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, Aloe Vera and so on.

So choose the best face pack for glowing skin for you today from the wide range of beauty ingredients that are present in your kitchen, make face packs for fairness and get the flawless skin you always desired!