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Leverage the Heart’s Condition by Consuming Heart healthy foods

The immense element that beats for 2.5 billion times in an average lifetime; carrying blood from body parts and to the body parts is Heart. The healthy heart hosts the body with oxygen levels and eliminates the waste produced during the process of metabolism. Functioning of the heart doesn’t come down and the symptoms can be pointed if there’re no proper intake of improvised heart healthy foods and exercises. In today’s world, there are millions who’re suffering and becoming paralyzed due to heart diseases.

Impoverish Your Heart by the Intake of Heart Health Foods in Daily Diet

What could be the reason of such diseases? How will they attack your heart? Why are the sufferers increased though we’re advancing technically? All the questions come down to one point – food consumption.  The refined quality foods brighten the heart’s functioning maintaining the health standards. The root source for most of the heart attacks is atherosclerosis. As this is a probable cause let’s zoom into it what exactly it is!


The phenomenon of narrowing of arteries due to the plaque around the walls of arteries is Atherosclerosis. The cause of atherosclerosis is due to the damage of endothelium (allows blood to flow smoothly), which is due to cholesterol.

The people who are in risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and consistent smoking are more profound to this disease as plaque development is caused due to these causes. The symptoms could be observed as Headaches, breathing difficulty, paralysis, and weakness.

The change in food style will block your heart from getting affected with Atherosclerosis. Having heart healthy foods will provide sufficient proteins, vitamins, minerals, and smooth blood flow in the arteries and veins. Heart Healthy diet brightens the functioning of the heart and lowering attack risks.

Apart from this, the other causes of the heart attack are:


The average heart attack age of a man is above 45 while woman above 55


Insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart causes chest pain resulting in Angina

Cholesterol levels:

Higher Cholesterol levels could result in artery blockage which results in heart stroke

Work Stress:

The feel of stress at work in regular intervals


Over consumption of saturated fats deposit them in arteries paving to heart attacks


Genes is also a way of getting heart attacks.

Hyper tension:

As we already discussed, high blood pressure contributes to heart attack


People with HIV are said to have 50% of heart risk than others.

The discussion on causes of heart attack ends here. The heart humming (heart attack) is regularized or monitored with following heart healthy foods list. Let’s navigate on the food path to see which foods deal with our heart to shield it from the attacks!

Foods Good for Heart

The reduction in heart risks is achieved by consuming most of the raw foods as they come from the ground. Heart fears from saturated fat food which are delicious to taste but enemies to the internal organs. Focus on boosting heart’s health and every food you take will be delicious. The cardiovascular will rank the body’s balance and condition with the foods. Let’s see what diet you shall include to relieve from heart strokes!



For regular beat of the heart (arrhythmia), to minimise the thinning of arteries due to plaque accumulation (atherosclerosis) salmon is the mega booster for a healthy heart. Salmon contains Omega-3-fatty acids which are supplements of diet normalizing the heart’s condition. This is a refined food to obtain refined health of heart.



The soluble fibre absorbs cholesterol from the body, acting like a sponge which frees the tract of digestive system from cholesterol accumulation foiling the blood from absorbing. Not only oats, all the grain foods will elevate the performance of the heart by kicking the cholesterol entering into the blood.

Berry-Berries in Diet


Berries engulfed with antioxidants those reduce the blood pressure or high blood pressure what we call. Compulsion of berries in our daily diet is a supremacy to the heart’s health. These are defined as the superlative heart healthy foods those reduce 32% heart attack occurrence and are recommended by the doctors.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Years’ together, dark chocolate has given such an importance in reduction of heart ailments and is a legend among other heart healthy foods. Since dark chocolate has cocoa percentage about 60-70%, these serve in smooth flow of blood in the arteries, avert from clotting of blood within arteries. Also, inflammation is thrown out by the dark chocolate whereas other candy bars and artificial sweetened chocolate bars doesn’t keep up heart’s health instead they ruin other parts of the body resulting in various diseases.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

The concept in citrus fruits for a heart attack is that they avoid clotting of blood in the arteries and veins. The citrus fruits are enriched with Vitamin C, these are vital heart healthy foods those detoxify the heart and there’s no age restriction. Grapefruits should be consumPed as they’re and juicing them by adding artificial sugars will not add any advantage to the heart. The grapefruits monitor the higher blood pressure in the arteries.



Deposition of cholesterol levels are eliminated by these unsaturated fats augmented with proteins, fibre, and minerals. When compared with milk and other products, soy can actually resolve condition of the heart. What we call as, corrupted cholesterol will be decreased with Soy foods.



