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Treat Psoriasis at Home – Psoriasis Treatment along with Symptoms

Psoriasis is also known as psoriatic arthritis is a long time persistent, inflammatory autoimmune disease. It is mainly produced due to the rapid growth of the skin cells ten times more than the standard usually resulting in the piling up of the skin and forming patches on the body emerging psoriasis.

Treat Psoriasis at Home Psoriasis Treatment along with Symptoms

As a skin disease, people assume psoriasis to be contagious, but it’s not. Psoriasis is seen in people due to family history and their regular skin problems.

The different types of psoriasis found are Plaque Psoriasis, Guttate psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, pustular psoriasis and endothermic psoriasis. Among this plaque is the most commonly found form of psoriasis.

There are many causes but no particular psoriasis treatment available. Psoriasis can be controlled by some regular usage of medicines and remedies. Treatment of psoriasis or eczema is generally mistaken to be similar.

Different types of Psoriasis

There are cases of people having more than one form of psoriasis at a time. Among all plaque psoriasis is the commonly found form.

Plaque Psoriasis

Among people suffering from psoriasis 85-90% of individuals suffer from disease psoriasis. Psoriasis of this kind mainly causes fiery skin covered with white scaly patches called as the plaque.

Plaque Psoriasis

These are mainly found on knees, scalp, elbows, nails and other physically visible organs of the body.

It is very itchy and also causes severe pain in some conditions. It is always misdiagnosed to be dermatitis or any other skin problem.

Causes of plaque psoriasis

This may not be contagious but occurs due to genetic defects. It mainly causes by the interplay of genetic and the environmental factors.

Once the genes are inherited due to some factors, it does not activate immediately. It requires some bacteria or viral infection to activate the genes which result in the disease.


Small scaly and red bumps that are visible on the different parts of the body forming plaques which are itching in nature. These plaques are often found on knees, elbow, scalp and other areas of the skin


There is no permanent or direct treatment for plaque psoriasis, but can be controlled by some levels.

Psoriasis can be controlled by taking some doctor prescribed steroids. The tar present in many of the psoriasis shampoos and psoriasis ointments can make a noticeable impact on the scalp psoriasis.

Healthy sunbathing also results in the control of psoriasis. The sunlight penetrates through the plaque by the general washing of it and reduces its effects.

Guttate Psoriasis

Guttate psoriasis is generated from the Latin word guttate which means drop. This form of Psoriasis appears to be in the shape of tiny, pink colored drops on the skin.

Guttate Psoriasis

As similar to other types it is not contagious and is caused due to the genetic predominance. It is found on the trunks, arms or legs of the body.

The trigger is a bacterial sore throat often followed by 2-3 weeks of the skin flare-up. The person suffering for a long time from plaque psoriasis may result to form guttate psoriasis. Other than a sore throat it may also lead to chicken pox or common cold and flu.


As identical to the other types of psoriasis this is also caused by the stereotypical other infection. This is also inherited from the family form of psoriasis which increases the chances of development of the disease.

These genes react with the stereotropic bacteria or other organisms resulting in the disease, but guttate psoriasis is not clearly defined yet.

  1. The minute pink like drops form on the different parts of the skin.
  2. These are generally found on trunk, arms or legs and extend to ears, face or scalp.
  3. Soar throat formation or even result in tonsillitis.
  4. The nails have a small pit-like

Apart from the medical diagnoses, there are also some home remedies which can be followed to reduce guttate psoriasis. In the places of mild and moderate climate and applying the proper amount of moisturizers without letting it dry off helps in skin softening and moisturizing.

The caretaking sunbath may also give good results in eradicating it. Appropriate measures are to be taken for sunburn which may lead to skin outbreak. Guttate psoriasis treatment can be cured by medical diagnosis.

Inverse psoriasis

Inverse psoriasis another name for intertriginous psoriasis is a difficult and painful form of psoriasis. It is set up in the areas where there are skin folds on the body. Armpits, genitals, buttocks and other skin folded areas of the body.

