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The Best Cures for Sore Throat – Healing Sore Throat Remedies at Home

Have you ever thought of touching the inner layers of the skin? Our outer skin is so robust that we can’t even have to imagine about the safety of the internal parts of our body. Even on this stubborn skin, any external inflammation hurts so much. If that infection attacks the inner layers like throat, blood, or the lungs, it would be a severe thing to deal with. A sore throat is one such disease caused due to inflammation. It makes us harder to swallow anything we eat/drink, even water. Let us explore the important sore throat causes and best organic home remedies for sore throat thoroughly.

How To Cure Sore Throat

Let us start with the basics.

What Causes a Sore Throat?

Cold and Flu are the ailments that are very much interconnected to a sore throat and the fever. A sore throat, in particular, is the major common symptom for both cold and flu. It might be a viral/bacterial infection caused in the throat. Irrespective of the cause, the impact on throat because of sore throat symptoms will be equally dreadful.

Viral Causes of Sore Throat are:

  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Chickenpox
  • Measles
  • Croup

Bacterial causes of Sore Throat are:

  • Diphtheria
  • Strep Throat
  • Dry, Persistent, and screaming cough

Above are the particular ailments that may lead to a sore throat. And the other important sore throat causes include:

These aspects are equally hazardous which may cause too many other diseases. While searching for the answers to how to cure a sore throat, we must be aware of the exact reason behind the disease.

Sore Throat Symptoms

  • Dry Throat
  • Heavy Sneezing
  • Itchiness in throat
  • Coughing
  • Joint pains
  • Difficulty in breathing and swallowing
  • Earache and rash
  • High-Temperature Fever

These are the indications to say you might have attacked or going to be attacked by a sore throat. Done with the sore throat causes and symptoms, let us jump to the information of sore throat relief techniques.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat Treatment:

Natural remedies are the best answer for how to get rid of a sore throat, cold, and flu better than any medication. We are given with ample of foods and herbs by nature for free to offer enormous nourishment and even the treatments for almost every need. Let us find such beneficial remedies with foods and other ingredients for sore throat treatment.

Few Tips for Quick Sore Throat Relief:

  • For pregnant women, natural remedies are the best if the ailment is of minor severity. But upon advancement, do consult your doctor to get rid of sore throat
  • With the advancement of the issue, do not become dependent on home remedies alone.
  • Follow the symptoms of sore throat and observe if you have any. Take adequate treatment to those ailments so that it doesn’t cause a sore throat in future.
  • Reduce smoking gradually if you have the deep habit of smoking. Otherwise, the disease is not going to get a healing, and the home remedies for sore throat become a matter of nothing.
  • Avoid fast foods and processed foods. Avoiding them can bring you a calmness in the digestive system and food pipe. Sore throat treatment will become faster if you keep them away for some days.

Food Remedies for Sore Throat



Honey is the ancient remedy for many such minor ailments. Along with sore throat relief, dry cough, sinus, cold, and many respiratory ailments are cured by honey. Eating raw honey or herbal remedies made with honey will do the same task in the treatment of many problems.



Milk is good for treating your vitamin deficiencies. A sore throat is just an inflammation caused at places in the throat. With sufficient milk consumption, we will be able to rebuild the cell tissues of this area and cure the inflammation.

Do not consume too much of milk when you have stuffy nose and mucus problem.

Warm Fluids

Drinking more and more warm fluids will help you in cleansing the throat and help you get rid of inflammation. Also, more than solid foods, liquids pass through the food pipe easily and digest well too. Gargling warm water is the best treatment for how to get rid of a sore throat. Add herbs into the gargling water so that germs and free radicals are killed organically(using chemicals and pastes will further damage the cell tissues and organs inevitably).



Turmeric is the king of every healthy activity that is traditionally practiced across the Indian subcontinent. It is no wonder that ‘how to cure a sore throat’ has turmeric in its answers. Turmeric shows powerful antioxidant properties to heal the burning sensations caused by free radical activity.

Add turmeric to your daily milk dose so that both the remedies for sore throat, milk and turmeric are taken at once to give enhanced results.

