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Undergoing A Kidney Failure Treatment? You Are A Champ Who Can Survive The Odds!

Losing an organ of your body makes you feel like the world crashing down in front of eyes. If you are undergoing a kidney failure treatment or if you have your friends or family undergoing a kidney failure treatment, here are some beautiful seeds of suggestion you can plant in their minds to enable them bloom amidst their difficulties and hardships.

Kidney Failure Treatment

Who wouldn’t want a robust and vigorous life devoid of any health-related complications and illness? They say HEALTH IS WEALTH. But a sudden unexpected breakdown of your health condition may shatter you internally which does have a huge impact on you mentally as well as physically.

Somethings That Breaks You Makes You Strong!

Life doesn’t always happen to you as you expect it to. You may have set a straight and easy path to reach your goals and ambitions but you will have to face several redirections and diversions in your pathway to reach your destination. You may curse God for being so hard on you but you must understand that when something is not happening your way, you are being exposed to various constraints so that you emerge as much strong soul than you were before.

Diamonds Were Once Rocks And So Are You!

Behind any beautiful, compassionate and strong person that you see today, there is an untold story of what it took for that person to survive the odds which revealed their inner strength. When you look at a diamond, you can’t resist yourself from admiring its’s beauty, but diamonds are just those simple materials which were subjected to some hard hits and blows and immense pressure and each blow has shaped these simple rocks into some beautiful and precious diamond that you are longing for today.

Surviving with a single kidney is something that you can really make it up with all your strength and courage. Keep on reading to know some amazing remedies for treating kidney failure.

Here are the various methods of kidney failure treatment and your doctor is going to suggest you one of these methods based upon your health condition.

Kidney Failure Treatment – How Kidney Failure Is Treated Medically By The Doctors

Damage to your kidney can occur because of various reasons which are mentioned below in this article but you need not panic because there are always various kidney failure treatments that you can adopt for compensating the loss of kidneys.

Your Doctor Can Suggest You With Any One Of The Following Methods Of Kidney Failure Treatment


The main function of your kidneys is to separate the purities and impurities present in your blood and eliminate the wastes from your body. If there is a damage of kidneys, this function has to be performed in some way or the other without which salts and wastes can get accumulated in your body causing damage to other organs of your body.

Dialysis is performed in two ways


Haemodialysis is a process in which an artificial kidney that is used to filter the blood. The blood is filtered with the help of this machine and transferred back to your body. The dialyzer works as a filter here which segregates the toxic wastes from the blood and transfers back the purified blood back into your body.

The process of haemodialysis is performed for at least three to four hours and the process of haemodialysis has to be performed three times in a week.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis involves the purification of blood by using a membrane which is the lining of the abdomen and since this layer is known as the peritoneum, the dialysis is termed as peritoneal dialysis. An instrument called catheter is inserted into the belly button and the process is performed after a few weeks of inserting the instrument into the body.

Kidney failure treatment by peritoneal dialysis is not suitable for everyone, more particularly for the people with the following health complications.

1)    A person who has undergone multiple surgeries which resulted in the emergence of multiple scars on the stomach.

2)    People suffering from a hernia (an abnormal growth of a tissue inside the body)

3)    Deficiency of proteins

4)    Diverticulitis which is the inflammation caused in the digestive tract which results in the formation of three or more pouches.

Kidney Transplantation

Apart from dialysis, the mode of replacing the failed kidney or an effective kidney failure treatment is kidney transplantation. The arteries and veins of the new kidney are connected or adjoined to the arteries and veins of your body.

You could be receiving the kidney from a person who has already lost his life or the person donating the kidney could also be a live donor. An astonishing fact about the kidney failure treatment by kidney transplantation is that the kidney that is being replaced is directly put in your lower abdomen and your original kidneys are not removed from your body.

If the patient has received the kidneys from a deceased person, the kidneys may not function immediately and the patient needs to undergo a treatment called dialysis until the transplanted kidney begins to work properly.

Remedies For Kidney Failure – How To Survive With A Single Kidney And How To Treat Kidney Failure

If you have been looking for the ways to cope up with the loss of a kidney, or if you are looking for the ways to come out of the agony of undergoing a kidney failure treatment, these amazing remedies will guide you to live healthier and happier, in a way you have always fantasised about. Just relax and prepare your mindset to follow these remedies.

Motivate Yourself And Boost Your Self-Esteem

Losing an organ from your body does not make you any lesser than anyone, rather you can take this as a setback and choose to restart a fresh and new life by setting some major fitness goals and ambitions. Once you start working towards them with all the zeal and zest, you will feel proud of yourself for not giving up on life.

You can initially set small goals, one small goal to achieve per day, which will gradually sum up to achieving a big life-changing goal. Small goals are just the stepping stones that will eventually lead you to your big goal of achieving something that you really wanted.

You just have to look at the positive, bright side of your life and keep going no matter what because breakdowns are just to teach you on how to become stronger.

