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20 Health Benefits of Amla Juice – Indian Gooseberry as a Summer Drink

Another antioxidant-rich ingredient in the list of summer fruit drinks is here for you. Amla fruit, which is universally known as Indian Gooseberry, has a lot of benefits in various regards like hair, skin, and many health issues. We came up with one type of usage of amla fruit, i.e. amla juice. Though there is not much popularity for this fruit juice in the market, benefits of amla juice are enormous in the summer time.

20 Health Benefits of Amla Juice

Amla is, however, beneficial to be consumed throughout the year, but we need to take care of some of the health precautions in summer more viz. skin care, dehydration, detoxification, etc. Out of many summer drinks, Indian gooseberry shows extremely wide advantages for health.

An Amla is Equal to An Egg

This is the notable point about amla fruit. Our mothers used to say that one single amla fruit serves as much as an egg does to our health. The egg is that prominent food suggested out of the three basic foods for active metabolism, viz. milk, meat, and egg. Indian gooseberry can be a replacement for eggs as they can provide the equally high nutrients.

This fact makes us, the health conscious people go crazy about it though most of the benefits of amla juice for health are due to its rich vitamin C.

Let us directly get into the list of amla juice health benefits and know its nutrition capabilities more distinctly.

Benefits of Amla juice for Health

There is no need of special mention on nutrients for this heading too. All the uses of amla juice are derived from one another with some interconnection. Let us find out the enormous amla juice health benefits in a list.

1. Constipation and Gastric troubles

If you face a condition of less than three bowel movements per week, one is said to be under chronic constipation. We can cure this by having Indian gooseberries in the juice form. Piles contribute for constipation, which can also be treated with amla juice.


Burning in the abdomen, which might be due to ineffective digestion, can be cleared off by amla. Many stomach-related problems viz. diarrhea, acidity, ulcers can be cured. Add honey or ghee for better treatment.

2. Memory Power

Vitamin C improves the brain’s activity by producing a neurotransmitter, norepinephrine. It involves in the betterment of mood and activity. Stress on the nervous system is relieved to a large extent.

Memory Booster

We can also cure insomnia with amla juice consumption. It is the most peculiar one of the benefits of amla juice.

3. Inflammation and Antioxidant


Inflammation causes arthritis in a worse case. The digestive system faces equally severe problems because of inflammation. Benefits of amla juice are unbounded as long as anti-inflammatory properties are concerned.

It also controls the body heat. The significant antioxidant property of amla can protect you from sun’s UV rays.

4. Fat Deposits

Fat Deposits

Fat control can be achieved only through such foods which have no sugars and carbs. There are many useful properties in amla juice for health, which includes burning fats also. Vitamins, minerals are enormous in amla. Thus, taking amla juice daily enables your fat to get burned, helping your heart working properly.

Improved metabolism also aids in healthy weight loss.

5. Blood purification

Blood purification not only involves in the regeneration of blood cells, but we also need to remove the toxins out of blood cells, clear the veins to allow the blood to flow properly. Increasing hemoglobin levels is also done in the process.

Blood purification

Amla fruit is very renowned for its detoxification. Its natural treatment not only helps in purifying the blood cells but also gives better skin health in its underneath layers. This indirectly causes a healthy maintenance of sebaceous glands and skin cells, which eventually prevents skin disorders.

6. Heart and Diabetes

Heart and Diabetes

Heart health protection is one of the most prominent amla juice health benefits. With healthy blood circulation, amla juice enables the heart to function better. This helps in healthy functioning of the heart and pumping the blood to all the parts of the body. The entire process eventually controls type 2 diabetes. Adding to this, clearing the cholesterol in veins enhances heart functioning in the first place.

It also aids in reducing insulin resistance upon potential blood generation and pumping. Add honey, turmeric to the amla juice for faster results in this regard.

7. Cancer


The antioxidant-rich food controls the free radicals most effectively with its enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase(SOD). It is the most useful property for relieving cancer. The benefits of amla juice become some more sophisticated with this action of SOD.

8. Infections


Urinary infections can be relieved with regular consumption of amla juice. Urinary tract gets cleaned up effectively if you consume the juice daily.

Infections often get purified by resistive power in the body. To improve the immune strength, amla juice is preferred the best.

9. Asthma

Respiratory problems find a better cure with anti-inflammatory foods. Out of them all, amla juice is the best choice.


Amla juice taken twice a day can keep the things better. You can observe the improvement in your health condition with it.

A cough, tuberculosis, asthma and severe cold have effective cures with this treatment.

10. Eyesight


Eyes have a long list of problems which might be occurring due to ineffective diet. And here is the rescue, amla juice benefits are almost equal to the number of eye problems due to a bad diet.

Eye cataracts are controlled; red eyes, itching eyes, watering eyes, and ocular tension in the eyes are all the amla juice cures.

11. Oral Health

Oral Health

Amla can flush out bad breath with its nourishing minerals. You can also treat mouth ulcers with diluted amla juice. Teeth strengthening is also possible by taking amla juice daily.

12. Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are the most irksome conditions for a woman. Amla juice benefits you as a natural healer in this situation. The vitamins and minerals are responsible for this important treatment.

Amla Juice for Skin

Summer is the worst time for skin. One who is conscious about skin health needs to take too many precautions in order to survive a soft and perfect skin.

Amla benefits for skin are incomplete if skin health isn’t mentioned. Amla juice benefits the skin in all possible ways, far better than the best skin care products you have gathered. Healthy skin is what everyone wants and gooseberry powder or its oil also help in attaining it effectively.

13. Anti-Aging

Regular consumption of amla juice clears forehead wrinkles, brown spots, and fine lines on the skin. This treatment of amla juice for skin is because of the antioxidants and vitamins in the juice.

Anti-Aging Properties

Apply the amla paste on the damaged skin and keep it for 15 minutes. It will bring a change in the skin complexion and also cures the mentioned skin problems. The antiseptic properties of the juice give the skin ever-young and fresh look.

It prevents the cell damage due to toxins in the layers of the skin. Amla juice can also prevent various skin cancer types by this treatment.

14. Skin Tone and Complexion

Collagen is responsible for the fair skin tone. It keeps the skin cells firm and tightened and retains its elasticity all the time, which is technically called skin tightening, an important anti-aging activity.

Vitamin C is responsible for collagen production in the body. This leads to better skin rejuvenation in a natural process.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Soft and smooth skin, sagged skin are the effects of healthy production of collagen.

Drink the juice every morning without fail. Within a week or two, you can observe the change in your skin complexion. Add honey for the taste. However, honey also provides many benefits for the skin health.

Vitamin C also adds lightning effect to the skin. The same above application gives lighter and fresher look with cured blemishes and pimples.

15. Cleansing and Curing

With the known antioxidant properties and the detox properties, amla should cleanse the skin effectively. It could be an exfoliator for the skin when directly applied.


Apply diluted amla juice on the face. It removes dead skin cells thoroughly within no time. All the benefits of amla juice should thank its abundant vitamin C.

The dry and flaked skin are treated well for exfoliation and get their tissues refreshed by the amla juice with solid effect.

Amla purifies blood tissues. The curing treatment carried out with this cleansing action is for inflammation and pimples.

By fighting the free radicals and harmful microorganisms, amla juice reduces acne and pimples on the skin. Treating the pimples is an important benefit of amla juice for skin. The acne treatment is done so effectively, naturally, and permanently.

16. Pigmentation


Skin pigmentation/hyperpigmentation can be reduced to some extent by applying amla juice on face. As it is acidic in nature, use a cotton ball and apply the diluted juice on the skin. Let the applied juice dry and remove it after 10 minutes. Clean the face with water then.

Pigments and lines will be gone if it is applied regularly. Amla oil or amla powder have similar benefits for skin health. Using the other two in place of amla juice is equally effective.

Amla Juice for Hair

Benefits of Amla juice are found furthermore in hair care. It can preserve your hair color, strength; also it keeps you away from many scalp related problems.

17. Healthy Hair and Scalp

Amla juice for hair growth is the fundamental advantage of the antioxidant-rich fruit.

Healthy Hair and Scalp

Amla juice gives hair fall treatment from the root level. For healthy hair growth, hair follicles should be strengthened. Stronger scalp holds the hair healthy for a long time.

Add lemon juice to Amla juice while applying to the scalp. Clean the scalp after 20 to 30 minutes. Using amla juice for hair can be beneficiary for shining hair too.

18. Dandruff and Conditioning

Dandruff is nothing but the accumulation of dead skin cells in the scalp. Healthy scalp, however, prevents dandruff successfully. When we use amla juice for hair, follicles get more strengthened, which controls dandruff without leaving any trace.

Dandruff and Conditioning

Moisturizing the scalp is also important for keeping the skin cells attached to the skin on the scalp. Dried skin, however, leaves the head timely, but the follicles need to be held by their roots. For this, hair conditioners help a lot, and the Indian gooseberry, the amla juice for hair growth acts as a natural moisturizer.

19. Hair disorders

Hair disorders

Split ends, weak hair follicles, frizzy hair, hair loss problems are on top of the list of benefits of amla juice for hair strength.

Hair coloring with herbal medicine helps you recover from many issues like pigmentation and stuffy scalp. It is due to the amla powder add in it. A shiny skin is also benefited with healing effects with the usage of amla juice for hair growth.

20. Gray hair

Hair color naturally will be black in the tropical regions. But, the natural color of the hair is all well when it is preserved. Graying of the hair from black color is an indication of melanin reduction, also mild inflammation in the body. Using amla juice for hair, in this case, can pull you out of the problem.

gray hair

Vitamin C in Amla is responsible for the maintenance of hair strength and color. It stops the premature gray hair for a long time.

The hair benefits, skin benefits of amla juice appear to be receptive. But, these many advantages with amla juice for health are quite surprising. Enjoy the immense taste of Indian gooseberry daily and reap the amla juice health benefits to its maximum.