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Keto Diet Plan – The Diet that gifts you ‘Health’ along with Weight Reduction!

‘The ketogenic diet’ or Keto Diet Plan shows a remarkable impact on the body in defying many disease-causing cellular infections/disorders.

It is a safe treatment for many health issues at a microscopic level. Suffering from the most common problems viz. diabetes, overweight/obesity, you can opt for this diet without holding back anymore.

If losing weight is your primary requirement and you have tried many other medications and exercises, few of which you might not have left yet; it’s now time to follow this completely organic and well-being keto diet meal plan which is utmost old of many scientific diets and super efficient.

A Detailed Explanation of Ketogenic Diet

One unique feature of the diet plan is that it goes on utilizing your fat storages and depends on the fat intakes thus reduces your weight rather than impelling you to avoid fatty foods. It is said a high-fat, low-carb diet plan.

Also, epilepsy in the children, a neurological disease is also cured by following this diet.

Let us get into the deeper discussion with the listed highlights below

 What is Keto Diet About?


Dr. Russell Wilder of Mayo Clinic in 1924, almost a century ago had proposed the keto diet(short form) which was his own design. But the specialized anti-seizure treatments in the 1940s had shown their adverse effect on this diet from when the keto diet was almost disappeared.

Later in 1994, Charlie Abraham’s family have undergone anti-seizure treatments and brain surgery, then they’ve tried this diet plan as a toddler and maintained it for almost five years. From then keto diet plan for weight loss and fat removal has become a populous organic treatment/medication.

In 2006, Charlie made a commission with neurologists and dietitians to create an exercise too. The age and circumstances of the users are also decided under a consensus statement. It was mainly suggested for the children with epilepsy to improve nourishment and developing the brain.

What Does It Do?

  1. Diet provides generous amounts of protein.
  2. It has a unique feature of low-carb and a high-fat intake, which greatly affects the utilization of energy stored in the body and also energy available from food intake.
  3. Intake of fat content which is one of the major keto diet foods, used in the keto diet plan for weight loss seems to be a wrong notion that fat is reducing the weight of the body, but the mechanism it does is kind of interesting. The fats stored in the body and came through food are converted into fatty acids and ketones. Through this, fat is burned all the way through the blood veins, muscles, and the primary tissues of the body cells.
  4. The ketone bodies also impact our body condition at the cellular level and improve the metabolic activities.
  5. Glucose/Blood Sugar is almost lowered in production; fats are utilized to a maximum extent. This improvement in ketone production and their business is called “ketogenesis.”
  6. The ketone bodies present in blood also improve insulin resistance and disease resistance from the probe of diabetes, epilepsy, autism, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. Not only these, but we shall also signify the whole keto diet benefits in the following discussion.
  7. The ketones kill the fat into energy most efficiently and are also some of them are sent to the liver, which is a cause of energy source to the brain. This, as a result, improves the brain functioning in an indirect way.
  8. The state of improvement of fats through food and ketone bodies all over the body in blood vessels, liver, is called “ketosis.” To mention, it is not a disease; it is a state. Moreover, it is a healthy sign to attain and sustain ketosis.

Crisp Format of the Diet


As mentioned earlier, keto diet foods are high in fat, moderate in protein, and least in carbohydrate contents.

Many weight loss diets opt for high protein foods, but the keto diet needs them less, cause the fat does the whole work.

The menu doesn’t go on a strict pattern of days, food limitations like in the 7 Days Gm diet plan for weight loss. It is just about knowing what are the foods that aren’t allowed and most suggested foods good for health. But it requires a close medical supervision.


Carbohydrates are recommended to be taken around 20-60 grams a day, not more than that if you are in the probe of any disease mentioned above. Medium levels of protein are enough because a large amount of protein is covered by the fats and moreover, more than fats, protein helps in developing blood sugar. For this reason, one is suggested to maintain a better fat content even though he/she neglect much protein.

20-25% protein and 5-10% carbohydrates are helpful, and rest is all calories.

Everything in the keto diet plan is designed upon the suggestions of dietitians, may it be the ratio of fat to the proteins and carbs and strict amounts of protein in grams.


The diet begins to be for a couple of days and goes on to a high level in around 3-4 days.

To completely eliminate epileptic seizures, it is better to be on diet up to 3 If the diet fails on your body, there’s no problem in stopping the diet after a while.

