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All about Benefits of Sunflower Seeds- Beauty and Health Tips

Sunflower seeds are considered to be the fruit of the sunflower plant. They have various health benefits which help us in staying away from various health problems. They also protect your skin and help in maintaining your hair healthy. The scientific name of the sunflower seeds is Helianthus Annuus. Let us understand the wide benefits of sunflower seeds through this presentation which can surely change your perspective towards them.

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds- Beauty and Health Tips

Generally, sunflower is taken in the diet in the form of oil. There are two types of sunflower seeds, one which is used for oil, they are called black oil seeds. The other is the dry seeds which are used in cooking and consumed, they are called confectionery sunflower seeds. You’ll be finding them in the super markets, they have various health benefits and help you in staying away from various health problems. It is generally eaten as snack adding some flavor to the seeds and it can also be sprouted and had in salads. Adding these to your diet will help you in staying healthy. They also help in strengthening your body from inside as well as outside.

There are many benefits of sunflower seeds for hair, that is one best hair treatment you can ever have. Not only hair, but there are many benefits of sunflower seeds for skin also. They help in maintaining your skin healthy and prevent you from various skin diseases. So after reading all this, you must be clear about the benefits of sunflower seeds and after reading the entire article you will be much clear about the sunflower seeds health benefits and all the advantages of sunflower seeds in your daily life.

All About Sunflower Seeds Nutrition!

Let us discuss the sunflower seeds nutrition. They contain many useful vitamins and copper which will give you rich nutrition and help you in staying away from diseases.

So with this table, you will be clear about the sunflower seeds nutrition.

Name Amount per 100gms (in grams)
Calories 583
Total fat 51gms
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 9mg
Potassium 645g
Total carbohydrate 20gm
Protein 21gm

Now let us discuss briefly the sunflower seeds nutrition;

  • They contain 583 calories per 100 grams it is a needed diet for few people.
  • The total fat content is 51 grams and then there are few divisions in this,
    The saturated fat content is 4.5
    The polyunsaturated fat content is 23 grams.
    The monounsaturated fat content is 19 grams.
  • The total carbohydrates present in the sunflower seeds per hundred grams is 20 grams. It consists of 9 grams of dietary fiber and 2.6 grams of sugar.
  • There are many proteins present in the sunflower seeds;
    They contain many vitamins like A, C, D, B and E which give you rich nutrition and help you in remaining fit.
  • They sunflower seeds nutrition also involves minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium which helps in maintain a healthy body and strengthen ourselves from inside.

With all this, by now you must be clear about the sunflower seeds nutrition. So all these nutrients help in maintain a healthy life and stay away for various diseases. They help in strengthening your immune system and act as a shield to white blood cells which fight against various infections in the body. Your daily consumption of these nutrients may be high or low based on the calories you need.

What are the Benefits of Sunflower Seeds?

Let us briefly discuss the benefits of the sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds give rich nutrition to the body because of the presence of many good nutrients. They contribute towards health as well as for the beauty care.

  • Sunflower seeds consist of high oxidant content which helps in preventing many diseases. Sunflower seeds act as the prevention measure for cancer because of this reason.
  • It also reduces the risk of suffering from heart diseases, you can be far away from the risk of getting heart problems.
  • It helps in maintaining the blood sugar level and also helps in the uniform blood circulation in the body because it releases many anti-oxidants.
  • It also helps in wearing off diabetes from your body.
  • By providing rich nutrition, sunflower seeds also help to fight against bone loss and risk of getting muscle cramps. Generally, the athletes also prefer sunflower in their diet in the form of sunflower oil in food to avoid the muscle cramps.
  • Sunflower seeds also help in improving the skin health and risk of getting the skin diseases.

The benefits of sunflower seeds are wide and big, it has got many health benefits and also beauty care benefits. Let us discuss the health benefits and beauty care benefits of sunflower seeds.

What are the Health Benefits of sunflower seeds?

There are many health benefits of sunflower seeds which you never knew maybe, so let us discuss them briefly.

