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How To Cure PCOS In Women? – Easy Treatment With The Home Remedies for PCOS

PCOS is Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, which is a set of various disorders in endocrine system arising in many women due to multiple reasons. Mainly, what causes PCOS is the excess release of male hormones in women than usual. There are no vanishing remedies for polycystic ovaries as they take form in abdominal section causing permanent damage. But the home remedies for PCOS can keep you under healthy condition. A controlled diet pattern for PCOS helps in saving after the attack.

Easy Treatment With The Home Remedies for PCOS

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What Causes PCOS

Symptoms of PCOS

Fixing the Remedies

Suggestions and Health Tips

Home Remedies for PCOS

What Causes PCOS?

PCOS causes are complex to discretize. There is no particular, evidential justification for it. But the observations conclude most of the cases are found to be genetically inherited or individual hormonal imbalance. If the mother has a hormonal imbalance cause polycystic ovaries, the daughter has a certain chance to get the same. If there are two children or more in a family, there is an equal possibility of inheritance.

Androgen, predominantly a male hormone, is also produced in women. When this is released in excess amount, it creates problems in egg formation at the time of ovulation. This will also cause the cysts on the ovary in multiple numbers, which term the disease ‘polycystic.’ This causes the unwanted hair on the women’s skin, face, etc.

What Causes PCOS

Excess of any hormone or deficiency will be termed as an imbalance. This imbalance damages the whole metabolism by affecting other glands. Insulin resistance is one such example. It causes sugars and fats accumulate in the veins, causing diabetes, blood pressure.

Infertility is another major one of PCOS causes. Also, if you are the women with irregular menstruation, there is a high possibility that polycystic ovaries may take form.

Inflammation, caused by the reaction of white blood cells has the possibility of causing ovarian cysts. The same is responsible for the release of more androgen.

The problem starts with smaller cysts forming on the ovary, may end you up with serious diseases that are caused by the hormonal disorder like diabetes, cholesterol, heart attack, and cancer, etc. There is quite a possibility of these diseases happening because a small hormonal change may lead to massive disaster in the body, as every gland is interconnected to another in some way.

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Symptoms of PCOS

Polycystic ovaries symptoms are easy to recognize, luckily. Responses are also quicker after PCOS attack. They are usually observed right after the first day of menstrual cycle.

Some Severe symptoms showing that PCOS has taken form in the ova are here.

Irregularity in menstrual periods

Sometimes, there will be no menstrual periods in women. Irregular bleeding occurs due to the paining cysts. The polycystic ovaries are fluid filled small bags(sacs). They surround the eggs when they are formed. As they are infectious egg doesn’t sustain its life anymore.

Hair disorders

Excess hair grows on the face, stomach, chest, fingers when polycystic ovaries go on increasing, also hair gets thinner on the scalp. All these effects are due to the single cause hormonal imbalance. Baldness as in males may also occur due to excess release of androgen.


Moods are highly dependent on hormones. When the hormonal change happens, the very first damage for mental stability. This won’t be as hard as it sounds. But it may turn into depression and abnormal mood swings. This is seen in teenagers as there is also a casual hormonal change.


Women will be unable to create an egg during ovulation because of cysts on the ovary. This will be only a problem when the cysts take the form of a string of pearls in the ovary, technically termed as polycystic ovaries. Miscarriages also happen due to cysts as they cause damage even after the formation of the egg.

Pelvic pain

The above problems are mainly due to an imbalance in a hormonal release. So, weight gain causes cholesterol, blood pressure. Severe effects of which may lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart attack.

One more special mention is, most of the ovarian cysts are painless. But the painful ones may cause the pain while having sex.

Weight Gain, Obesity

When the pain goes uncontrollably high, or the physical symptoms of PCOS just go out of control and cause more severe diseases, it is the only better way to consult a physician/gynecologist.

Obesity is another ill effect of PCOS. This couldn’t be avoided if proper care is not taken for food intake and healthy metabolism. This could be possible by following healthy weight loss diets upon which you can clearly observe the improvement in metabolism and body weight.

Deeper Voice, Acne, oily skin

These are other miscellaneous symptoms to be understood that we are on the trench of PCOS. Acne, pimples, excess release of sebum, all might be appearing as symptoms of PCOS. Oily skin is a cause of excess sebum in the layers of skin. There are several simple techniques to get rid of oily skin through natural methods.

With these symptoms, we need to realize the initial conditions so that we can draw the exact way of treating the problem.

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Fixing the PCOS Remedies

PCOS Remedies are there quite a lot in number to maintain hormone stimulation consistent. But the issue isn’t such self-healing nor negligible. We need a doctor in this case with no other alternative. Technically, there is no permanent cure available with the doctors for this problem. But the constant cautioning, natural remedies for PCOS can pull you out of this menace.

Before going for the natural remedies for PCOS, we can observe some conditions in the body through which we can fix the solutions.

  • The things to be considered during the treatment are Your Menstrual History, Weight History, Blood Pressure, Height. These will help the doctor evaluate the PCOS remedies which suit your condition and apparently eliminate the danger shortly.
  • The ultrasonic sound system helps in seeing the PCOS visually the polycystic ovaries population and their growth. This is carried out by a transducer which converts the sound waves into an image, making us view the cysts over the ovary. Any abnormalities can be readily
  • A blood test is useful before proceeding for the natural therapy. It will enable the doctor to know if any hormonal disorders are there in blood. This helps the doctor in ruling out the causes that are not leading to PCOS

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Health Tips and Remedies for PCOS

Natural remedies for PCOS are enlisted below, which may be useful for any common gynecological issue in women. They have a widespread over the treatment of women’s health. Any women with any health condition can follow these remedies like health tips.