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 Top 10 Health Benefits of Keto Diet Plan for Anybody

Weight loss

One can simply trust that this diet is majorly for losing weight. Keto diet weight loss is a healthy weight loss compared to the typical low-fat weight loss diets.You need not track your calorie count to check for weight loss. The weight is automatically turned to be lowered by the amount of ketone production, that too with no hunger problems.

ketogenic diet for Weight loss

One of the researches stated that keto diet plan can work 2.2 times as efficient as on a calorie restricting low-fat diet regarding the weight loss problem.The increased protein intake also helps sometimes to lose weight and some more health benefits.

Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

As all we know, diabetes is due to high blood sugar and great deficiency of insulin levels. This prevents the threat of diabetes and also avoids if there are any chances of diabetes, i.e., pre-diabetes. Excess fat is all reduced in keto diet, this involves in reducing blood sugar and control diabetes of type 2. The metabolic syndrome is also covered by this action.

Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

Insulin sensitivity is said to have covered by a surprising range of 75%.You can even stop the medication for diabetes(type 2) if you go on regular keto diet foods. It is 95% successful.Weight loss after diabetes control is also an advantage to be mentioned. 11-13 kgs of weight are lost once you are free from diabetes whereas it is 6-8 kgs in typical low-fat diets.

Fat control – The Best Asset of Keto Diet Plan

The basic thing we could know about the diet by its name is an improvement of ketones all over the body. This increases the burning of fats/utilization of fats wherever present. The state of increasing the ketone content across the average level is what called “ketosis.”

Fat control

The stage of increment in ketone level is definitely a healthy sign irrespective of any side effects because there aren’t any hazards related to increasing the ketone count. When you are on the keto diet, if the carbs are heavier, the burning fuel gets retarded, and even glucose content also increases, which usually can’t be converted into energy by ketone bodies as much as fats are converted.

Protein sparing effect

Keto diet plan shows a protein sparing effect, i.e. if you are consuming 1000-1500mg of proteins per kg of your weight, that is said to be enough. This structure of feeding helps your body to make ketones work more on fats than protein. Since the fat count is enormous, you need not oxidize the protein and convert glucose to energy.

Reducing Insulin level

Reduction of insulin levels causes lipolysis and release of glycerol, which in turn has a lipolysis blocking effect at 80-120 stage of insulin. At this juncture, beneficial hormones like growth hormone and some other powerful growth factors are also released.

Heart disease

The blood pressure and blood sugar controls are almost there nearer to avoid the risk of heart problems.

Heart disease

Improvement in fat burning reduces the probability of heart disease to vanish.


The tumor growth is ideally controlled by keto diet foods. Several types of cancer are also treated through this.

Cancer control

The keto diet results in treating neurological and cellular/metabolic syndromes through which unwanted wounds inside the cell parts are causing cancer, and are eliminated at the very initial stages through organic food itself.

Miscellaneous Benefits:

Treatment for Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Brain injuries, and Acne are additional keto diet benefits.

Acne is cured by the process of lowering sugar and processed foods, which is a mild effect of a keto Over 12 weeks of diet practice, you can see the healing action of acne.

Keto diet results in losing weight to a great extent while maintaining good physical attire and health. It has a wide range of advantages when compared to the other healthy weight loss plans.

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What to eat, What not to..?

Eatables of ketogenic diet


You can just take these things or granted while you are on the diet. These are the best-suggested foods to maintain the desired health condition. Look down for the list.

Butter and creams: Butter and creams involved in baked food can be good for a while.

Nuts and seeds: In any diet nuts and seeds are very helpful and here is the same case. Almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds are suggested.

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Cheese: Unprocessed cheese is a must, and processed cheese doesn’t have much advantage like this one.

Avocados: Guacamole is good or all avocados are excellent to have them on a diet.

Low carb foods: Green vegetables, tomatoes, onions, and peppers are rich in carbohydrates.

Eggs: Pastured eggs are good for health or omega three whole eggs.

Healthy oils: Coconut oil, Olive oil, and avocado oil are all okay for cooking.

Meat: Steak, bacon, chicken, and turkey are healthy when you’re on a diet. Red meat is a special

Fish: Salmon fish, tuna, trout, mackerel; mostly fatty fishes are allowed.

Condiments: Salt, pepper, and other healthy spices are included in the diet for taste and extra purification of body cells.

From above list, it is clear that this is not a strict diet regarding fat count or calorie count, yet it provides a high amount of fats and you are all comfortable with the food with no hunger problems.

Foods to be avoided

It is more important to know the foods that are to be avoided than the intake list. Here’s the list of foods to be avoided when you are on the keto diet plan. They are mostly the high carbohydrate content foods.

Sugary foods: Soda, fruit juice, ice cream, candy, cakes are not encouraged.

Grains or starches: Wheat-based products, rice, cereal, pistachios, etc.

