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Top 5 Home Remedies for Hair Growth – Know Everything About Healthy Hair Maintenance

It has not been a new problem for the society; it is age old, the hair fall problem. You do not stop it, usually could not stop it, because we are not much aware of what causes hair loss and how to prevent it. Most of us do not know the exact scientific reasons for hair loss, and it is even harder to find remedies for hair growth as we assume to be busy with our own business, and we think we have no time for such issues.

Top 5 Home Remedies for Hair Growth

But it is an indication of your decreasing standards of health. Many minerals lack in the body collectively cause hair loss. So, it is not just a matter of attire/beauty, but it is also a biological problem. Let us know the valid reasons for hair fall and try to find treatments and home remedies for hair growth.

What Causes Hair Loss?

It is quite important to know the reasons for hair fall; then we can cover the loss by following some measures for regeneration of hair.

Poor Brushing

Poor Brushing

This is the major reason for hair loss. The dead skin cells should be removed from the hair’s underneath. This is done by brushing. It is a primary caution to brush twice a day to get rid of dead skin flakes out of the scalp. Healthy hair requires proper blood circulation and air supply to skin under hair. Brushing helps it all. So, it is one of the indirect home remedies for hair growth.

Poor Shampooing

Poor Shampooing

The scalp is always affected by dead skin cells. If hair is not shampooed regularly and correctly, you should have to succumb to hair loss undoubtedly. Itchy scalp is a result of this. It is better to use herbal shampoos for hair thinning problem as the typical chemical/synthesized hair growth products lead to frizzy hair.

No shampoo residues (synthesized), mainly conditioner residues should be present on the surface of the scalp, as they create intense damage to the skin.



Dandruff is 50% of the people’s reason for their hair loss. Usually, they don’t care, even don’t know until that damage occurs. You should awake from this. Dandruff is caused by the disturbance on hygiene, diet, and lifestyle. Need not worry about the problem, it has cures; you can try the tips to control hair fall through dandruff elimination, which are given in the article. Most of them include natural remedies for hair growth, which eventually work for your hair hygiene and thus, causing removing dandruff. Upon all, it is said to be the most persistent reason for hair fall.


Stress is the indirect but an intense reason for hair loss. Most people also do believe in this. Though dandruff is a direct reason for hair loss, stress has more indirect effects; it is a silent killer. We don’t even find that we are losing many things, in a moment of high stress, during work or due to emotional reasons. Any stress affects your health in many ways. Hair fall is one such big bad effect.


We might consider that hair loss is a non-biological issue; it is a general thing. It is wrong. Hair loss is due to lack of strength in the skin cells on your head under the hair. Apparently, hair loss comes from a problem in the body, that too, considerably dangerous, i.e., skin’s ill health.Sticking to a daily routine in food and timings may bring you of stress a bit, but mainly, you should be psychologically ready to get rid of stress.


As mentioned earlier, diet is a partial factor for stress, thus, for hair fall too. Once you are habituated to the today’s trendy food style, it is harder to get out of that zone. Processed foods, high sugar, and salt contents, fatty and fried foods which are so yummy are the same hazardous. So, first of the home remedies for hair growth is to regulate your diet.


Start replacing your diet with other similar things, which may not hurt your tongue suddenly by the strange tastes. Raw and cooked vegetables and fresh fruits improve your strength all over your body.

Usage of Hair Growth Products Unnecessarily

Here is yet another trendy reason. We care for our hair too much. This brings the problem. We do not neglect the health but do not know what is the correct way to protect ourselves. Upon this unawareness, we start using whichever product that is there said to protect hair or your health, resulting in significant irreversible effects to our body.

Usage of hair products unnecessarily

So from now, let is stop applying our own treatment towards any problem, without proper consultation with the specialist. Mainly, fast hair growth home remedies are the most impactful practices which are followed by a huge number of people. In place of that, it is better to go for Ayurvedic medicine, which was prevailed from India, having no side or ill effects.

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Home Remedies For Hair Growth

It is always better to treat any health problem with natural resources as much as possible. We always intend you to follow such treatments and lifestyle in our articles. Here, there are a plenty tips to prevent hair loss which could be utmost natural, organic, and healthy obvious. The remedies can be followed by anyone who suffers the hair fall; they also cure every initial stage of the problem. Check out the enlisted natural ways to prevent hair loss.

Oil Treatment: First Remedy for Hair Loss

From the children to the elders, everybody is aware of the strong relationship between oil and healthy hair. A hair growth oil isn’t a one or two to name but a plenty viz. olive oil, lavender oil, gooseberry, etc. though we are only aware of coconut and almond oils in the list of remedies for hair growth.

Oil Treatment

Here’s the long list of oils that could be used for thick hair growth. One thing to do with the oils is, you always massage the oils on scalp, hair. Apply them onto it thoroughly and then massage for 10 minutes, it is such a refreshing treatment and also improves your hair’s health.

Hair growth oil works always better than an artificially made hair growth shampoo and many other hair growth products.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary hair growth oil is like hair growth tonic. It improves the size and strength of blood vessels. Thus betterment in blood circulation is enhanced. This action increases the hair regeneration through cell division which is caused by better blood circulation.

Rosemary Oil

Add coconut oil for better results; it will collectively stop hair fall with added qualities of coconut water. Apply oil in the night and the next morning, wash it off with shampoo cleanly.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil along with jojoba oil, rosemary and thyme oils, all in equal proportions is taken for the hair fall treatment. The mixture is most useful as one of the finest combinations of natural remedies for hair growth.

Lavender Oil

But after the massage or application, this need to be stayed along with the roots o hair for at least an hour, the only the treatment will work out. Wash your hair after sufficient time.The mixture is known for its treatment for stress and sleeplessness along with hair loss problem. That’s why out of many home remedies for hair growth, lavender oil has unique solutions with added advantages.

