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10 Quick Remedies to Get Rid of Dandruff With Zero Side Effects

Dandruff is the most commonly appearing problem these days for almost all of us. It has become so common that one may feel luckier if it does not attack them. If your problem is of a long time, you might have tried many medicinal applications to get rid of dandruff by this time. But, here we present the unique set of home remedies for dandruff so that you will be permanently out of the problem.


This problem for us is mainly because we do not have that piece of time to take care of ourselves, regarding health and self-care. The days have become undesirably busy that we do not find time for any purpose other than the regular cyclic activities of the day.

We should get out of this, only then we can save our lives from the unwanted artificial impacts. However, the topic for today isn’t that. Let’s get into the main thing, Dandruff.

The actual reason behind dandruff is just physical; there is no severe cause for the long time duration of dandruff. Dandruff is entirely due to a physical effect, i.e., carelessness towards healthy hair, poor maintenance of hair, etc. As you start reacting effectively today to defend dandruff, it will no longer be a problem for you anymore. Firstly, let us find the backdrop and what causes dandruff to grow in the hair.

How Dandruff Attacks

Dandruff usually attacks neglected hairs, we should consider the scalp too, as every important organ of our body. When the scalp is not maintained healthily, hair loses its strength to be held to the skin, thus causing a dead skin to accumulate in the hairs, which is termed as the ‘Dandruff.’ How to cure dandruff is the present issue, but the generation of dandruff, i.e., what causes dandruff is the primary thing.

As we bathe every day, as we brush the teeth each day, we need to brush our hair and shampoo regularly so that we are safe from any dead skin to cause dandruff and keep our hair strengthened. More than any dandruff treatment, we need to be very cautious about these things mentioned above, which are primary needs for healthy hair. Once, you assure yourself you are readily taking care of the hair and scalp with regular washings and brushings, any suggestion to get rid of dandruff will work out. Without proper care, any effective remedy will fail even in long practice.

Now, let us see the description of our negligence and extra care which causes the endangered dead skin in the scalp.

Causes of  Dandruff:

No Regular and Proper Brushing

Poor Brushing

Inadequate brushing is a basic reason for dandruff. There is clear notion that if you do not comb your hair regularly, you will definitely be attacked by dandruff. The scalp is filled with the sheds of dead skin cells, which upon negligence, take the form of dandruff. Firstly, to get rid of dandruff, we need to brush the hair minimum twice a day. This will remove the dead skin flakes from the hair and also provide proper blood circulation and air supply to the health which is essential for the healthy hair.

Poor Shampooing

Poor Shampooing

The anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioners used these days are imposed of chemicals and detergents, which is highly not recommendable or an organic, healthy growth of air. Herbal shampoos are better in the case. Even then, there is an answer for how to cure dandruff in an efficient manner while shampoo is used; i.e., frequent washing of hair, once in two days, which prevents rough and frizzy hair. Also, beware of the conditioner you are using, conditioner should be applied on the hair, but not on the scalp. Wash it away thoroughly from the hair so that hair is completely free of those shampoo and conditioner material.

For all these disadvantages, there’s the simplest suggestion, follow organic remedies for dandruff treatment. They will not only keep your hair healthy but also ensure you will not be affected by any other side skin problem, etc.


Another key point, this time, a psychological reason. The critical relationship between the dandruff generation and the stress being the reason behind is something crucial in many ways.


Emotional and mental problems in the daily routine defect mental peace, which indirectly causes retardation of brain’s work, one of the major reasons for hair loss, which is a popular notion among the people, and it is true. Hair loss brings sheds of skin to fall off from the scalp, which indirectly may cause dandruff. This becomes a permanent physical problem, which leads to baldhead also.

For this, maintain a healthy meal plan and stick to it, eat a good number of times in a day. Take water a plenty, which keeps your brain to circulate with the right amount of oxygen, which indirectly reduces stress intensity.

You will not have a better remedy for this kind of issue. Just reducing the stress is the only therapy which anyone can suggest to their best.

Diet Imbalance

Eating habits are responsible for many health issues; it is not with foods that bring the problems, but with our tastes and habits. There are plenty of recipes and dishes available throughout the world, but without much awareness, we prefer low sustainable foods, for example, fried and processed foods. Instead, if we choose green leafy or antioxidant-rich diets, within weeks, we find the big difference of lightening of our body and much better health is assured. On the whole, food plays a significant role in our very basic health conditions.


Now, its effect on dandruff is so simple, deep fried and baked foods create inflammation, which causes flakes in the scalp, thus dandruff. So, to get rid of dandruff, one must show consciousness towards their food habits and their impact on the health conditions.

Hair Products

Usage of hair products unnecessarily

This quite tells about the problem in the title itself. Excessive use of hair products at the parlor or the home causes dandruff emergence and even skin diseases, upon severe usage. There is no special description needed for this reason. But coming to the dandruff remedies of this kind is to avoid the risky hair products and start some herbal measures to take care of the hair. This provides better hair growth also, along with the dandruff removal.

 Dry Skin and Oily skin

Dry skin is most likely to be attacked by dandruff; this is due to less moisture in the skin which causes flakes and thus dead skin cells to accumulate on the scalp. In the winter especially, due to dry air and cold wind, we feel the itchy and rough atmosphere. Due to this, flakes in a smaller size are formed.

The oily skin causes yellowish flakes on the skin around eyebrows, nose, and ear skin regions.The efficient therapy for this is quite a natural one. One just needs to follow the instructions given about the home remedies or dandruff, and this is said to be the best way to get rid of dandruff and itchy skin than many anti-dandruff shampoos and other scientific medication.

