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Know these Health Benefits of Buttermilk and Enhance Your Body Entirely

Buttermilk is quite famous in the Indian subcontinent. Unlike what the name on the first glance suggests, buttermilk is not an infusion of butter and milk. It is made by adding a few spoons of yogurt to water and then blending it well. Some people prefer consuming the drink with a pinch of salt.

Health Benefits of Buttermilk and Enhance Your Body Entirely

The method of preparation of this drink might seem simple. However, the amazing benefits of buttermilk are more than just a few. There are different types of buttermilk prepared. These differ by the amount of water and by the types of yogurt used to prepare them.

Chaas or chaanch, the other names for buttermilk in India, is mostly prepared in the northern region. Using the plain old yogurt is the traditional way of preparing chaas. This healthy drink is a must for those who suffer from digestive problems. It is a must for every individual during the hot, Indian summers.

Most of you are probably familiar with some of the health benefits of buttermilk. However, there are more than I intend on highlight for you today.

Here are the 25 Amazing Buttermilk Benefits for Health:

Cools the digestive tract:

Buttermilk is good for soothing an irritated stomach. Ginger or cumin that is present in the buttermilk benefits in relaxing the stomach lining. Since it is has a high percentage of water in it, it acts a coolant as well. Those who suffer from heartburn due to improper eating habits, this drink acts as an elixir. The remaining oil and spices from food are dissolved by the buttermilk, thus, giving the cooling sensation. On the whole, digestion enhancement is the significant mention of benefits of buttermilk.

The rigorous working of the digestive tract contributes quite a lot of heat to the body resulting in a high temperature of the body. Consuming buttermilk helps in cooling the body down as well as it

Cools the body down:

During summers, the outside temperature is high. This results in heating up of the body and subsequent loss of water in the form of sweat. Buttermilk has a high amount of water in it. When the body needs to cool down, the sweating increases, thus leading to higher demand for water by the body. Consuming a glass of buttermilk helps in fulfilling the demand. This makes buttermilk help the body cool down and stands out to be one of the best benefits of buttermilk.

Washes down the oily food:

When you eat greasy and oily foods, the sticky oil lines the food canal and stomach lining. The presence of this oil and spice on the stomach lining makes people uncomfortable and also results in the feeling of fullness. This, however, can be corrected by drinking a glass of buttermilk. Buttermilk helps by washing down the oil and by dissolving the spices.

A Store of everything:

Major health benefits of buttermilk are due to high amount of minerals, nutrients and other elements making it a perfect storehouse of energy. It is made up of mostly water so it helps in maintaining the water balance of the body. Buttermilk is a very good alternative to water or other flavored drinks. It gives more nourishment when compared to the flavored drinks. Thus, it is a must have for those who wish to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Supports digestion:

Helps in digestion

Along with soothing the stomach, buttermilk also provides the stomach with digestive agents which aid in digestion. Buttermilk clears the stomach and helps in the expulsion of the gases present in the stomach. Since buttermilk is composed of mostly water, it is also good in counteracting the acid levels of the stomach.

Prevents digestive disorders:

Excess of gastric acid and other acidic enzymes can lead to irritation of the stomach wall and lead to ulcers. Since buttermilk can overcome the excess acid, it is a great tool for those who suffer greatly due to acidity.

Other digestive ailments like irregular bowel movements, irritable stomach, and infections of the stomach and intestine can all be cured by a daily consumption buttermilk.

Prevents dehydration:

Most of the time people prefer drinking buttermilk with added spices and salts. Some prefer using salt, while other prefer a mixture of garlic and black salt. The benefits of buttermilk become more versatile with these additives into the drink. Nevertheless, when buttermilk is consumed in this state, it acts as a very good hydrant. When the body sweats during summers, the body suffers a great loss of water. The electrolytes in the drink help in retention of water during the hot summers. Thus, drinking buttermilk during the summers helps in staying hydrated throughout the day.

Prevents vitamin deficiency:

Buttermilk is packed with vitamin B complex. Vitamin B complex is used in the formation of many important enzymes and is hence an essential vitamin. Consuming buttermilk daily ensures that the body is provided with ample amount of vitamin B. This way the body proceeds to work efficiently.

Provides calcium without fat:

The best source of calcium is considered milk. However, it also a good source of fat. This is where buttermilk comes in. Buttermilk has a high amount of calcium but does not contain fat. Calcium is needed by the body for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. This need can be fulfilled by buttermilk.

Combats acidity:

Although I have mentioned this above, I would like to give a separate heading for acidity. As most people suffer from acidity and since most digestive ailments arise from acidity, it is necessary to highlight how to cure it. Buttermilk is an effective drink which can sooth the stomach lining while reducing the acid levels of the stomach. It clears major symptoms of acidity too. Thus, for those who suffer from acidity, it is a must to include buttermilk in your diet. This way you can enjoy any dish you want without worrying about acidity.

