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Banana Benefits for All Round Health – Exceptional Uses of Banana Nutrition

It is the most eaten fruit on earth. It is one of the very few fruits that are cultivated throughout the year. And the name of that fruit which is so much into our lives i.e. ‘banana.’ One who dislikes banana can be assumed amateur regarding health and nutrition. Uses of banana for health purposes do not end with one page of the presentation. Their nutritional value gives us a complete idea of banana benefits for health.

Health Benefits of Banana Along with Hair Packs and Skin Benefits

Banana Nutrition:

Enjoying banana is all cool for everybody. If not, you should be introduced to the excellent advantages and interesting recipes if possible, to add it into the diets so that the need of the body will be fulfilled. Health benefits of banana can be understood well if we explain the things scientifically, and that is where the whole banana nutritional benefits are derived from.

Let us explore the banana nutrition facts so that its uses will be clearer in all aspects.

Nutrient DRV or Volume
Energy 89 calories
Carbs 23 g or 7%
Fiber 2.6 g or 10%
Protein 1.1 g or 2%
Sugar 12 g
Minerals and Vitamins DRV (Daily Recommended Value)
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 14%
Vitamin B6 20%
Vitamin B2 4%
Vitamin B9 5%
Potassium 13%
Manganese 6%
Iron 1%

Nutrient levels are better to be noted in daily recommended values rather than its volume. It gives an idea of how much we should eat for the fulfillment of all nutrients and reap best benefits of banana as much we needed.

Banana Benefits for Health:

1. Digestion

As we have understood the banana nutritional benefits, there is no ambiguity in digestion enhancement. Bananas are also easy to digest; this makes them the most delicious and nutritious food. Infants are also given banana first when they just start the solid food to eat; this fact is accredited by the easiest digestion of bananas.

Healthy digestion gives a route to many other benefits of banana.

  • Cholesterol is burnt
  • Cravings vanish
  • Ulcers are cured
  • Blood sugars are controlled
  • Cure and prevent bloating
  • Lean muscle is developed
2. ‘Heart’ – The key


Heart functioning is improved by the consumption of banana daily. Not only the potassium levels, but the antioxidants and healthy nutrients show immense impact in heart protection. It is not only one of the banana nutritional benefits, but the most important one of the benefits of banana for health along with many cures viz. fat control, digestion improvement, blood pressure control, etc.

3. Anemia

Blood health is another important aspect of health benefits of banana.

Anemia is a condition of lacking red blood cells or hemoglobin or both in the blood. The clear reason behind this is a lack of nutrients and minerals like iron and copper. Copper enhances active blood circulation to all parts of the body. Iron is an obvious need for blood health.

Other reasons may also cause anemia viz. loss of blood through the menstrual process, during pregnancy, etc. However, the cure for this lies in rich food with iron and other minerals. Banana Nutrition has the best answer for all the deficiencies.

Blood health improvement is one of the best uses of banana for health.

4. Eye Health

Eye Health

Antioxidants are vital for benefits of banana for eyes. They give tremendous results which seem strange in general. Eye health is one of them. Eyesight improvement and curing eye disorders can be made by them with the help of carotenoids.

Alpha carotenoid and beta carotenoid foods should be raised in amounts in your diet if you are suffering from any kind of disorders or eyesight defect. This will prevent further damage to eyes and even stops night blindness. Banana benefits for eyes include a lot of problems like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.

Vitamin E and lutein are also vital for eye health, which are abundant in bananas.

5. Bone Strength


Bananas enhance bone strength with the huge of the abundance of fructooligosaccharide, which is useful in improving digestive capacity and calcium absorbing capacity. The fructooligosaccharide is non-digestive though, they are absorbed by the stomach membranes, which further improves the fastness of digestion. Enhanced bone strength is one of the profound benefits of banana because of its healthy nutritious content.

6. Weight Control

Weight Control

Weight control is not a usual effect with foods like a banana. They can reduce the weight by removing fats from stores and also they can increase the weight if you suffer from the underweight problem. The latter is due to the exactness of banana nutrients which help improve the weight of muscle, bones, and give them sufficient strength too. Weight control within desired limits is not possible so commonly with any food. It is quite an important point in entire benefits of banana.

7. Brain and its Hormones


Improving brain functioning brings a lot of other benefits along with it. Enhancing mood, relieving stress are the primary needs for the better functioning of the brain. Also, they should be maintained well for the safety of brain in turn. Therefore, it is a conversing phenomenon to improve brain health and to relieve stress and anxiety.

In this aspect, tryptophan is the highlighter of benefits of banana for brain. It is an amino acid which enhances mood and healthy sleeping. Regulation of sleep timings and the needs for relaxation are most important for a healthy brain.

