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How to Lose 10 Pounds In A Week – The Secret Lies In A Low-Calorie Diet And A Vigorous Workout

If you are in a dire need to lose weight fast because an event like a pre-wedding photo shoot or any other significant event is nearby, you can follow this simple guide on How to lose 10 pounds in a week which is the fastest way to lose weight that anyone can imagine.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week with Simple Diet and Exercise

Fat shaming comments and bullying are common taunts some of you might face though you look chubbier and feel comfortable in your own skin. But, if that bothers you much, you can read on to find out the quickest way to lose weight. Now, you can prove the world that you have that potential and knack to lose weight and look smashing.

It sounds incredible to follow a systematic way for just a week only to look yourself in the mirror to see a dramatic change that you have been wishing for such a long time. So, take a break from your busy schedule and invest some quality time of yours in this simple guide to make yourself look slender and gorgeous in no time.

How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast

If you are looking for how to lose 10 pounds in a week, the only word that has to buzz in your mind always is calories. So you need to burn down your calories as much as possible because you will lose weight quickly only when the calorie intake is reduced and the extra calories in your body are burnt down simultaneously.

For this, you need to keep a count on the calorie intake and at the same time, keep an eye on the calories being burnt by you,

So you have to bear this in mind that losing 10 pounds in one week will be one of the greatest tasks you have ever achieved. This is so going to boost your self –esteem.

Is It Possible?

Most of the people would laugh it off and make their own judgments that losing 4.5 kilograms approximately in one week is merely impossible. But, whether you really put in some efforts to shed off those extra calories and prove them wrong or let them put you down with their never-ending comments and remarks is your own choice.

How To Lose Weight Quickly? Start Your Day With A Glass Of Lemon And Honey Mix

In order to stay fresh and start your day on a good note, it is just that you drink a glass of warm water with a fresh lemon squeezed into it, you can dash it up with a sweet flavour by adding one to two tablespoons of honey into it.

How To Lose Weight Quickly Start Your Day With A Glass Of Lemon And Honey Mix

Lemon and honey mixed warm water on an empty stomach will be beneficial in losing weight because it will cleanse your body from any toxic elements if present. It will improve your metabolism and keep you up for the upcoming diet that you will be following throughout your day.

Lemon and honey mixed with water will reduce your appetite and help in consuming restricted amounts of foods throughout the day.

Stay Away From These Foods If Your Aim Is To Lose 10 Pounds Fast

If you have been deeply contemplating on how to lose 10 pounds in a week, you must first cut down on these foods that will further add up to the already existing calories you have been thinking to burn down.

You Must Stop Munching On Your Favourite Snacks

Self-restraint is the first step to achieving this task. When you feel an urge to grab a bite at regular intervals to gratify your sweet tooth or whenever any enticing food catches your attention, remind yourself that by doing so, you are only inviting those extra calories in to your body, but calories are your only enemies for this one week if your major question is how to lose weight quickly.

A Strict No To The Foods That Contain Carbohydrates
  • Dairy products like milk, ice creams, cheese, butter, ice creams are sure to quench your cravings, but these products are high in carbohydrates, so they contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in your body.

Sugary sweets

Sugary sweets

  • If you feel an urge to savour a sweet dessert post lunch, you might as well get rid of this habit as soon as possible because when a single bite of your favourite toffee is going to fetch you 27 calories, by savouring a dessert you will be inviting a lot more of calories.

Artificially sweetened beverages

Artificially sweetened beverages

  • Nothing can ruin a diet plan than a can of soda or any other aerated drink that is infused with artificial sweeteners because on an average a tin of coke contains nearly 150 calories. A bottle of your favourite flavoured drink might seem appetizing but, you must avoid drinking it if you are looking for how to lose 10 pounds in a week.



  • Fruits are of course enriched with large amounts of fibers, vitamins, and minerals on a diet, people obviously prefer fruits, but when you are looking for what to eat to lose weight fast, you must prefer those fruits which are less in carbohydrates. You must particularly avoid eating bananas, apples, pomegranates, pineapples, mangos, and prunes

Instead, you can eat lemons, kiwis, cranberries, guavas, apricots and raspberries, papaya, cantaloupes, blueberries, blackberries, and peaches

Foods that contain high amounts of starch

Foods that contain high amounts of starch

Rice, cornmeal, potatoes, cereals, bagels, corn flour, bread, pretzels are those foods that are very high in starch which is why you must consider avoiding these foods.

Don’t Worry! You Don’t Have To Starve

When you are looking for the fastest way to lose 10 pounds, what to eat to lose weight fast is a common question to arise, you will have to restrict yourself from relishing so many foods, you might feel a constant pressure that you are missing upon your favourite foods.

But, you are not going to starve yourself, because when you are missing upon certain foods, they will be replaced with high protein foods and certain negative calorie foods

Say Yes To These Protein-Rich Foods –Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Say Yes To These Protein-Rich Foods Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Include these foods in your diet, if you are looking for protein rich foods

1)    All leafy vegetables

2)    Sun-dried tomatoes

3)    Guava

4)    Artichokes

5)    Peas

6)    Beef

7)    Tukey

8)    Chicken

9)    Eggs

10)   Chia seeds

11)    Sesame seeds

12)    Flax seeds

13)    Seafood

When you include more protein rich foods, your stomach is always full, and hence it will help in controlling appetite.

But, including protein-rich food is a matter of question because when beef, chicken, and turkey are included in your diet, they will add up a few calories.