Inverse psoriasis

In inverse psoriasis, the producers are friction and humidness linked by sweat causing.


Just like the other autoimmune diseases inverse psoriasis is caused due to the irregularity of our immune system. The sweating and friction are the other reasons.

People with overweight suffer more as they have deeper and more skin folds.


The red, slick and smooth rash are the common points of this psoriasis. Unlike the other forms with scales and drops, it is neither dry nor moist.

The patches are wet to sense. These patches occupy a large area of the skin and can feel a sense of irritation and itching.


The Inverse psoriasis treatment can be made by equatorial creams that are rubbed into the skin results in the decline of the disease. The cream for psoriasis is usually used to reduce the itching, inflammation, and irritation caused on the skin folds.

As skin folds are the sensitive parts of the body, it should be carefully used and under doctor monitorization.

Pustular psoriasis

The pustular psoriasis is the uncommon form of psoriasis usually found in the smaller areas of the organs like palms, soles, fingertips, and nails.

Pustular psoriasis

It is a kind of blister formed on the skin filled with fluid and white blood cells known as pus which is covered by red blood cells underneath the skin.

This is divided into two forms based on the severity of the disease.

Von Zum Buch type

Pustular psoriasis that covers a large area of the skin and can cause analytical febrile illness is known as von zum buch pustular psoriasis.

Annular type

Found in the pediatric ages is subacute or chronic which usually don’t show any form of symptoms apart from the skin involvement. This is limited to palms or soles.


As similar to other forms of psoriasis this is also produced a succession of genetic and bacterial forms. In most of the cases, we couldn’t find out the reason.

Apart from this, there are even some other causes like the sudden stopping of proper steroids and application of high tropical ointments results in this.


In the initial stages, there form inflammatory red pustular patches that spread along. Some feel the symptoms like a headache, fever, chill, joint pains and general uneasiness, digestion problem, and nausea.

Pustules may also appear on the face which is rare, on the tongue that results in the problem in swallowing food, on nails that entirely removes it.

In a very rapid time, the skin forms pustules that collage to build lots of pus that dries and peels off the skin.


Usually, people suffering from this are provided with adequate amount of fluids with lots of bed rest not provoking any sort of distress and tend not to lose any heat from the body

Salt solutions and oatmeals help to soothe and smoothen the skin. In infants, psoriasis treatment is primarily required.

Diet for Psoriasis Treatment

People suffering from this are advised to follow a proper diet. The supplements with fish oil rich in EDA and DHA are to be taken. Legumes, vegetables and whole grains which mean healthy eating plan.

They are supposed to avoid alcohol, red meat, and dairy products. Caffeine levels should check for every while. The gluten-free diet has shown a decrease in the impact of psoriasis.

“More is the weight more will be the effect” which means there is a need lessen the weight for the effective psoriasis treatment. Plan your diet healthy enough to lose weight like to have green and whole grains. Do not eat anything with distressed mood and anxiety. Be pleasant to have food and eat whenever you feel hungry.

Reducing inflammation and improving health plays a vital role in psoriasis cure. Apart from the do’s there are many don’ts that are to followed like avoiding smoking and alcohol, having fat free food, limiting processed food.

Foods like red meat, processed food, dairy products, refined sugars, nightshade veggies (even potatoes, tomatoes, and pepper) are main causes of inflammation leading to psoriasis.

Nutritious and fiber rich foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, leafy vegetables (spinach), fruits like mangoes, strawberries, figs, and blueberries play a vital role in psoriasis treatment.


Apart from all these types, there is also another kind, i.e., endothermic psoriasis which is very rarely found which triggers from the sunburn effects.

Nail Psoriasis has a significant impact; the nails get removed which results in the formation of pits in the nail areas.

The psoriasis effect on the face makes a significant impact on the beauty results which is rare but can be treated by simple methods. Though psoriasis is irritating and embarrassing, we have simple and secure ways to address it thoroughly.

Taking proper diet also with some vitamins and supplements perform as natural remedies for psoriasis treatment.