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Tips and Foods – How to Get Rid of Bloating Naturally

Bloating is a serious gaseous reaction in the stomach caused due to several disturbances made in the digestive tract. It is the most unwanted problem of human metabolism. Though many ailments like cold, flu, and fever, etc. give seasonal detoxification and give us a chance to improve our immune strength, bloating, bowel syndromes are nowhere desirable as such. We must find the ways to how to get rid of bloating, and other symptoms like gas swelling with suitable remedies, preferably home remedies.

How to Get Rid of Bloating Naturally

What Causes Bloating?

Stomach gas is responsible for every organ’s life. Swelling of the stomach due to excess gas is called a bloat. The reasons behind the problem of bloating are so diverse, and any minor relative issue may lead to gas formation in the stomach. Knowing the bloating symptoms properly and following remedies for those ailments will do sufficient job for how to relieve bloating.

The long list of causes of bloating is here. Know them for finding appropriate bloating remedies.

All these above diseases seem to be similar with a couple of other causes of bloating. But their causes and effects differ significantly. But for all, we have the chance to get bloating at any stage of the problem.

Major Implication:

Why all these different intestinal and abdominal ailments lead to bloating? What is the exact relation between them and gastric pain in stomach? There is every possibility for this scenario. As we are made up of food, every organ is obviously built with food molecules. Therefore, the stomach has a connection with every organ’s activity, and it becomes highly sensitive if we keep neglecting any of the above diseases.

Coming to bloating symptoms, the gaseous reaction is the typical activity carried out by our digestive systems all the time. We can only satisfy the hunger and clear the gas but can never eliminate it from our bodies. An unhealthy diet is what causes bloating, and timely food intake is nothing but the best and the only way for how to reduce bloating. Though many people suggest you other bloating remedies which have the least connection to food, there is no other way to find how to relieve bloating.

How to Get Rid of Bloating with Foods?

Gas is, however, an inevitable entity of our body releasing every time we got to eat something. But with disturbed diet patterns and lifestyles, the entire intestine becomes messy where gas grabs its chance to turn our health into a disaster. And our conclusion is all the same right from the beginning, i.e., food can pull everything right on track. Bloating is a reaction of swelling of belly due to that excess gas.

Best Tips for Bloating Relief

Let us learn some points about the food we eat before going on to the food remedies for bloating.

Don’t take Meals in a Hurry

Do not eat in a hurry, whatever it may take. Swallowing the food without chewing properly leads to incomplete digestion. This makes gases and stomach acid to work inefficiently, i.e., they fail to turn the entire food to glucose. Have a comfortable and sufficient time for eating, considering it as a significant aspect of life.

Take care of your Drinks

If you have gastric trouble now, the immediate action you need to take is to increase the liquid intake. Take more fruit juices and water as well. Water detoxifies the food pipes and blood veins with great organic impact. It enables your healthy digestion capabilities so that further gastritis or bloating do not touch adversities. Also, do not take too much of liquids just before eating as it may reduce smoothness of food flowing in the tract.

Exercises for Bloating

Gastric trouble, diabetes, blood pressure, and many slow-poisoning diseases share equal causes of dietary imbalances and lack of fitness. With active metabolism, we can tackle any severe problem with great effectiveness.

Do the shorter versions of pranayama(breathing exercise) instead of painkillers so that you gain energy to excel all you energies which can get you rid of bloating, stomach pain, etc. with great ease. We can resolve hormonal issues with yoga and exercises effectively. So, ovarian problems, severe menstrual illnesses caused by hormonal disorders will be cured naturally with these physical and spiritual activities.

Activity and Relaxation

Here’s the least bothered and most prominent factor which can give the answer for how to get rid of bloating with natural remedies. Relaxation is a typical thing to understand while analyzing our energy management. Right after your supper, or a heavy meal, do not tend to go to sleep or lay down on the sofa to relax. But go for a stroll with a companion at the night time which will ease your brain and stomach simultaneously. This will bring a harmony in your body which is a soothing way to get a bloating relief.

Food list for Bloating Treatment



Cucumber is one of the rare vegetables which has many fruit’s characteristics. It hydrates you; it can relieve free radicals, it controls weight, and also soothe digestion process. Eat raw cucumber every day without fail; there’s a zero percent chance that you get bloating. If you are suffering from it, cucumber becomes the foremost bloating medicine.

Honeydew Melon

The high potassium levels of the fruit impart sufficient treatment for bloating. Have a honeydew melon fruit or its juice every day to combat bloating, constipation, and many other stomach problems. The honeydew melon helps in curing water retention also. This can cure bloating by clearing excess stuff in the intestine and digestive tract.


Carrots have a good amount of potassium and fiber, which are most important for anti-inflammatory activity in the digestive system. It bulks up the stool and stimulates easy secretion, and enhances the gastric juices in the stomach as well.


Not just the eyesight and skin health with beta-carotene content, carrot can improve the intestinal conditions which come handy in bloating relief.