As you can only control the symptoms of PCOS and there is no other way you can cure it, one like you should always go through the remedies for polycystic ovaries. Main reason for this is, it is entirely uncertain when will PCOS attack us.

Healthy Eating, Exercising

Go on healthy diet pattern always. A diet involving fruits, vegetables, grains, low-fat low-calorie foods keeps you lighter and feel better. It gives more useful energy than eating chunks of junks. It also helps in controlling diabetes, if you are already a victim. If not, there is no chance of getting diabetes with a healthy diet.

Healthy Eating

Maintain healthy living by exercising and try to be active physically always. Being active makes you feel healthy always, which controls your emotional balance steady. This implies your involuntary control over the hormones. Thus, you succeed in avoiding PCOS.

Eating and physical activities are the most natural remedies for PCOS. They make us unknowingly get rid of the problem.

Weight Control

If PCOS attacks you, start doing any weight loss exercises at home. For now, if you aren’t a victim of it, there’s no harm in starting exercising. It helps in keeping you away from unwanted weight growth, thus making you feel better about yourself and your weight. Weight control is an important suggestion in the remedies for polycystic ovaries.

Weight loss indirectly covers control over blood pressure, heart’s health, cholesterol. Losing weight naturally  isn’t a big deal these days. There are way better solutions to lose weight through just exercising than many other medications and operations.

Take Skin Care and Hair Care

Skin care needs a special mention. Advance caution on skin health and acne growth helps for a better position even after the attack. There are some cases where people have increased their acne after undergoing treatment for PCOS. There are many natural treatments for acne removal which do not affect you in other regards, i.e. side effects.

Hair removal techniques are however there when there is an unwanted hair growth in the skin. But more than depending on them, proper healthy skin remedies will help you in retaining that money to be invested on the medications.

Avoid Smoking

Avoid Smoking

Smoking readily causes an unwanted residue of yourself on the Earth. Moreover, when you are with a serious problem like PCOS, it is there to kill you. Not avoiding smoking is just an ignorant step, which in this case is not going to be the bliss. So, Do Not Smoke anymore if you are going to be treated for PCOS. Avoiding smoking might not appear as one of the remedies for PCOS, but it has extreme obstruction for the treatment taken.

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Home Remedies for PCOS:

Let us discuss something about what to do at home apart from taking good care of health to cure PCOS to some extent. We shall know the natural remedies for Polycystic ovaries that are manageable to carry out at home.


Basil has a great number of ayurvedic applications regarding women’s health. Take 8 to 12 basil leaves early in the morning daily. This will bring your androgen levels down. Tulsi/basil helps in keeping us on low weight by improving insulin levels. All these effects as remedies for PCOS work wonders for you in many regards.


Basil tea is also recommendable for the same results. Basil gives the most organic treatment for many other problems like curing cough, relieving stress, etc. The multiple benefits of basil, at least cost make it stand on top for any natural treatment.


Soaked fenugreek seeds or fresh leaves work well to cure PCOS. It promotes the balance of hormones. Take a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds soaked overnight. Take the bowl as it is with the water, add honey to it. Otherwise, you can boil it without honey. Have this drink every morning for few weeks.


Try to eat a spoon of fenugreek just before lunch and dinner each day. There will be a definite improvement as it has large medicinal properties. A major one of it is, glucose metabolism is improved a lot, thus curing insulin resistance. This treatment is one of the best remedies for PCOS.

Spearmint Tea

Take spearmint leaves in boiling water. Continue to boil the water with leaves for 5 to 10 minutes at low flame. Strain the leaves and have the drink leftover. Do this for few weeks until you see the improvement.

Spearmint Tea

Spearmint has a significant impact on hormones. It directly reduces the body hair in women. It reduces testosterone, androgen to a great extent. It increases follicle stimulating hormone levels, luteinizing hormone levels very much.


Cinnamon shows great results in reducing your sugar levels. It fights insulin resistance very strongly. Take a tsp of cinnamon powder in a glass of hot water, drink it daily in the morning. This controls the glucose levels effectively. In the list of remedies for PCOS, cinnamon’ treatment is from only one direction, but more efficient than any other.


But, the same may turn dangerous when it shows extreme effects like reducing sugar levels much lower which are undesirable in any way. So, limited dosage should be taken for the treatment i.e. 1 to 2 grams, daily.

Cinnamon is a widely recommended spice to be added to foods like oatmeal, yogurt, sandwiches, and many other dishes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera cures menstrual problems. Also, aloe vera treats hormonal imbalance in the glands connected to ova. Especially for ovarian problems, aloe vera is a blissful ingredient.

Aloe Vera

Take out the gel from the leaves of aloe, clean it thoroughly. Preserve it in the fridge for freshness. Cut it into pieces and have it as a capsule daily in the morning. Though aloe gel tastes bitter, it is an efficient one out the remedies for PCOS as we have seen the benefits.

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