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Kidney Stone Treatment with Foods and Natural Remedies

Kidney stones are the hard deposits which are formed in the kidneys. They are the accumulation of the minerals on the kidney linings which form deposits in the kidneys. They are painful when passed. Kidneys help in maintaining the body by pushing out the waste materials after processing the food and taking the energy and pushing out the waste container and when these waste content doesn’t get out of your body, then they lead to the formation of kidney stones. When these kidney stones move into the tube connecting bladder and the kidney, then severe pain is observed in the lower abdomen, near the ribs and sometimes this can be chronic.

Kidney Stone Treatment with Foods and Natural Remedies

What causes Kidney stones?

Let us briefly discuss the kidney stones causes that is, what are the factors that lead to the formation of the kidney stones.

Keep up the Water levels

The one of the main cause for the kidney stones is a lack of water in your body, you have to stay hydrated always, in order to avoid kidney stones. When there is no water content in your body then this will lead to the formation of kidney stones. So always consume more water in order to avoid kidney stones because by drinking more water even if the stones are formed they become diluted and go away slowly.

It might be Genetic too

If a person in your family has been suffering from kidney stones, then there is a chance of you getting the kidney stones too because it passes through genes also.

Nutrient Deficiency

Long term use of vitamin supplements and calcium supplements also will increase the chance of getting kidney stones. Especially vitamin D supplements are the one main cause of kidney stones.

As a Side effect of Other treatments

  • Few medications also increase the chance of getting kidney stones. For example; Topamax, the drug which is generally used to treat severe headaches and migraines is also one of the leading factors in the formation of kidney stones.
  • Once a kidney stone occurs, there is more chance of developing subsequent kidney stones in your kidneys. So some remedies have to be followed immediately before the problem becomes chronic.
  • Few medical conditions also lead to the formation of stones in your kidneys, they are urinary infections, Hyperparathyroidism, and medullary kidney disease. All these medical conditions also act like a helping hand in developing stones in your kidney.

So with this, we are clear about what causes kidney stones. And now, let us discuss the kidney stone treatment in order to save yourself before the problem becomes chronic and moves out of your hand. So firstly let us discuss the kidney stone symptoms to identify, whether you have been hit by the kidney stones.

What are the signs of kidney stones- Kidney Stone Symptoms?

When the kidney stones are formed in your kidneys, they remain symptomless. But you may be feeling ill all of sudden and when these kidney stones move into the bladder from your kidneys then the symptoms will start hitting you and yes they are serious ones. Let us discuss the kidney stone symptoms now.

  • Vomiting’s and nausea is generally observed and they must last for so long.
  • If you are infected with a virus, then you’ll also experience fever and chills and they are not chronic, you should start following some remedies.
  • Blood in urine is also observed.
  • White blood cells and pus is also observed in the urine.
  • Reduced amount of urine excreted.
  • You’ll be experiencing severe pain in the groin and you’ll also develop a persistent urge to urinate.
  • The pain can be severe, mild, or negligible. But it will last long until you get cured to form the kidney stones.
  • The pain will occur in the night during the sleep due to kidney stones and while urination.
  • The digestive system of yours gets completely disturbed, and this will give severe pains in your stomach and also lower abdomen.

Kidney Stone Treatment at Home- Home Remedies for a Kidney Stone

Let us briefly discuss the home remedies for kidney stones. By following these symptoms, you can have a kidney stone treatment at home by yourself. They are the simple tips you can follow at home.

The home remedies for kidney stones include many fluids. The main thing is you have to stay hydrated so that the stones get diluted and then pass away out of the body.



Staying hydrated is the one key to kidney stone treatment, the more water you consume, the more you are out of the disease. Always prefer drinking lots of water and other fluids which will help in the kidney stone cure.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Drinking lemon juice twice a day will help you in staying healthy because lemon has got many anti toxins which will help you in the removal of The kidney stones formed will loosen up and then are excreted out of your body. So cut the lemon piece and then add some sugar or salt according to taste and then drink it. The more fluids you consume, the quicker you recover.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Coconut water has got many advantages towards health. They help in curing many infections and also prevent us from various harmful diseases. Consuming more coconut water will give you kidney stone pain relief and then will help you recover from the problem.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice helps you in maintaining the kidney health and also will help you in the kidney stone pain relief. Pomegranate gives you rich nutrition that is the energy and also will fight against the kidney stones and will give you quick recovery. It also lowers your urine acidity content.