Wake Up Early And Work Out. Rise And Shine

When you are physically fit and active, you will automatically create a positive mental picture of becoming successful and this happens because working out makes your cells vital and tireless which will make you energetic and lively from inside and you will always feel happy and contented.

If you are younger and lost a kidney due to some unfortunate circumstances, there is no way you have to feel afraid or fearful for working out vigorously and making yourself fit, but if you are bit older, you can simply afford for a daily morning walk. You will be able to smell the freshness of the early dawn, birds chirping and green trees swaying. Try to stay close to nature and observe the wonderful life that is surrounded by you.

You just have to spare some time for a daily walk of forty to forty-five minutes. This is so going to help you keep up a good and healthy kidney.

Get Rid Of Cigarettes And Alcohol

It is time for you to dump the stuff that has been eating away your life without your conscious. If you are addicted to cigarettes or alcohol, you have to keep reminding that, these are just going to keep you satisfied and happy for a small period of time, only until you enjoy them, but the effect of this kind of lifestyle will leave an unrecoverable stain on your healthy life.

Get Rid Of Cigarettes And Alcohol

You just have to look out for other modes that are going to keep you happy and content like reading self-help books, watching inspirational documentaries and motivational movies based on real-life stories. The world is so enriched with lovely and beautiful people trying hard to make out a living, you will forget yourself!

Take Vaccines To Prevent Infections

Since you are surviving with a single kidney, you may be easily prone to various diseases which is why you have to keep taking vaccines from time to time. Ignoring this can make you a victim of some serious diseases, but you must be very careful in choosing the kind of vaccines that you are going to take. You must particularly consult your doctor on the type of vaccine that you are going to take because people who are undergoing a kidney failure treatment are refrained from taking certain types of vaccines.

Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Your heart and kidney work collectively. If your heart is not able to pump oxygenated blood to all the organs of your body, this can have a negative impact on your organs. One major organ that is going to get affected is your kidney. Therefore, you have to ensure that you maintain a good and healthy heart to protect your kidney health and the health in overall.

Cut Down On Salt

Cut Down On Salt

The major function of kidneys is to discard excess water content from our body, through which some toxic wastes are also eliminated. If the salt intake is too high, the functioning capacity of kidneys will drastically get reduced, which will result in inefficiency of kidneys and removal of water. This will result in an increase in the blood pressure.

Therefore, you need to cut down on the amount of the salt intake per day to keep yourself away from other health complications.

Lower The Intake Of Potassium

Lower The Intake Of Potassium

The function of kidneys is to remove excess amounts of potassium from the body. The working capacity of the kidneys may decrease after a person has undergone a kidney failure treatment. So, consuming excess potassium in such cases can make it difficult for the kidneys to work on the elimination which will result in the storage and accumulation of potassium in your body.

You need to restrict the intake of sweet potatoes, apricots, bananas, pomegranate, spinach, avocados, salmon, black beans, white beans, yoghurt and beets as they are high in potassium.

Dump The Processed Food And Chose Fresh Fruits And Veggies

Dump The Processed Food And Chose Fresh Fruits And Veggies

You can make a small change in your diet plan by avoiding all the fast foods and processed foods like pastries, cakes, meat, sausage rolls, ham, bread and cheese and start including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

You can just follow this for one to two weeks and you will be able to see a drastic change in your health because while processed foods are overloaded with artificial sweeteners and sugars that will just add a taste, fresh fruits and vegetables will provide you with all the essential nutrients and vitamins that will keep up your health.

Lower Your Protein Intake To Prevent Proteinuria

Proteinuria is a condition in which excess amounts of proteins get filtered through urine. This happens because kidneys do not function properly and hence they fail in restoring the protein content in the body. Proteinuria can be detected by the presence of trace amounts of protein in the urine. The condition is also known as albuminuria.

Do Not Consume More Than 1500 Milligrams Of Sodium Per Day

Table salt, salami, pickles, beef, ham, olives, celery, Swiss chard, soy sauce and pickles are high in sodium content which will reduce the efficiency and working capacity of the kidneys which are already in a deteriorated condition. It is advisable to cut down on the salts completely. However, if you cannot resist yourself from consuming sodium-rich foods, you can make sure you do not consume more than 1500 milligrams per day.

What Causes Kidney Failure?

Your doctor might have acknowledged you with various causes of kidney failure and what exactly has landed you in this situation, but here we have gathered all the possible reasons for kidney failure and some facts might even surprise you because a minor negligence or other health-related complication can also cause you a kidney failure.

All The Possible Reasons For Kidney Failure

How Does Diabetes Cause Kidney Failure?

How Does Diabetes Cause Kidney Failure

This particular medical condition where diabetes causes kidney failure is termed as diabetic nephropathy. If you are wondering about how diabetes can cause kidney failure, this is what happens to your body if you are diabetic.

You have been reading and learning from your childhood that kidneys help in filtering the excess wastes from your body. You might have also studied that nephrons are the basic structural and functional units of the kidney. Your blood contains numerous molecules and ions and some toxic wastes along with water. Nephrons help in resending back these ions and molecules to your body and eliminating the toxic wastes in the form of urine, but if your blood has excess amounts of glucose, your nephrons might be subjected to immense pressure which will cause a functional damage to your kidneys.