Many of them love to eat the deep fried potatoes which is prone to heart disease. Potatoes are high in fibre and potassium, subordinating the blood pressure and other heart ailments. These are best heart healthy foods and are heart healthy diet. Many have a perception that these fill bad cholesterol in the body but not unless you fry them. This is recognized as best food for heart.



These are the quality foods good for heart those have the antioxidant called lycopene. Lycopene gets hold of minimizing blood pressure. Tomatoes are calorie and sugar-low vegetables should be freshly consumed. These keep open the blood vessels and eliminate odd cholesterol from the body.

Broccoli, Spinach, and Kale

Broccoli, Spinach, and Kale

Promote your heart’s condition with green leafy vegetables. There is no explanation on the benefits of green leafy vegetables. These vegetables are antioxidant foods and Kale is rich in Omega-3-fatty acids. These have excess vitamins, minerals, and fibre those boost up the heart’s condition increasing the resistance towards attacks.



All type of nuts supplemented with high-fibre content. This fibre content is good for heart health which has Vitamin-E, a vital component in removing excess cholesterol from the arteries. Also, nuts contain omega-3-fatty acids (scroll up to know what they do to your heart) and are massive builders for a healthy heart.



Lacking in fat concentration, legumes are preeminent heart healthy foods obtained directly from plants with seeds in it. Standardising in maintaining blood sugar levels, legumes, to some extent restrict complexities originated by the diabetes.



It’s not necessary to have this beverage but two cups of coffee in a day guards’ heart up to 15-20%. Heart will be less prone to attacks as the caffeine eliminates the cult which is present or deposited in the arteries and surroundings of the heart. Coffee is recommended in small amounts and is top among the heart healthy foods.

Olive Oil of Extra-virgin

Olive Oil

The presence of mono-saturated fats in extra-virgin olive oil limits occurrence of inflammation, standardises brain’s health those include depression, stress, and psychological related problems. Olive oil prevents the heart from cancer and lowering the cardiovascular-related diseases. A two-spoon olive oil intake reduces the heart risks up to 30% and is one of the best heart healthy foods that aids artery functioning.

Green Tea

Green Tea

The ancient drink activating the mental and physical condition of the body adding a wonderful benefit. Being the most consumed by the Asian countries, it maintains metabolism rate reducing cholesterol, saturated fat deposit in the body blasting the heart strokes. This drink is considered in reducing constipation, and is a healthy heart diet.

Red Wine

Red wine

Probably, over wine drinking would lead to heart risk. The considerable amounts of Red Wine or any other alcohol product with a mix of raw fruit or vegetable juice without adding any artificial sweeteners downs the heart attack risks. Red Wine or alcohol products are not much recommendable compared to other foods.

Flax Seeds


Another extent to maintain a healthy heart is mixing of flax seeds with other foods like oats, berries, and other heart healthy foods. Flax seeds are enriched with omega-3-fatty acids and high-fibre concentration which secure and protect the heart from various attacks.



Being reputed, Avocado fruits complex the heat’s architecture defending from diseases associated with diabetes, smoking, and other causes. The potassium oriented foods employ the smooth functioning of the heart eliminating toxicities from the blood.



The polyphenols and anthocyanin harden the cardiovascular muscles and aids heart from strokes. Also, pomegranates are antioxidant rich foods which help in maintaining healthy heart. Being heart healthy foods, pomegranate optimize the blood flow in the heart and to other parts of the body.

The heart healthy diet are the fruits and vegetables described till now. You may think now, does the food consumption only prevail you from heart diseases! But, it’s not the case. Intake of heart healthy foods may reduce heart risks and prevent them up to 50-60%. To form a complete protective guard around your heart, you need to do the exercises. According to the body conditions, these need to be done. If you’re too fat or suffering from obesity, exercises to lose weight will be beneficial to reduce fat along with the diet.

If you’re addicted with smoking, headaches, or stress, Yoga would heal you completely to maintain healthy heart. Whatever may be the cause, taking heart healthy foods along with exercises or yoga will battle over the heart strokes.

Now, you’ve known the foods good for heart and heart healthy diet cherishing your every moment. Replication of heart healthy foods in your diet and exercises make you concrete to the most of the heart ailments. Aid yourself without consulting a doctor by proper food intake.

Again, when you’re in a diet to stabilize heart’s condition, don’t have a spoon of junk food and if you do so, all practice will go in vain! Cleanse your heart with quality refined foods eradicating all the diseases and strokes.

Fall in love with the food you’re having and first, remove the hallucination that you’ve diseases or heart strokes. Tune your mind that you’re healthy and be healthy and active all the time. Have a healthy life with a healthy heart.