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Get Quick Knee Pain Relief with Natural Herbs and Their Oils

Have you ever felt the sudden jerky pain in the knee when you try to sit or stand? Does the pain only last for a moment and then disappears into oblivion? Do you ignore this pain because it doesn’t seem so serious? If you do, then kindly, don’t ignore.

Knee arthritis is a problem with many causes. And the tips for knee pain relief are also many.

Home Remedies for Knee Pain Relief with Natural Herbs

It can be a result of previous knee injuries or can be medical conditions. The pain leads to restricted movement of the knee joint and can eventually worsen with time. Knee joint pain is the type which only worsens with time if no measures are taken to combat it. For some changes in weather brings on the pain while changes in everyday lifestyle bring it on for some.

20 Powerful Home Remedies for the Knee Pain Relief

1. The Golden Milk for Knee Pain Treatment:

Most of you must be familiar with this remedy. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. This herb has many anti-inflammatory properties and helps in boosting the immune system. It has curcumin which relieves pain, reduces swelling and inflammation in joints.

The golden milk

Add a tsp of turmeric powder to a glass of milk and chug it down your throat. The taste might not be so good, and it might get difficult to swallow for some people. However, this home remedy for knee pain is a very effective one. Quite a lot of old folks have given testimony to its effectiveness.

2. Turmeric Again:

As I have already stated above, turmeric heals wounds and relieves pain and reduces swollen knee with the help of curcumin, an important ingredient. Some people suffer from the pain due to old knee injuries and internal wounds. For such cases, internal healing is the most effective knee pain treatment.


Mix turmeric with olive oil or any other suitable oil and apply it directly to the region with pain. Don’t use this on an open wound as it might give a burning sensation as turmeric is nothing but a spicy herb in the first case. Heat the oil a little before applying it as the warmth will help in reducing the pain.

3. Massage the Swollen Knee with Oil:

Cold season is the key time for pain in the knee joint or any other joint pains. This happens majorly for the people with a weak immune system. Winter is famous for the cold it brings and also for the various other health issues.

For some others, the cold weather causes severe knee pain. For such cases, this home remedy is a boon in every way. Warm up your choice of oil and apply it on the knee joint. Massage the area lightly and keep rubbing it for some time. The warm oil and rubbing provide the knee with the much-needed warmth. This way, even during winter, the knee pain solution sorts a simple way out.

4. Nilgiri Leaves or Eucalyptus Leaves:

There are many leaves that can be made into pain-relieving poultices. One of the few that have been used since long ago are the Nilgiri leaves. Eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory properties and is also an excellent pain reliever.

Nilgiri Oil or Eucalyptus Oil

Smash a handful of these leaves and crush them into a paste. Add olive oil to keep the particles sticking together. Apply a thick layer of this poultice and wrap a bandage over it. Leave it overnight and then remove it in the morning.

This is a traditional home remedy usually used as a herbal medicine for knee pain.

5. Nilgiri Oil or Eucalyptus Oil:

Knee pain treatment can sometimes be a soothing massage. Eucalyptus, as I have mentioned above, has pain relieving properties and it also helps in reducing swelling and inflammation in joints.

Nilgiri oil or eucalyptus oil

Heat up some oil and massage this oil onto the knee joint. Don’t rub too hard as rubbing too much might lead to increase in the knee pain. Apply this oil and cover your knee with a bandage or at least a blanket. This is a very good and effective pain reliever for elderly people.

6. Neem Leaves as a Knee Pain Medicine:

Neem is probably the father of all the herbal poultices used by the rural people. Neem has been used for controlling the fever, curing a common cold and other diseases such as leprosy and such. It can also be used for stomach aches and other digestive disorders.

Neem leaves

This home remedy is an ancient one. It requires you to boil a handful of neem leaves in water for a while. Strain the water and drink the potion while it is still warm. Drink it each time after you have meals in a day and naturally cure your knee pain. Other than knee pain medication, it also reduces the redness and swelling that is seen in the knee joint.

7. Neem Oil:

This home remedy is for external purposes. It is mostly to treat the severe knee pain quickly. Neem oil can be found in most herbal stores and online as well. This oil need not be heated or anything.

Neem oil

Pour a few drops of the neem oil on a cotton ball and dab the area around the knee. Don’t massage or rub. Just leave it on for some time. Keep repeating this routine for a few days till the pain subsides. This is a good home remedy for knee joint pain relief.

8. Olive Oil:

The extra virgin olive oil is anti-inflammatory and a good lubricant. Rub this oil on your sore joints and slowly massage.