Low-fat foods: Low-fat foods or products of processed foods are harmful because they contain a high carbohydrate content.

Some condiments: Sauces and condiments contain sugar and unhealthy fat; they should be avoided.

Unhealthy fat: Vegetable oil contains fatty acids which are totally unwanted. Mayonnaise is also one of such kinds.

Root vegetables: Potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips contain a full amount of carbs.

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Fruits: Except strawberry, no fruit helps in gaining fat and reducing carbs.

Alcohol: Alcohol is also rich in carbs; it is also suggested to be avoided.

Beans: Kidney beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas are avoided.

 Sugar-free diet foods

Alcohol contains high sugar contents; this affects ketone level. So, it is better to avoid sugar alcohols.

As of now, keto diet meal plan doesn’t look tougher to deal with. It’s all with available and affordable food to everyone and food which is not so odd in taste.

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A Sample Three Day Chart of Keto Diet Plan

Here is the sample pattern of nutritional ketosis diet which helps you out of the confusion as a beginner.

Day 1 Plan

On the first day, protein content is a bit higher, but as in the combination of fat, it is no harmful effect.

Day 1 plan of ketogenic diet

Breakfast Menu:

2-3 raw eggs with one tablespoon of salted butter

Four slices of bacon

Raw onions – 1 ounce

Lunch Menu:

Chicken on green salad(3 cups) with oil and vinegar

Celery stalk-1 fresh

Oil should be olive oil

Dinner Menu:

Ribeye steak with mushroom cream

Broccoli – Raw

Butter is also suggested

Day 2 Plan

Day 2 of ketogenic diet

Breakfast Menu:

4-5 ounces of a ground leaf with spices

1 ounce of low carb vegetables, a chopped onion

They can be fried but in olive oil only

Coffee or herbal tea(unsweetened) with cream in high amounts

Lunch Menu:

4 ounces of baked fish with butter sauce

A cup of cauliflower, fried in olive oil

Blue cheese with green salad and dressed with full-fat content.

Unsweetened sparkling water or any other unsweetened beverage

Dinner Menu:

6 ounces of pulled pork/meat shoulder

2 cups of cabbage, fried in butter

High-fat dressing and green salad

Unsweetened beverages like coffee and herbal tea

Day 3 Plan

Day 3 of ketogenic diet

Breakfast Menu:

  • 3 ounces of cooked meat with sauce
  • A Boiled Egg
  • 2 teaspoon cream cheese
  • Unsweetened coffee or herbal tea with high-fat ingredients

Lunch Menu:

  • 4 ounces of smoked turkey
  • 1 cup of summer crash crunched, fried in butter
  • Low carb, high-fat dressing, and green salad
  • Water or unsweetened flavored beverages

Dinner Menu:

  • 4 ounces of salmon, parmesan cream sauce
  • Spinach with garlic and onions
  • Romaine lettuce dressed with high-fat, low-carb contents
  • Coffee or herbal tea unsweetened

The above-suggested menu is majorly for non-vegetarians. Vegans have a plenty of varieties in place of non-vegetarian foods with green leafy veggies and other high-fat contents.If you are going well with this kind of keto diet meal plan, you can continue it for months; a definite change is challenged.

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Few Cautions To Be Made: The Side Effects

There are some doubts and fallacies regarding this diet as a harmful one to follow. But let us know the extent of their hazard and also observe some notices while you follow the diet.

No diet without physician’s advice
  • Never even take it for granted to follow health diets unless you approach a doctor whether to follow it or not. If at all you are with heart disease, kidney problem, then you must not follow anything without the expert’s advice.
  • Better you consult a nutrition expert rather than a physician as they may not know perfect things about nutrition who regularly get confused with ketosis and ketoacidosis.
‘Keto Flu’ is there
  • For the ones who don’t have a healthy immune system may be attacked by keto flu. This includes lower energy levels and hunger problem due to strange diet pattern.
  • Nausea, digestive system, and exercise performances may also be affected by this flu. It is one of the ketosis side effects. One is suggested to maintain a low carb diet regularly so that the body is habituated to the keto diet foods and also fat burning capacity.
  • If you could not control the digestive problems occurring with this diet, you can simultaneously go for other treatments for digestive problems.
Mineral and water deficiency

Water and mineral imbalance may occur due to the diet change, adding salt and spices may help in increasing them.

Other mild side effects
  • To avoid other keto side effects, add sodium by 3000 mg per day and also 1000 mg of potassium and 200mg of manganese. These minerals help the immune system and prevent most of the diseases related to ketosis.
  • If at all it is a bigger problem with your body posture, you try to have some good amount of calories for just a few weeks after the start of the keto diet plan. After that, you can switch to the original meal plan.
  • All these side effects are not much danger, even if they attack, they could be handled with the mineral supplements.