The neurological health is a unique and essential aspect of all the banana benefits for health.

8. Kidney Functioning

For Dissolving Kidney Stones

Kidney functioning is highly related to their cleansing capabilities of toxic material in the body. Protecting the kidney health is one of the vital properties of banana benefits. Unhealthy urination is one of the symptoms of damaged kidneys. Amounts of fluids in the body need to be maintained well so that urination and kidneys’ performance doesn’t go out of order.

The role of potassium in banana benefits for health is quite important. It compensates the absence of sodium in the body, where sodium’s activity is to maintain the fluid balance in the body. Foremost aspect in kidney protection is to see to the levels of toxins in the body, which could be controlled by antioxidants and phenolic compounds in banana. Piles

Bananas induce smooth excretion by curing the swells in the veins of the anus. Though it may cause bulk discharge at once, it is helpful in better stimulating of the stooling process.

9. Arthritis

Inflammation is the key reason behind arthritis. Banana benefits take a special chair in various aspects of reducing inflammation, swelling, and irritations accompanied by the pains. The cure for Arthritis isn’t that hard to find, but it has no cure if it is an age-related problem.

Arthritis is seen more in the middle-aged to old age people. It is mainly due to contaminated food that is causing lack of nutrients and inducing ill health. All we have to do as a cautionary action is to eat well. Eat the best food which has to do with your health but not always your taste. This can cure a 90% cases of arthritis and osteoporosis.

10. Cancer


Use of banana for health gets to a new stage by encountering its benefits in cancer prevention. Multiple types of cancers can be prevented by eating banana regularly. To tackle cancer, immune strength is the key fighter. Banana benefits also include the improvement of white blood cells. White blood cells are the sole immune system which can fight almost every cancer.

Stomach cancer can be prevented by banana due to the antioxidant present in it ‘delphinidin.’ Kidney cancer is a primary threat if there are insufficient antioxidants and phenolic compounds in the body.

Banana Benefits for Skin:

Banana benefits for skin also show proper results. Cures for many skin disorders, glowing skin requirements, healthy and nourished skin are primary advantages in benefits of banana for skin. Here are the details of them.

11. Warts


Though warts are not so threatening for health, they are quite a discomfort regarding the appeal. Treating them is a better option rather than looking for the self-annihilation. With the quickest and natural treatment, benefits of banana become more peculiar with this cure.

Cut a 2-inch sized banana peel, rub it over the wart and place it on the wart. Tape it tightly with a duct tape and keep it overnight. Within a week, you will see warts disappear.

12. Psoriasis

Similar treatment also works for psoriasis. It may not show the immediate results, but with the consistent application, you’ll see the change. This advantage is derived from banana nutrition.

13. Acne


Pimple cure is one of the prominent benefits of banana on skin. Use banana this time. Mash a banana to make a thick paste. Add turmeric, honey, and milk to the paste. Apply the paste as a face pack. This will work for you like a moisturizer and gives a natural, long-lasting glow. Clean the face with cold water after 20 minutes.

The treatment is useful in clearing pimples, blemishes, blackheads from the roots of skin layers.

14. Treats Dark Spots

Dark spots are easily curable with banana. Just mash a banana and apply it as a pack onto the face. Do it once for a couple of days for a month. It clears the melanin in the skin layers and also cures the problems of nutrient deficiency. Dark spots and other skin disorders are listed in the best benefits of banana on skin for the quick and effective treatment.

15. Great Moisturizer

Moisturizing is a great need for skin health. Banana enriches the water levels on skin and body with its usage. It works profoundly on dry skins. Apply the banana pulp on the skin gently but in thick layers. It aids in immense softness and created healthy hydration simultaneously.

Exceptional quality in banana benefits is that it works equally effective for any type of skin and versatile problems too.

16. Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging Properties

Agedness is seen by many physical symptoms on skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are preliminary effects of aging.

Make a face pack with equal amounts of orange juice, yogurt, and mashed banana. Apply it on the face, keep it for 20 minutes. The simultaneously occurring benefits of banana with this pack are exfoliation and skin protection.

17. Treats Oily skin

Banana with lemon juice can turn your oily skin to a normal one. Not only for dry skin, but natural moisturizers also treat oily skin with the same effect and give a proper health condition.

Use a tbsp of lemon juice for one single ripe banana. It exfoliates the skin by the natural properties of lemon in the pack. Exfoliation is the basis for treating oily skin. Clearing the sebum oil from the skin layers, controlling the sebaceous glands not to secrete more oil are the best benefits of banana for skin with this pack. Use honey for better results.