With all the above reasons, we are prone to dandruff; so by reducing the favorable conditions to its attack, we start to know what are the dandruff treatments and how to cure dandruff permanently with no side effects.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff – 10 Home Remedies

As always, is natural and organic alarming reminder for any kind of health issue. We never suggest you any scientific medication until and unless it is life-threatening. However, doctors and hospitals are readily there for the medical treatment. We provide the lifestyle changes which are utmost natural and bring utter perfectly healthy conditions with no ill effects.

Coming to the point, here is the list to get rid of dandruff.and also a healthy hair growth measures.

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There is nothing to describe the special features of each product like a recipe in a diet plan. Every suggestion is to resolve the dandruff problem, and that is what each thing does, along with the strengthening of hair. So we are enlisting the suggested dandruff remedies and their procedure of application, which will be precisely sufficient.

Lemon Juice and Curd

Apply lemon juice to the scalp and hair entirely, evenly and gently. Rough massage to the hair or scalp is not recommended, wait for 15-25 minutes, after which you could wash off the lemon juice. Lemon would itch due to its acidic nature, but that is what kills dandruff and clears off the dead skin cells. This is how to cure dandruff in a simpler manner; even we can mix the curd with lemon, to reap some more benefits.


Lemon juice with curd, after frequent applications, show the better results for dandruff treatment. Mix the lemon juice in a bowl of curd, mix this combination thoroughly and apply onto the scalp with the help of lemon skin. Massage the scalp with the lemon skin. But surely wash your head after the application.

Olive Oil and Neem

Applying olive oil before a head bath is more usual. Apply it, keep it for the reaction for about 10 minutes, then wash off. Before going to bed, you can apply it, which will be highly effective than the former one. This time, use a cotton cap or wrap a towel around your head.

Olive Oil

With the Himalaya neem capsule powder, added to olive oil, you can use the mixture or application to the scalp. It is not mandatory to use the olive oil. You can apply any other oil. The mixture works well to get rid of dandruff. It may feel itching at the starting, but that’s what makes the treatment more efficient. You can keep this for an hour or the whole night. Wash it off with shampoo after that.

Fenugreek Seeds

The third one, fenugreek seeds are not only one of the healthiest spices but also are useful in other skin problems and some medicinal treatments. To get rid of dandruff, methi or fenugreek has its own way to treat the issue.



Grind the methi seeds of one tablespoon thoroughly, only by hand but not with the mixer or grinder. Soak the mixture in the hot water, keep it for overnight. Now simply, use the water as a rinse, just wash your hair with the methi water, which shows the tremendous result of dandruff removal and also healthy hair growth.

Egg Yolks

Egg yolks are the special applications in the home remedies for dandruff list. This should just be applied to the scalp, and two eggs are sufficient for the one-time application.


You have to keep it for an hour, so wear a cotton cap; after that, have a good shower and remove the egg from the scalp with a good shampoo, apply the shampoo twice if needed.

Baking Soda and Vinegar and Lemon

Baking Soda has different combinations of vinegar and lemon juice. It can also be applied alone. Baking soda is that efficient it could replace the shampoo used for hair wash. For the dandruff removal purpose, this is most useful. Just like how we use anti-dandruff shampoo, apply a handful of baking soda into the scalp and hair, you can wash it in a minute.


This is like a magical application, within two weeks, you see a self-moisturizing scalp and which is also completely dandruff-free.

With the combination of lemon, you can find more antioxidant properties which will strengthen the hair growth and which also gives the hair holding capacity to the scalp. This is one of the smarter ways of how to remove dandruff. Squeeze a lemon into the baking soda and apply, once the scalp starts to feel itchy, wash it off the hair. If needed, use apple cider vinegar as a conditioner.

Coconut Oil


After the head bath, without applying any conditioner, apply coconut oil to the scalp, ensuring that the hair is dry enough. Wash off the oil each time with water, after a session time(3-4 hours). Do this once in a week until you get rid of dandruff. This seems a slower one of all dandruff remedies, but it is the most populous and versatile solution for hair conditioning, which is there in use for ages.

Tea Tree Oil


Use Tea Tree Oil in the shampoos with 5% share. As Tea Tree Oil smells good, you can be with it for all the day along. However, as it is mixed with shampoo, you can enjoy its fragrance too. It is antiseptic too.

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Once in a day, you can apply this oil onto the scalp and wash after 5 minutes, which gives you the better benefits.

Banana and Vinegar


In two cups of vinegar, mix a peeled off banana and make it paste in the vinegar with a fork. Apply this mixture to the hair and massage it to reach to the scalp for 5 minutes. After 15 minutes, wash off the mixture completely out of the hair. This works if it is repeated once in a week.

Orange Peel Pack

Orange has a good amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C content. Orange peel has healthy nutrients to provide care for hair.


Mix the lemon juice with orange peel to make them a paste and apply it to your scalp. After 30 minutes, clean it off with shampoo. Repeat this for once in 2-3 days to get rid of dandruff permanently.

Coconut and Honey Scalp Scrub


This is a mixture of couple number of oils and honey with yogurt, all in an approximate ratio of equal amounts. The mixture should be made so that it makes a consistent paste. The liquid will run off the head, so, honey and yogurt must be a bit higher in quantity. Spread this mixture to your scalp thoroughly for about 10-15 minutes. This makes good circulation of blood and after 20 minutes. Take a bath with hot water.  Clean the head completely with shampoo. You can use conditioner and after, a hair dryer too, but with a low setting.

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These are the elaborated reasons behind the dandruff emergence, what causes dandruff. We have provided you with the best available routes to get rid of dandruff permanently with a bonus of healthy hair growth with guaranteed no side effects. Hoping the article has become useful to your search, we expect your reviews and suggestions in the comment section for the betterment of the content.