Onions are known for reducing gastric ulcers. It can soothe burning in the stomach with its anti-inflammatory properties. Onion can increase the digestion rate as they are fatless and antioxidant-rich. Have onion as a snack or additive into your dishes so that you get your dose of nutrients and possibly prevent bloating.

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Eggs, with their rich protein content, will reduce your belly bloat very effectively as they strongly promote your digestion and gas removal. Eating a pair of eggs daily in the morning will help a lot but without the yolk.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds have been most famous for being consumed right after meals in Indian families. It is taken for the purpose of better digestion and clearance of any gas trapped in the food pipe and digestive tract while eating food.

Fennel seeds

Not just as food but it also works as a remedy(bloating medicine) as it can reduce gastrointestinal spasms and improve the potentiality of the digestive system.

Asparagus is for the nutritional treatment. The vitamin content is of great worth for nourishment and defense towards intestinal ailments. With abundant polysaccharides in it, asparagus helps to relieve indigestion quickly. With simple nutrition, asparagus gets you rid of obesity and indigestion.

To relieve bloating, asparagus’ carbs play a unique role. Some of them are hard to digest initially which is a good aspect of improving the digestive strength. And its diuretic properties cleanse the body by flushing out excess water, which is an essential action for curing bloating.

Drinks and Juices for Bloating

The foods and fruits give nutritional arrangement to beat bloating, but these beverage remedies for bloating can surely get you out of the problem in a short time and with great effectiveness. It’s due to the rapid activity of drinks as they move through the digestive tract very quickly.

Water is better than anything

Drink sufficient water all the time. We readily know how important water is for our body. So, let’s also make time to remind ourselves about the underlying usefulness of water for every ailment. For how to get rid of bloating, water is the primary medicine to get instant relief.

Increase Water Intake

Water can increase your digestive strength by flushing the toxins out. And it can reduce the stress in the tract while if we overeat of any single supplement.

But there is a harm of water retention, which when kidneys fail to excrete water from our body, we retain excess amounts of water. This leads to a strange disease called water retention. Be cautious about this though there is the least chance that you get attacked by it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is capable of clearing all you body toxins, disorders, and even minor diseases. Most of the apple cider vinegar benefits are related to digestive system. Treatment for acid reflux, constipation, digestion, and many inflammatory diseases like a sore throat, pH imbalances, toothache, etc. are found in apple cider vinegar’s use. With all these benefits, we need not enquire for how to reduce bloating with ACV anymore.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is well-known for its weight controlling properties. But unlike any other fat burner, green tea controls the weight by improving the digestive capabilities and free radical filtration. Inflammations in the body are treated by the potent antioxidant properties of green tea. To get rid of bloating, have a cup of green tea in the morning daily. It will also reduce the risk of cancer.

Olive Oil

Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is the quickest healer out of all bloating remedies. Add olive oil to your dishes; many health benefits are waiting to enrich your body. Use this herb for indigestion, trans fat reduction, anti-inflammation, and gastric trouble too. Also, olive oil can cure constipation very quickly.

Fruits for Bloating Relief



Kiwi is filled with intense nutrients and supplements that are essential for digestion and metabolism. If you are all familiar with conventional fruits and juices, kiwifruit will add a new, strong taste to your tongue. It is also rich in water to hydrate you well in the summer time. The fiber content of the fruit is so high that your digestive system works up to the best.

Constipation relief, bloating treatment, bowel syndromes are cured to a great extent with kiwi juice.


Pineapple is a popular fruit for its flavor. But the predominating flavor just isn’t the point to discuss; there are many assets. Particularly in bloating remedies, pineapple has a special position as it can relieve difficulty in stooling. It can reduce diarrhea, constipation effectively.


Pineapple has adequate fiber amounts which clean up the fats in stores and ease the blood flow across the veins. Not just for how to get rid of bloating, it is also highly useful for heart protection.



Banana is an abundant resource of fiber and potassium. It clears the digestive tract for the smooth flow of food and proper digestion. Banana contains oligosaccharides which are not the simplest; they help the digestive bacteria grow which is a vital advantage of banana. This activity increases the absorption of nutrients in high quantity. The digestive benefits of banana are also useful for gastric relief. Thus, banana becomes one of the prominent home remedies for bloating.



Citrus fruits are known for the detox activity. Detoxification is essential for digestion and elimination of gas too. We can get rid of bloating by drinking lemon water twice a day continuously for 3-4 days.



Apple’s negative calorie-property is quite useful everywhere. It burns unwanted fats, improves the healthy fat at the same time. Fiber content is another asset to cure digestive problems. Apple can cure bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, bloating effectively with its enormously strong supplements.

Other Important foods

Along with the mentioned foods, we have ample of other fruits and food ingredients explaining which may take too long. Moreover, the bloating treatment with the foods which aren’t mentioned doesn’t differ much with the above foods.

Some other food remedies for bloating treatment:

Eating these foods regularly can make you a perfect healthy diet without needing the consultation of any dietitian. And there is no query to search an answer for how to get rid of bloating at all. Healthy diet fills half of the happiness in your life.