Therefore, you must divide your diet plan and set up a particular number that designates the number of calories and make sure you do not exceed that number. However, the number of calories to be consumed depends upon the weight of the person.

Negative Calorie Foods To Fill Your Tummy! – The Fastest Way To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week

Negative calorie foods are those foods which are going to help you in gratifying your quench for hunger, but they won’t let you gain weight because they have negative calories which means very low calories or zero calories.

If you are a perfect vegetarian who cannot include some of the above-mentioned protein-rich foods, you can completely rely on these negative calorie foods which is the fastest way to lose weight.

1)    Carrots

2)    Tomatoes

3)    Zucchini

4)    Broccoli

5)    Cucumber

6)    Asparagus

7)    Cabbage

8)    Cauliflower

9)    Beetroots

10)   Celery

11)    Kelp

12)    Kale

13)    Lemons

14)   Green tea

Working Out Is The Most Crucial Part Of Shedding Maximum Calories In A Week

  • If you are looking for how to lose 10 pounds in a week, which is the quickest way to lose weight, then it is humanly impossible to lose weight by just relying upon your low-calorie diet. You must work out so hard until you shed off some calories in the form of sweat
  • Since you are looking for how to lose 10 pounds in a week, you have to note that one pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. To lose 10 pounds fast, you have to lose 35000 calories on the whole in one week
  • So, in order to successfully lose 35000 calories in one week, you have to lose 5000 calories on an average per day, which is the fastest way to lose 10 pounds in a week.
  • As you reduce the intake of your calories, you may just need to burn 3000 calories per day.
  • You have to opt for some vigorous exercises if you are looking for how to lose 10 pounds in a week
Sprint running

Sprint running

Sprinting refers to running certain distances for a certain period of time. Studies have shown that sprinting burns approximately 500 calories for half an hour. So you can include sprint running as a morning schedule in your daily activities of burning calories. A daily morning run for half an hour is not a tough task to do.



Swimming is the best way to lose maximum calories. You can enrol yourself in a swimming class so that you engage yourself in a recreational activity and at the same time, lose maximum calories while learning how to swim. Swimming burns nearly 1000 calories in one hour.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing

If you are someone who loves trekking and climbing, you can enjoy doing this and burn calories at the same time. Trekking is one such activity that provides active movement of every part of your body, thereby burning the calories and making you super fit. Rock climbing is said to burn 410 calories approximately.



Involving yourself in cycling does not mean, you have to cycle solely for the purpose of shedding calories. You can cycle all way long to your workplace so that it adds up to the other benefits as well. Cycling burns 300 calories for 10 kilometres.



Aerobics can burn 400 to 600 calories in one hour depending upon the intensity with which it is performed. You can join an aerobic session if you have ever fantasised about having a perfect body shape.

Enroll yourself in Tabata training

Tabata training

Tabata training involves squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees and Russian twists. Tabata training is so intense, it can burn 15 calories in one minute. Involving yourself in these exercises for one hour can burn 900 calories.

Burning Calories Not Only Implies That You Have To Work Out

If you are looking for how to lose 10 pounds in a week, then you have to engage yourself in certain activities, in addition to working out vigorously.

Sometimes, we engage ourselves in certain activities that involve vigorous movements and we shed our calories unintentionally. So, you can make such activities, a part of your routine to lose weight.

1)    Set a specific time and dance to your favourite tune

2)    Involve yourself in cleaning up your lawn or mopping your dusty floors

3)     You can opt for walking certain distances to burn some calories rather than using your vehicle.

4)    You can choose to climb stairs instead of using elevators.

5)    Make sure that you are not constantly sitting in one particular position, stretch and move around more often.

Green Tea- Your Calorie Burner – Your Saviour

If you are someone who feels an urge to grab a cup of something really hot, every once in a while, you can replace that drink with green tea.

Say no to other beverages like tea, coffee, alcohols because green tea should be the only drink that has to be included in your diet.

Green Tea Your Calorie Burner Your Saviour

Relishing green tea sounds weird, but you can really enjoy the flavour if you add some honey to it. Be cautious before you add sugar to green tea because when you are looking for how to lose 10 pounds in a week, you must cut down on the calories as much as possible but adding sugar will only bring in more calories into the drink.

You can drink two and a half cups of green a day each cup of 240ml. That is, you should consume 600ml of green tea per day. Green tea is going to work wonders for you in losing weight because green tea contains only 2 calories for every 200 ml.

Water Should Be Your Only Energy Drink!

Water Should Be Your Only Energy Drink

Imagine a system that is pure and devoid of any sugary drinks and alcohols, it functions with a great metabolism and is devoid of any illness or disease. This can only be possible if you drink two litres of water per day.

Drink water occasionally particularly one hour before your meals, because this will help you in reducing your appetite, thereby helping you in consuming fewer calories. Make sure you drink cold water, so that, in the process of warming up the water, your body will take up more calories.

If you are on a mission of how to lose 10 pounds in a week, and in search of the quickest way to lose weight, then you must prepare a schedule including the above-mentioned foods and exercises, keeping in mind the number of calories that have to be burnt and the number of calories that have to be consumed.

The number of calories to be consumed should be less than the amount of the calories that you are going to burn by exercise.

Maintain a journal and jot down the number of calories in a precise manner to reach your aim of losing 10 pounds in a week.


Keep a note on how many calories you are consuming per each day and how many calories you are burning on the same day.  Drinking plenty of water and green tea, stressing and stretching your body, controlling your diet is the best way to lose weight fast and fulfill your dream of becoming slender in no time.