Olive Oil

Olive oil doesn’t need an introduction for its assets in the health industry.For the current particular case itself, olive oil has lot many uses such as pre-shampoo treatment, mixture with other oils while using for hair loss treatment, and also including in daily diets.

Olive Oil

Olive oil improves DTH hormones, which regenerate hair growth and you will be out of hair conditioners once you start to be a regular user of olive oil. Olive oil is with high antioxidants, which is the main criteria for hair growth.If olive oil is with you, all home remedies for hair growth are included in this single entity, and you do not need to go for any special treatment to prevent hair loss.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is also treated overnight, but not for 15 to 30 minutes.After applying, cleaning of hair should be done with a mild shampoo the very next day.

Castor Oil

Warm up the castor oil and apply it onto your scalp, massage it for 20 minutes. Take a warm moist towel and wrap it around the head for 20 minutes.

Castor Oil

You can also add lemon juice, to get the combined result o dandruff removal along with fast hair growth.

Plants and Foods(Kitchen items) Also Work Wonders

This is by god’s grace that we are given with uncountable advantages for everything at 100% no bill. We are freely living our life with unlimited luxurious resources if go and observe keenly into nature.

Coming to the current scenario, hair fall or regenerating new hair growth isn’t mere a problem when you have nature and its plentiful resources around you. Check out what vegetables and plants can do for you.

Potato Juice

Potato Juice

  • Potato is a secret agent for fast hair regrowth. We are mostly unaware of the vitamins and hair growing capabilities of potato. It has rich A, B, C vitamin stores, which are so helpful for hair regeneration and its health.
  • Slice potato and make juice out of them. Apply it into your scalp and wash it after 15 minutes.
  • There is no restriction for potato on how frequently you apply it. You can use it each time you want to wash your hair.
Henna Pack for Hair Growth

Henna Pack

  • It is the most renowned hair fall solution observed worldwide. Henna does a tremendous job of protecting hair with no side effects.
  • Take a cup of dry henna and ½ cup yogurt.
  • Mix them to make a paste, add lemon juice for extra benefits.
  • Apply the paste onto scalp and keep it until it becomes completely dry.
  • After getting dried, remove the pack and clean the hair with a mild herbal shampoo.

The current remedy is one of the fast hair growth remedies though, it works entirely for natural effect in providing hair vitamins.

Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Onion Juice

  • Onions are rare suggestions in the hair loss solutions. But they work efficiently.
  • Take two red onions and blend into juice after making them into pieces.
  • Apply them onto your scalp carefully, keep it for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off your hair with shampoo mildly.


  • As we do not need the specialty of garlic in many health applications, we should acquire it at home for anytime treatment.
  • Add a cup of olive or coconut oil to the crushed garlic paste of two cloves.
  • Apply it to the roots of your hair, i.e., head skin. Wash it off properly after 15 minutes.
  • This works amazingly when hair fall with dandruff is an issue.
  • This could be said as a most effective remedy for hair loss as it mixes oil in the mixture of ginger.


  • Take 2 tsp of Amla (Gooseberry) along with 2 tsp of lime juice.
  • Mix the Gooseberry powder with lime juice to a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste onto your scalp thoroughly, and let it dry.
  • After some time, you can clean it by normal water.
  • Pigmentation of hair is improved a lot by Alma, also, healthy hair growth is caused by it.
  • The remedy has a permanent effect on hair, which keeps it strong for a ling while.

In the list of natural remedies for hair growth, gooseberry stands on top as it provides enormous amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Food Suggestions For Thick Hair Growth

Healthy food is good for numerous health problems; hair loss is not a special mention. To prevent hair loss, start to be on a perfectly healthy diet, don’t waste your time and money on treatments in chemical ways to prevent hair loss as you have plenty and plenty number of clean organic solutions before you which can be followed effortlessly. It is not such a huge problem to go on a separate diet as a remedy for hair loss; you can eat up everything that comes into your hand(be kind towards plastics and furniture) that gives fiber, minerals, vitamins. There are no restrictions on food regarding hair fall problem.

Here are the things to be covered while you eat

Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables

  • There is a huge possibility to prevent hair loss with green vegetable content increment in your body.
  • Dark green veggies improve the iron content of the body enormously. Iron has high strength towards skin cells and blood cells too. So, thereby it is assured that hair fall is minimized to an appreciable extent with green vegetables.


  • Vitamins have a bigger part in maintaining health almost in every aspect. Improving vitamin levels is one of the main tips to prevent hair loss. Many vitamins A, C, E, B-Complex, help in hair growth.
  • Mangoes, carrots, papaya, and orange improve Vitamin A

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  • Potato, Banana, Chicken, Beans, Oatmeal, Fish have plenty of Vitamin B, it improves hemoglobin production in blood, thus improving oxygen carrying capacity to the heart. It is an indirect remedy for hair loss, as oxygen is the primary need for everyone’s health condition.
  • Gooseberry, Orange, Guava, and kiwi fruits improve vitamin C, which fights free radicals in the skin, this improves your hair growth.
  • Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cereals, tofu, improve Vitamin E, which energizes blood circulation.
  • Vitamin intake improves scalp functioning and blood circulation to the scalp; this will automatically prevent hair loss as you get healthier day by day.


  • Protein is a need for hair growth because hair is a protein made Keratin is the protein contained by a hair.
  • Eggs, Chicken, Soybeans, kidney beans, tofu increase protein content and also essential vitamins for hair growth.

Hence, these are the preventive measures and home remedies for hair loss, best-collected hair loss treatment list in the best ways to follow. After reading the entire article, if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to respond. We are even ready to communicate for the better results and improve the knowledge collectively. Thank you.