Therefore, there is a need for you to keep a check on your blood glucose levels to prevent diabetes from being one of the causes of kidney failure if you are readily a diabetic.

Over Usage Of Drugs And Alcohol

Over Usage Of Drugs And Alcohol

What is the first thing you would do if you are vested with some power to do anything that you desire? The first thing I would do is limit the production of alcohol and drugs so that people consume these substances only when they really need it. Overdoing of anything can cause severe damage to your life and it can sometimes be unrecoverable.

Overusing drugs and alcohol is the second most common reason for being subjected to kidney failure. Diagnosis in such cases is performed by kidney transplantation or dialysis. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, painkillers and inhalants or excessive consumption of alcohol can cause kidney failure.

Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is usually the pressure which is exerted on the wall of the blood vessels while blood flows throughout your body. When your blood pressure is very high, the pressure exerted on the blood vessels is too high. The blood vessels present in your kidneys get affected because of the extra pressure which causes kidney failure. If high blood pressure has unfortunately caused you a kidney failure, do not panic. Here are some suggestions for you to get rid of the agitation and the unrest.

Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

Do you drink enough amounts of water that your body usually requires? If not, you might be at a higher risk of being prone to the formation of kidney stones in your body. Kidney stones can be extremely painful until they are passed out through urine or until they are destroyed through laser treatment but some kidney stones may not cause any pain or symptom which over some time causes kidney failure, the consequence of which is an inevitable kidney failure treatment.

Kidney Failure Because Of Sepsis

It is essential for you to always keep yourself clean and hygiene because a simple negligence can cause a permanent damage to your kidney. Infection that occurs in any part of your body is referred to as sepsis. Kidney failure because of sepsis can either occur due to the direct infection of the kidneys or because of other bodily infections that can spread to your kidney. The most common types of infections that cause kidney damage are pneumonia, bladder infection, abdominal infection, kidney infection, or a bloodstream infection.

Lupus Nephritis

Lupus is usually identified by the inflammation or swelling of skin or kidneys. It is a peculiar kind of disease where the body’s antibodies attack its own tissues. This disorder is usually termed as lupus vulgaris or lupus erythematosus which can be easily identified by the swelling of hands, ankles or feet which are the primary symptoms of lupus nephritis. Other symptoms that show up along with this are high blood pressure, frequent urination especially during the night, dark coloured urine or foamy urine.

Heart Failure And Kidney Damage

The main function of the heart is to supply oxygenated blood throughout your body. When blood flow reaches the kidneys, nephrons present in the kidneys help infiltration of the blood and eliminate the waste materials in the form of urine. When there is heart failure, kidneys do not get supplied with oxygenated blood which leads to the improper functioning of kidneys causing a kidney damage.

Severe Dehydration

Severe Dehydration

A proper flow of blood is required for a healthy functioning of the body and an efficient blood flow throughout your body is possible only when your body is properly hydrated. When your body is prone to severe dehydration, your organ systems cannot function properly and this is the main reason for your kidney failure.

While some of the other causes of kidney failure cannot be controlled by you and they while they are mandatorily needed to be cured by kidney failure treatment, you can prevent yourself from being subjected to severe dehydration by consuming required amounts of water daily.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary disorder which leads to the formation of small cysts in your kidneys. These cysts can range from small size to a large size in exceptional cases. The good news is that these cysts are non- cancerous and they can be detected easily at the early stages by some symptoms like high blood pressure, discharge of blood through urine, an enlarged abdomen because of enlarged kidneys, headache and pain in the area where kidneys are present.

How To Prevent Kidney Failure? Early Signs Of Kidney Failure

To prevent yourself from being a victim of kidney diseases that eventually lead to kidney failure, you can detect the disease at the early stages by identifying with the following early signs of kidney failure. You can prevent kidney failure treatment if you are able to detect these signs and symptoms at early stages.

Kidney Failure Symptoms

1)    A constant feeling of tiredness or shortness of breath

2)    Swollen hands, feet or ankles

3)    A swollen face

4)    Urine filled with bubbles

5)    Discomfort while urinating

6)    Inability to concentrate

7)    Intolerance to cold

8)    A constant itchy sensation

9)    Nausea

10)  Dizziness

11)   Lower back pain

Effects Of Kidney Failure On Health

The following kidney failure symptoms can be witnessed which can also be considered as some adverse effects of kidney failure on health.

  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Extreme drowsiness
  • General weakness and shortness of breath
  • Swelling in hands, leg and ankles
  • Increase in the blood pressure
  • A sudden death

Bottom line

You may have to undergo a kidney failure treatment because of any unavoidable circumstance like donating a kidney to one of your family members or having your kidney removed because of any inevitable reason. You just have to keep up your faith and rebuild your life in to a healthy and happy direction. Follow above natural remedies to revamp your health and fitness.