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PMS Symptoms: 4 Major Signs of Premenstrual Syndrome to Address the Issue

A typical problem in women that demands a lot of attention, PMS. In fact, men also need to be conscious about this issue as women should be supported in terms of their working capabilities, health, and psychological issues as well. The Premenstrual Syndrome is one of the major problems for women in their menstrual life. Most of the women, around 80% of the menstruating women face at least one or a couple of PMS symptoms in their entire life for at least once.

PMS Symptoms

There are many critical things involved in a woman’s menstruation phenomenon.

The hormonal secretion, change of moods because of those hormones, digestive and abdominal difficulties faced during ups and downs that happen in her biology, all these matters are put into highly complex situations when it is for a woman, unlike the men’s.

More than all, the very process of menstruation is designed in a highly sophisticated, most fascinating, and a very complex manner.

The process is not so hard to understand as women are dealing with it like a normal happening. But is utterly hard to believe the phenomena that interlink various parts of the body including psychological conditions as well.

Let us understand the way how PMS symptoms have the impact on women’s bodies along with a clear knowledge of the factors that interlink them.

Before Knowing Anything, What is PMS?

When a woman moves towards the period time, the day of the period, she experiences few abnormal changes in her body. They might be physical problems, internal ailments, or psychological disturbances.

The middle day of the month can be the starting day for the signs of PMS to be shown out. After ovulation, with no sperms available in the uterus, the protected egg in the uterus gets wasted which causes the period.

The eggs will be protected by the blood and protein/nutrient layer on the walls of the uterus. All this protective membrane will be shed off from the womb once there is no sperm for the egg to get fertilized.

Simply speaking, a woman’s womb will be ready to get pregnant every month. But when the egg doesn’t find a sperm, there comes the period, closing the possibility of pregnancy. And this process is highly unpredictable as every girl faces uncertain biological situations during each cycle of her life.

When the major hormones estrogen and progesterone release after ovulation, there comes the real challenge of premenstrual scenario.

The ovarian and abdominal health goes highly sensitive to these hormonal changes, physical conditions, and diet patterns as well.

We can observe general PMS symptoms during the occurrence of any abnormalities in the body. All the time, hormones stand out to be the major cause of PMS. Apart from emotional and psychological imbalances, many other symptoms will also be observed as the signs of PMS.

Dealing with PMS

Premenstrual syndrome in women happens regularly as long as their physical, biological, and mental conditions aren’t nourished up to the required level.

The physical nourishment is all about feeding the organs and tissues of the body well. But without which the uterus may lose the strong lining of blood and nutrients. This may lead to an inappropriate process of the period as she becomes weak in building up the atmosphere.

The psychological nourishment means we must feed the brain with good food as 20% of the food is meant for the brain in our body. And its functioning and few important hormones like adrenaline are secreted in the brain.

Also psychologically, a girl must be treated well to have a confident and positive mindset always. The lack of this confidence pushes many women into disruptions and men will, of course, payback for it in some way.

The emotional nourishment is nothing but being peaceful all the time. The exhaustion at work, stress on mind must be relieved with smart refreshing methods which will improve her emotional condition.

What are the PMS Symptoms?

Here comes the most important discussion, how to identify PMS? If you are a woman reading this, you must be experiencing the things said in above lines. The symptoms and signs that are going to be described here will be well-known to you as they are normal to every girl even if there had not been any problem in pre-menstruation.

If you are a man reading this, read this and explain it to the one for the sake of whom you are reading this. They will simply coincide with what you are saying.


The symptoms mentioned in this article are not observed in every girl, nor they are seen in one girl all the time. They come on and off depending on the condition of the body. Therefore, we cannot draw the conclusion as these 10-20 PMS symptoms stand to help every girl’s situation.

Also, the symptoms and diseases in the list may be due to other reasons also. It means they are just an indication of the premenstrual syndrome but not that these conditions only indicate PMS in women.

The real-time PMS symptoms are here:

Hormonal PMS Symptoms


The PMS symptoms are addressed firstly by typical abdominal disorders.

The cramps in abdomen occur generally in young girls. They arise due to insufficient oxygen supply to the womb. It happens due to contraction of the muscle against the blood vessels in the womb.

When this happens, menstruation becomes a difficult process. She faces an intense pressure while menstruating and pathetically, cramps don’t occur at once. They continue to exist for a prolonged time until the spasms go vanish.

Also, the hormonal imbalances lead to menstrual cramps which are a similar issue to cramps during PMS. But there is the least connection between the two, cramps and the menstrual cramps.

Breast Tenderness

The two sexual hormones in women, estrogen, and progesterone tend to release in more and more amounts as the period comes closer.

The breasts start becoming tender to touch and feel a dull pain as you approach your period time.

The estrogen causes breasts to enlarge and the progesterone causes swelling of the milk tissues. On the whole, the breasts become tender and you can experience a lump accumulated in the breasts.