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Other Supplements To Avoid Problems

We are done with the plan of a keto diet and its side effects. The nutritional ketosis diet has some strange problems with its suitability towards the people. It may not be okay with everyone who follows. But for the ones to whom this diet is mandatory, we have a list of proposed additional minerals to have and maintain the health well same as in the past.

  • MCT oil: Mix this oil with yogurt or any other drinks; you can improve your ketone levels.
  • Minerals: As already mentioned, salt, sodium like minerals can improve your stability towards the diet.
  • Whey: This is just to maintain the required protein level. You can add them to milkshake or yogurt.
  • Caffeine: Fat reduction and exercise performance are major issues that can be dealt with caffeine.
  • Creatine: This helps in health and performance. This combines the plan of exercises and keto diet so well without any ketosis side effects. Thus many of the side effects are avoided by creatine.
  • Ketones: The exogenous ketones are important in making the body ready with ketones always, thus it controls the blood sugar levels and avoids fat and diabetic problems if any.

Few Delicious Keto Diet Recipes:

Choosing foods from the well-known recipes and choices is all fine. But finding which of them work best for the keto diet menu is the critical part. We have got you few of the delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

These foods and ingredients are very common to everybody in almost every country. They are liked very much by the people who want to reduce weight without craving for their favorite foods. The list of keto diet foods are totally common but their impact on the body to control weight is simply excellent.

Roll-Ups for Breakfast

How a robust cheese, fulfilling protein, sausage, and a fast-food made out of these materials can control your body fat? That’s the wonder with keto diet foods.


Just grab two eggs and beat them into a bowl. Scramble the eggs with milk and pepper.

Preheat the oven to 350° F.

Use dough to prepare the rolls. Keep the cheese slices on the unrolled dough. Now keep the scrambled eggs and add sausage to it. You can use salt and pepper for flavoring, depending on your choice of taste.

Roll up the dough loosely and apply some beaten egg gel on top of the roll.

Bake them in the oven for about 15 minutes and see for the golden-brownish top.

Keto porridge

Keto vegetarian porridge is an unconventional recipe, yet made up with very familiar ingredients.

The recipe will impress anyone that likes food to their heart. It has beautiful ingredients like almond milk, coconut flour, protein powder, etc. All of these products give enormous energy and add a great scope for healthy metabolism.

It is a morning time meal/breakfast that helps us feel full of stomach.


Mix the coconut flour, protein powder into a bowl. Add golden flaxseed meal to it.

Take this powder mix into a bowl and mix with almond milk. Cook it over medium heat with slow pace until the mix thickens.

After taking down the pan from stove/oven, add any sweetener for flavoring. Try blueberries, dark chocolate powder, etc.

Add cinnamon as a topping which gives a tasty kick to the porridge.

3. Keto Bread

A keto bread can be a part of keto diet plan only if it is a home-made one.

The ingredients and additives will do all the explanation of its essence in our diet.


Mix cream of tartar and egg white mixture to a uniform liquid.

Take another bowl and add the mixture of almond flour, melted butter, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda. Blend them well to a uniform mixture.

Now add the prepared egg white mix to the secondly prepared mixture.

Take this mixture into a loaf pan of a standard size and pour in the egg white mixture.

Bake the pan for 30 minutes.

The keto bread is ready when you take the pan out.

4. Veg Club Salad for Lunch

Club salad with vegetables is a calorie-rich lunch recipe. It is quite a challenging take while being on keto diet plan as the diet is claimed to be a low carb diet. But calories taken during lunch will be utilized well and thus there won’t be any unwanted calorie deposits in the body.


The salad’s dressing is the key part of any salad recipe. Prepare the dressing with sour cream, mayonnaise, and cheese. Add milk to the thick mix to make it a bit dilute and flavored.

Add a variety of vegetables, boiled egg slices, and slight cheese topping. Add Dijon mustard or diluted vinegar to create a spicy flavor.

Use the dressing for drizzling onto the salad. Use a limited amount of salad dressing in order to feel the tastes of veggies.

This is all about the keto diet and its extensive treatments to the human body. The keto diet plan for weight loss is considered to be the best among many diets when the food comfort is given more weight. Keto diet benefits are of a wide range starting from mild issues like mineral imbalances, water sufficiency to major health concerns like cancer, epilepsy, etc.

If you could find any suggestion to add, feel free to mention in the comments and we will not bother to add them up in the article.

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