Basil Juice

Basil Juice

Basil contains kidney stone breaking contents, which will dilute the kidney stones and they pass away out in the urine. The basil helps in maintaining the kidney health and also reduces the acidity in the urine. So it is always advised to consume more and more fluids when you have been affected with kidney stones. But you shouldn’t consume basil juice more than a week continuously because it will lower your blood pressure and will increase bleeding. Anything of much is always bad for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar contains citric acid, which will help in the breakdown of the kidney stones and will give you kidney stone pain So it is advised to consume apple cider vinegar at least once a day. This will also help you in maintaining the kidney health.

Celery Juice

Celery Juice

This juice contains anti toxins which will help you in clearing the kidney stones. They help you in flushing out the kidney stones, it loosens ups the kidney stones and they get excreted out in urine. The one main advice for kidney stone treatment is always staying It will help you in quick recovery.

Consumption of Alcohol and Smoking should be Banned

Quit Smoking

Smoking and consumption of alcohol should be avoided cause already your kidneys are affected with stones. By consuming these, they’ll worsen the condition and sometimes will lead to chronic problems. So it is strictly advised to avoid the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking at least until the kidney stones go off.

Dandelion root juice

Dandelion root juice

This helps in maintaining the kidney health and also is used as kidney stones tonic which will help you in the elimination of the waste and also increase the urine content. So it is advised to consume dandelion root juice once in a day at least which will help you in giving the instant kidney stone pain relief.

How to get rid of kidney stones- Kidney stone diet?

  • Eat fewer salts, look for low-salt products(preferably with no salt) because they help in the formation of kidney stones and generally when one kidney stone occurs there becomes a chance of more and more kidney stones to be created in your kidneys.
  • Always limit your protein diet. Prefer lean meats instead of heavy meat because the more proteins your intake the more is the chance of kidney stones becoming active.
  • Consume food in two or three servings a day which consists of more calcium. For example Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt, and oysters.
  • You also have to limit eating nuts, chocolates, beets, strawberries, and also drinking tea and coffee. They help in the chance that kidney stones will be formed.
  • Start eating enough carbohydrates and drink plenty of fluids, especially water.
  • Eat more and more lemons and oranges, they contain citric acid which will help you in the removal of kidney stones.
  • Avoid fatty foods and deep fried foods. Do not eat ice cream too.

If your weight is falling down, let it happen in a slow process because a quick weight loss may cause uric acid stones to form and this will make the situation chronic.

Kidney stones Diagnosis:

Let us discuss the kidney stone diagnosis, what are the tests performed in order to know the kidney health? Generally, the diagnosis is best accomplished by CT scan or else Ultra sound. Most of the kidney stones formed in the kidney pass out themselves in the urine but sometimes, if remedies for kidney stones are ignored then that might lead to complications in the patient. He will experience an unbearable pain in lower abdomen and stomach and his digestive system also gets affected. The kidney stones can be easily identified in an x-ray. Generally, using x-ray we can say whether the kidney stones are present or not because they are easily observable if they are present in the x-ray when you take a lower abdomen x-ray. So it is always asked to consult a doctor when you identify the signs of kidney stones in you before it becomes chronic and unbearable. Getting a kidney stone treatment as soon as you observe the kidney stone symptoms are advised for fast and better kidney stone pain relief.

What is the time duration- When do the kidney stones pass out?

It generally takes up to six weeks for a kidney stone to pass out of your body. They slowly get diluted and then come out along with the urine. If left untreated sometimes would lead to death also. So once affected, the patient should start following some home remedies for kidney stones as well as consult the doctor as soon as possible and start the kidney stone treatment. If you follow the remedies properly, then you might recover quicker than you ever expected. One main thing always remains hydrated, consume more and more fluids. So take care of your health because once health lost may never be completely gained back.

How to Prevent Kidney Stones, because prevention is better than cure?

Prevention is better than cure, yes I agree with this statement because once you’ve been hit with some problem maybe it can become chronic or recover quickly. But if you follow some preventive measures for that, maybe you can be benefited by richly ignoring the problem, the chance of problem hitting you will be less than. So, the preventive measures include consuming more water and always staying hydrated. Avoiding sodium content and consuming enough carbohydrates in your diet. Have a hygienic diet and don’t fall over spicy foods or oil foods. They’ll spoil your stomach as well as lead to the formation of kidney stones. So do follow some preventive measures in order to maintain your health and remain strong and away from problems.


So with this article, you must be clear about the kidney stones and the kidney stone treatment. We have also discussed the home remedies for kidney stones and how to get rid of kidney stones. So when you face the signs of the kidney stones that is the kidney stone symptoms then it’s time for you to start following some remedies and recover quickly.

So take care of your health and body and also stay away from the health problems, the more away you are the safer you be. Thanks for reading, surely it’ll help you out.