The vitamin E, C in the banana are useful to give a glowing skin. Honey imparts the natural glow along with healthy nourishment. Thus, not only the banana benefits but honey and lemon give anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatments which are exceptional needs for oily skin.

18. Cracked Heels and Feet

Heals cracked heels

The cracked foot needs excess moisture for the initial treatment. Then, there is a need for nourishment of the skin. Banana is the best choice for both the activities to cure cracked heels permanently as the uses of banana on skin show a profound impact on cracked heels.

Apply the banana pulp on the cracks directly in thick layers. It also promotes softness and cleanness on the skin.

Banana Benefits for Hair:

Benefits of banana seem countless with this step. We can make many packs using a banana for soft and strong hair. Here, we suggest you the best among them which give quick and best results. Dandruff treatment and healthy scalp are the moist natural banana benefits for hair. You needn’t worry about the side effects or the suitability for you because it is the best natural hair care ingredient.

19. Soft and Shiny packs

Mix a banana and an avocado to make a paste. Add coconut milk to it. Apply this mix on the hair, keep it for 15 minutes.

The pack is useful for conditioning of the hair. It adds a soft complexion it. You can reap many benefits of banana with this pack.

Another pack for shining hair is here. Use olive oil and egg white to mashed banana. Egg white is known for its shiny hair treatment. Stir the mixture well for 15 minutes and apply it to the hair. Wash it with shampoo after 15 minutes.

20. Hair Loss Pack

Make a smooth paste with yogurt and banana. Apply it on scalp thoroughly, wait for 20 minutes. Rinse after the time with cool water. This pack fights hair fall with intense reaction on the damaged skin under the hair. Major benefits of banana come into the picture in treating damaged hair and cause an entirely regenerated hair.

21. Dry and Damaged Hair Pack

Add honey to the banana pulp, apply it to the hair or skin, for the similar treatment, Skin damages, and scalp damages can be cleared, even the split ends of the hair and dry hair can be cured quickly.

Add almond oil for better results of silky and moisturized hair. All the benefits of banana for hair can be achieved by this pack with no side effects as it contains honey and almond oil, the extreme natural ingredients for health.

With this wide spectrum of banana benefits for health, skin, and hair, you must be starting the day with banana from tomorrow. We wish you all the health!

Banana Nutritional Benefits:

It’s a bit complicated to start with the banana benefits in a systematic approach. Because uses of banana for health are most versatile and many of its benefits are of equally high importance. We cannot put one point aside and praise the other. So, the utmost useful banana health benefits accompanied by exceptional nutrition are mentioned first in the list.


People who do not know anything about banana also often brag about the potassium in it. Best benefits of banana are mainly due to potassium.

It controls blood pressure even in the absence of sodium. This leads to healthy heart functioning and lowering the risk of heart strokes.

Potassium is also useful for kidney stones. It reduces the loss of calcium into the urine, which indirectly prevents the formation of stones in kidney. This, in turn, helps in improvement of calcium content in the body, which strengthens bones and teeth.

Thus, potassium is responsible for various health benefits in distinct aspects of kidneys, heart, and bones.

Vitamin B6

Here is another most important nutrient. The most important aspect of health benefits of banana, i.e. heart health, is fulfilled by vitamin B6 in major contribution.

Vitamin B6 works for blood health. It keeps the hemoglobin levels right, blood sugars in right amounts, and it is useful in an important phenomenon of breaking down the amino acids which enhance the proper utilization of protein and strengthening the immune system.

Vitamin C

Despite being a non-citrus fruit, banana contains one-sixth of the daily recommended Vitamin C content in it. We all know the benefits of oranges and lemons due to their high vitamin C levels. Important effects include anti-inflammation, blood pressure control, boosting the immune system, protection of skin, and much more.

Even with the limited portions, Vitamin C makes benefits of banana a bit versatile.

Zero Fat – High Energy

Don’t worry, fat in banana is zero. You needn’t bother if you are prone to hypertension and other fat-related problems, but see to the carbohydrate content.

Have you ever tasted banana milkshake? Just taste it once, it’ll become your favorite beverage to relieve your stress on a tired day. The energy and taste are the best combinations for banana, which takes banana health benefits to the next level.


The fiber content in food helps in healthy digestion. It resolves the cholesterol accumulated in veins, also enhances the faster digestion. It’s the biggest asset for benefits of banana. This concludes that bananas enhance digestion, which is useful for many other banana benefits.


Metabolism needs minerals more. It is helpful to have minerals in foods so that the digestion carries out quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, enables the metabolic activity to progress smoothly. Manganese is in generous amounts in banana nutrition. Manganese is beneficial for bone health too. Thus, benefits of banana are incomplete without the mention of minerals like manganese.