Decrease blood pressure:

Blood pressure

Buttermilk has bioactive agents which have been reported to help in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. These agents are antibacterial and antiviral in nature and keep a check on cholesterol levels. Thus, BP patients can use buttermilk to maintain their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Helps in losing weight:

Weight Loss

Buttermilk benefits us with its packed essential nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes. Moreover, it provides all the goodness of milk and butter without the additional fat. This property of buttermilk makes it ideal for people who wish to stay healthy while losing weight. Along with all of this, consuming buttermilk leaves the drinker with a feeling of fullness. This indicates that is good in satisfying hunger. The satiation it provides prevents people from eating excess unhealthy junk food.

Promotes immunity:

immune system

Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid bacteria. This bacteria is good for warding off the bacteria that have entered the digestive tract. Since it has bioactive components it protects the body from vaginal and urinary tract infections. Traditionally, it is believed that when the body functions properly, the immune system of the body also functions properly. Buttermilk can keep the digestive tract healthy. Thus, in this way keeps the immune system of the body strong.

Benefits of Buttermilk to the gastrointestinal tract:

Buttermilk is packed with probiotics. These lead to a healthy digestive system. Buttermilk also contains lactic acid bacteria. This bacteria is helpful in converting milk to lactic acid. It acts as symbiotic bacteria.

The bacteria help the gut in more than one ways. Firstly, it prevents the survival of other harmful bacteria. Secondly, these bacteria promote the activity of the gut-friendly bacteria and help them flourish. (These gut-friendly bacteria are those which reside in the region of the colon). When these gut-friendly bacteria thrive, the colon is protected from an infection that could have happened otherwise.

Helps in keeping the skeletal system strong:

Our skeletal systems are composed of bones who are the reservoirs of minerals. Bones are mainly composed of calcium and this calcium can be taken back by the body when the need arrives. So when the mineral content decrease from the bones, they become weak and give rise to pores. This condition can be prevented by adding buttermilk to your daily diet. This way, the bones get more minerals and the skeletal system stays strong.

Natural cure for ulcers:

Gastrointestinal ulcers are caused due to the accumulation of excess acid in the stomach. This acid acts in the smooth muscles of the stomach and irritates them resulting in the formation of ulcers. Buttermilk can counter the acid concentration and prevent the formation of these ulcers. Also, it can prevent the ulcers from erupting.

Cure against thrush:

Buttermilk is high in lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria when they enter the body prevent the growth of yeast. For those who suffer from ulcers in the oral cavity, gargling with buttermilk can help in curing them.

Provides building block of the body:

Almost every reaction and every component of the body involves proteins. Different types of protein make up a high community that reacts to make up the body. Buttermilk is rich in protein. For those who wish to avoid the intake extra fat, buttermilk is a better option than milk. It provides the consumer with the same amount of proteins, just cuts down on the fat. The increased intake of proteins ensures that the body works properly and improves the condition of your skin and hair.

Cure against hemorrhoids:

For those who wish to stop their suffering due to hemorrhoids, this home remedy will be quite useful. Add buttermilk to a mixture of banana and rice and consume it daily. This home remedy should help you through the worst.

The cure for Colds:

Treatment of Viral Cough And Cold

This is a home remedy for fighting the common cold. Take a mixture of grinder ginger and garlic and add it to your buttermilk. This should be effective for colds. If you wish, you can consume it multiple numbers of times a day.

For skin:

Improves The Skin Health

Consuming buttermilk helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Along with this, buttermilk can be used externally on the skin to make it healthy and pretty. And the benefits of buttermilk for skin stand typically the best.  There are many masks which use buttermilk as a component. This is a mask which is made by mixing Multani mitti and buttermilk is a constant ratio. This mask can be applied to the skin directly and later can be washed off. This mask can help in getting a softer, brighter and cleaner skin.

For hair:

Healthy Hair Growth

Just like there are masks for the skin, there are masks for the hair as well. Benefits of buttermilk are too versatile that they can even improve the hair health with the best natural treatment. One of the hair masks can be made by mixing up buttermilk with egg yolk and honey. This needs to be mixed well and can be applied directly onto the face. This mask can make the hair softer, stronger and silkier.

For sunburn:


This is a must for those who suffer from sunburns every summer. This simple method can help in removing the tan as well treating the sunburn in an efficient way. All one has to do is wash your face with buttermilk multiple numbers of times in a day. You can also apply it on your face and leave it as such. Both these methods are simple yet effective.

Prevents early ageing:

Anti-Aging Properties

Early ageing is nothing but the premature appearance of wrinkles and premature shedding of the hair. This is normally because of severe dehydration. Buttermilk, as I have mentioned above, has a high amount of water in it. Along with this, the added salts help in the retention of water by the body. The proteins and vitamin B complex are also used in keeping the hair healthy. Thus, consuming buttermilk can prevent early ageing when consumed regularly. Ever-glowing skin is possible with buttermilk consumption and is considered as a highly useful point in benefits of buttermilk.

As a delicacy:

For most Indians, buttermilk is a follow-up of a heavy meal. Buttermilk is used with different spices to get different flavors. Along with this, it is traditionally used as chaas in the northern Indian region. Buttermilk is used as a flavor for seafood and meat. It is also used to store meat as it keeps the meat tender. Some recipes require meat to be soaked in buttermilk. This is because any type of meat when soaked in buttermilk becomes softer and more palatable which is a peculiar point to be noted out of benefits of buttermilk.