Garlic, Ginger, and Cloves

Any of the three spices give similar benefits for the throat and respiratory health. We have several ways to use these spices for curing health ailments. Herbal teas made by mixing warm water and any of the three spices will do the excellent job of detoxification.


Simply place a clove inside your jaw and do not chew. In an hour’s time, you will have a cure for sore throat. Place garlic or a pinch of ginger root inside the cheeks the same way. The allicin in garlic is a strong anti-inflammatory agent; it can get you rid of a sore throat very quickly.


Lemon has been the best citrus fruit eaten for a limitless number of purposes since ages. Lemon water is one of the best and simplest home remedies for sore throat.


Lemon clears viruses and bacteria with its powerful vitamin C’s activity. Sore throat remedies are incomplete without citrus fruits. You got to eat much of them particularly when you are with such compromised immune system. They can support you by giving defending reactions of anti-inflammation.

Sage leaves

Usage of sage leaves is all similar to herbs and spices. Boil some water and take few sage leaves into it. Let the leaves and water get interacted so that the assets of the leaves become mingled with water. Gargle the water without cooling it. Add salt too, for a soothing treatment.

Sage leaves are astringent. They also kill the bacteria with their phenolic acid content. Use brown sugar, vinegar for better results. The entire composition has become the best remedy for sore throat treatment only because the role of sage leaves as they can get you out of ailments like a sore throat, flu, cold without any side effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is the most prominent remedy for sore throat. If you try to explore the details of apple cider vinegar uses, you will understand its extraordinary benefits for health.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Just gargle diluted apple cider vinegar early in the morning. The acidic nature of ACV can clear off the soreness in the throat by killing the bacteria. The phlegm and irritability in the throat are also cleared thoroughly.

Add a tbsp of honey and the same amount of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water to gargle for the better treatment for a sore throat. Use salt water instead of honey of you wish. It is always better to gargle with warm water as the warmness can clear off the bacteria effectively(Bacteria survives better in cold weather).

Herbal Teas

Protective herbal tea

Many teas are there which are way healthier than the conventional caffeinated and nicotine teas. The sedative teas have very short-term advantages where the herbal teas are there to give you life. As home remedies for sore throat, herbal teas do a phenomenal job. With their immense medical values, they even compel you to use them for many other health issues.

Chamomile, lavender, green tea, ginger, peppermint teas are the most prominent organic teas which have the best supplements to aid sore throat relief.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea required a special mention in the above list. It has a great reputation for being a powerful antioxidant and weight loss aid. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of green tea support the sore throat treatment enormously. The weight controlling abilities of green tea are utmost famous because of the detoxification and reduction of unusable fats in the body. The same treatment is what gives the answer for how to get rid of a sore throat.


Raspberry tea leaves work in the same way many herbal teas are working. Steep the leaves in boiled water and gargle the decoction. Herbal teas give the best answer for how to get rid of a sore throat with soothing reaction during application.


Again this is a simple gargling treatment. Licorice roots are impactful in treating mucus-related problems. The antiviral properties can cure sore throat symptoms effectively. You can also prepare a licorice tea added with powerful herbs to get rid of sore throat more quickly.

Add cinnamon chips or powder, cloves, and any herb of your choice into warm water and finally a chopped licorice root. Boil this for a considerable time and strain the drink after everything gets mixed up well.


Out of many sore throat remedies, marshmallow stands apart. It has been used for mucus clearance in Western and European countries for ages now. It can also lower the inflammation, improve digestive health are the additional benefits with marshmallow.

Have a marshmallow root dried, put it in the warm water and keep it air sealed for 30 minutes. Drink this tea for the best organic treatment.


Cayenne pepper with honey makes a lot of difference in your condition of a sore throat. Better than many tablets and synthesized medicines, treatment with home remedies for sore throat work promising. Capsaicin, a pain relieving compound in cayenne is responsible for the treatment of a sore throat.

Cayenne pepper

Mix honey and pepper into a glass of lukewarm water thoroughly. Have the drink a couple of times in a day. This will, for sure, bring a significant change in your condition and gets a yielding change in the cure for a sore throat.

With these promising home remedies for sore throat treatment, you can get rid of the problem very quickly. There is a possibility to gain many health benefits with these remedies along with sore throat relief.