Once the period commences, the lump disappears. And the breasts become normal by losing tenderness after the period.

You must become aware of how your breasts and other organs are behaving upon your menstrual changes. It will help in realizing if there’s any major problem in the cyclic process and we can take charge of them in an early stage.

Emotional PMS Symptoms

Mood Swings

Mood swinging is a major issue in women’s health. We often see many women undergo mood swings even without any menstrual disorders.

Mood Swings

The ailments like ovarian syndromes, menopausal time, severe ovarian cancers also show this as a symptom.

The PMS symptoms include mood swings as a result of hormonal disturbance. The hormones released during menstruation also spread to the bloodstream of the body, thereby to the brain. This causes a severe effect on the moods of women.

When a woman feels irritable, stressed, anxious, moody during her period time, assume she’s having a pain mentally also.

A disruption in her emotional system happens due to unusual secretion of hormones.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

It is a common problem for most women. We often come across excessive stress/tiredness in women when they are on their period.

The tension and anxiety are the major initial impacts that happen due to hormonal imbalance. With natural medications like yoga, breathing exercises, we can get a great relief from them. But as they come along with various other PMS symptoms, there shall have to be few more broad cures suggested.

They are, improving the diet style, lifestyle, and physical conditions with natural methods.



Seeing a boy depressed, not many reasons come to your thought. But a girl facing depression may be due to her physical condition. Physically being weak also brings emotional problems in women.

The excessive secretion of hormones or no secretion gives an emotional imbalance. Along with this, the irritability and overstress gives an unusual hit to our thought process. So the lack of emotional stability leads to a state called depression.

However, it is only in the case of people who do not have control over their brains and emotions. With how many ever disruptions happening in your body, they may lead anxiety, irritability, but not depression. It always seeks our consent to enter into our minds, we subconsciously allow it to exist with us, and thus our conscious brain feels we are depressed.

The bottom line being, depression is a hint for our poor emotional stability along with for PMS symptoms.

Digestive PMS Symptoms

The symptoms down here are not all abrupt but are very interconnected that cannot be described with an independent reason. Almost every digestive problem that is addressed in PMS symptoms is due to few factors viz. Loss of Appetite, Abdominal Spasms, Irregular hormonal secretion, etc.

Nausea & Vomiting

Nausea & Vomiting

Most important signs of PMS related to digestion would be Nausea & Vomiting. When you observe frequent nausea right before menstruation, start noting the day when you found the symptoms. After the consecutive 3rd note of nausea on the calendar, go to the doctor immediately.

Problem of Indigestion

Abdominal bloating, Bowel syndrome, constipation, etc. These digestive disorders leave women in chaos. These ailments may appear very irregularly or regularly. But when you see them in severe intensity around the menstruation time, never neglect. The PMS disorders may lead to Premenstrual dysphoric disease(PMDD) which is a highly dangerous problem.

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Other Physical PMS Symptoms

The other symptoms of PMS are here that demand an exclusive doctor’s consultation. Once the issue advances, home remedies for PMS cure will not work well on your body.

Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is more like nausea. When it is observed for much time, it is better to consult a doctor rather than searching for a cure at home.



As understood, stress and anxiety are curable at home. And fatigue occurs when your stress reaches a threshold point. Being aware of the biology of your body, you may become alert and immediately try for useful remedies for pms also. But if you did not know any of the PMS symptoms in the past and now suddenly facing one, you will have no choice other than consulting a doctor.


Hypothyroidism, due to its relation with hormones, is observed as one of the important signs of PMS. As hypothyroidism is not a normal ailment that has a cure at home, you must check it for any possibility of PMS or other hormone-related problems.

Food Cravings

Food cravings/Loss of appetite is one of the major problems in women’s health. When there is a lot to do for them with the food they eat, the cravings are almost regular. It is because the food must be consistently dealt happily with digestive, hormonal, nutritional aspects without fail.

The food appetite is a critical factor here. During Premenstrual symptoms, the digestive issues also disturb the appetite a lot.



As related to stress, depression, and fatigue, headache is also a symptom. But unlike the headaches of normal kind, headaches that occur due to hormone changes, mood shifts is too hard to deal with. Thus, with a continuous occurrence of headaches on monthly basis, existing for a couple of weeks, you must keep a check on PMS condition too.

Insomnia/Sleep Disorders

Insomnia Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders/sleep apnea stand out to be major PMS symptoms. With an unhealthy condition of brain and emotions, follows your sleep. You cannot sleep well if the basic conditions like menstruation, mental peace not in a safe condition.

Improper sleep also involves lack of oxygen, hormonal disorders, lack of proper diet, and hectic work schedules. All these conditions are absolutely relatable to PMS. Therefore, treating your sleeplessness is a primary requirement id it is observed during your PMS time.