  • Sunflower seeds are a rich source of Vitamins and Copper. They contain Vitamin E, Vitamin B which contain Phosphor selenium thiamine. This helps us to remain healthy and strengthen ourselves from inside as well as outside.
  • They contain linoleic acid which is a healthy source of fatty acids. They help in maintaining the inside system of your body away from diseases.
  • The healthy sources of fat in the sunflower seeds helps in improving the cardiac vascular activities. This fat is actually needed for your body.
  • These fat content present in the sunflower seeds are actually useful for the building block of your cell membrane and also allows the body to balance all the hormonal activities.
  • They also help you in the slow absorption of food, like camel stores water in its hump and uses it whenever needed. In the same way, the sunflower seeds let you slow down the absorption of food that is when you eat once, you won’t be feeling hungry for longer.
  • Sunflower seeds contain easily oxidized fat contents which help in the multiple health benefits in the body. So having this content in your diet is always advisable. It will put you away from heart problems as well as providing you multiple health benefits.
  • They also help in the improved detoxification in our body and reduces the cholesterol content in our body, which is essential and is always wanted by many people. They are confused about what to do, so having this in your diet would surely be a benefit for what you have been looking for.

So with all this by now you must be clear about the health benefits of sunflower seeds. So start planning accordingly about, what you want and what you are going to do it. Make sure your diet involves this in some or the other way, it may be either in the form of oil or whatever.

What are the Benefits of Sunflower Seeds for Skin?

Prevent Aging of the skin

Anti-Aging Properties

We have already studied about the sunflower seeds nutrition, so we must be aware of the nutrients present in the sunflower seeds. They produce many anti-oxidants which help in preventing your skin from aging. This will also reduce the risk of suffering from wrinkles and scars. Scars won’t be gone, but surely the thick patches, start appearing to be light.

Strengthen the Skin layers and Improve the Glow

Glow facial

It makes skin tissues strong and less sensitive to radiations from the sun. This will help you from the skin damage and make you a step away from the skin diseases. Due to the presence vitamin D in the sunflower seeds, it helps in protecting your skin and makes skin to be stronger and less sensitive to sun light.With aging people welcome wrinkles on their face, there is a high chance of avoiding wrinkles caused by aging with sunflower seeds rich nutrition.

Moisturizes the skin

Skin Moisturizer

Sunflower seeds also have antibacterial properties which help in protecting your skin from bacterial infections. Due to the presence of linoleic acid in the sunflower seeds, it acts as a moisturizer for skin providing a layer of the shield to your skin. It is often used as a moisturizer. Also, will enhance the glow in the skin.

Used in Massaging for Smooth and Strong Skin

The benefits of sunflower seeds have also a count in treating infants or babies. That is why there are often massaged with sunflower oil. It helps in preventing skin from various infections because children are easily exposed to air. They are sensitive, so with this, we have given them a shielding layer to the skin. With all these, we have clearly understood the benefits of sunflower seeds for the skin.

What are the Benefits of Sunflower seeds for Hair?

For Better Hair Growth

For Better Hair Growth

By providing many essential nutrients for the body, sunflower seeds have a wide range of benefits to our health and skin. They also help in the maintain the hair healthy. Due to the presence of many vitamins and minerals like selenium and linoleic acid and vitamins B, E they help in the maintaining the hair healthy. Sunflower seeds also stimulate the growth of the hair. If you are suffering from hair loss and already tried many things, which didn’t yet work on you, then yes here is the answer for you. Sunflower seeds help in preventing the hair loss and stimulates the hair growth.

Thicken and Blacken the Hair

With aging comes wrinkles and white hair, with the sunflower seeds oil you can prevent the white hair occurrence and even if you already have white hair then by using this oil it will reduce the white hair and helps in gaining the black color. It helps in the formation of a substance called melanin which helps in imparting the color to your hair, it is a coloring pigment. With this, you will slowly be able to avoid white hair completely and also prevent the risk of getting white hair.

Best Remedy for Hair Fall

Hair Loss

It also helps in preventing the thinning of the hair, with the presence of vitamins in sunflower seeds, it will make your hair thick and prevent the hair loss. Basically, the benefits of sunflower seeds are considered to be on big extent for hair. With all this, you must be clear about the benefits of sunflower seeds for hair.

What did we learn from this Article?

So after reading this article, you must have come across the various benefits of sunflower seeds. There are many which we have known and there might be many which we never knew. We are also clear about the sunflower seeds nutrition and also the sunflower seeds for skin care and sunflower seeds for hair benefits. When we are so sure about the health benefits why not take a step ahead and plan our diet accordingly to remain healthy and stay away from various diseases. It’s all in your hands, start acting accordingly!