Olive Oil

Avoid directly warming up this oil as extra virgin oil is inflammable. You can use a water bath. Or else after massaging with this oil, wrap the knee with a hot pack or a warm cloth. This is good for lubricating the knee joint and internally improving the mobility of the joint. This is a useful application for reducing the soreness of the knee.

9. Willow Tea:

Willow is a bark with many varieties, out of which white willow tree is most common. Willow has been reported to contain agents similar to aspirin in their action. Traditionally it has been chewed directly for any kind of pain.

Willow tea

The home remedy that I have mentioned here is to be consumed in the form of tea. To make willow tea, boil two teaspoons of willow bark for every eight ounces of water. Allow to properly boil and wait for some time while the water changes its color. Then let it cool down a little and then filter out the tea using a mesh strainer.

This aspirin should be taken at a slow or a moderate rate. The excess dose can lead to other problems as well so take precautions while adding this tea to your diet.

10. Ginger Tea:

Ginger is an amazing spice which gives health benefits while spicing up the food. Ginger is anti-inflammatory in nature. This spice can reduce swelling and also a pain in the knee.

Ginger Tea

Ginger can be consumed as a decoction. Ginger tea is always good for the stomach and helpful in treating nausea. Take two slices of ginger and boil it in water for some time. Allow it to boil properly and then strain the ginger pieces out. If needed, filter the decoction and drink it. You can also improve the taste with a few drops of lemon. This is good for healing joints and relieving the pain in knee joint.

11. Dandelion Oil:

Although dandelion oil can be found in some places, it can also be made at home. This natural home remedy is good for knee pain relief, and also to cure joint pains and sore muscles.

Dandelion Tea

Take a handful of dandelion flowers and fill a jar with them. Then fill the entire jar up with a base oil such as almond oil or olive oil. Close the mouth of the jar and leave it out in the sun for 2 to 3 days. Wait till the flowers become brown in color and then strain out the leaves. Store the oil in a cool place and massage it onto the knee and joints for pain relief.

12. Dandelion Tea:

Dandelion has abundant A and C vitamins which are very valuable as they help in repairing damaged tissue and also in forming new cells. This old remedy is an easy way to treat knee pain from its very roots. For if you are suffering from knee pain due to old injuries that haven’t healed properly, then this is the best treatment for their knee pain relief.

Dandelion tea

Add a handful of dandelion leaves to boiling water and let boil for some time. Wait till the leaves lose their color and then strain the leaves out. Let the decoction cool down a little and then drink it. Since the tea might taste bitter, you can add other flavor substances like sugar.

Dandelion tea is one of the impactful detox drinks which rescues from inflammation of blood cells and body cells. This, in turn, helps in relieving the pain gradually.

13. Blackstrap Molasses Drink:

Blackstrap molasses is the part left after boiling a sugar syrup for at least three times. It is different from the ordinary sugar as it is high in its vitamin content. It has mineral such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Black strap molasses drink

This drink is relatively easy to make than others. All you have to do is add a teaspoon of black strap molasses to a cup of warm water. Let it warm up a little more, then filter out the drink and gulp it down while it is still warm. You can drink a cup of this drink daily till the knee pain diminishes.

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14. Epsom Salt Bath:

Epsom salt has high quantities of magnesium which is helpful in relieving nerve and muscles. The increase in magnesium naturally decreases the pain in any area.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt bath is a remedy to directly provide the area with magnesium so that the skin can directly absorb the mineral. Although dipping the knee in a bath is difficult, it is always best to do so.

Take warm water in a full bucket, add Epsom salt to it. Soak your knees in the bath for at least 15 to 20 minutes for best results. This is a natural treatment for knee pain.

15. Chamomile:

This herb has been used as a tea from time to time since the age of medicine. This tea has been used in the olden days for treating all kinds of pain. Chamomile is a rich source of flavonoid and terpenoids. These are useful in relieving knee pain and also in soothing muscle and period cramps.


There are two ways of using this herb. One can directly massage its oil onto the affected area. This is an external way to treat the knee pain. Other than that, the tea can be used to heal and treat the pain from the inside. Use this magic tea for treating the knee pain in the best manner possible.

16. Aloe leaf:

Other than the magical healing of burns, aloe vera gel has pain relieving properties. It has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. It has anthraquinones which are helpful in treating knee pain due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Aloe Vera

You can directly extract the gel from aloe leaves and apply it to the sore area. For a better knee pain treatment, add some turmeric powder to the gel. Apply the mixture on the knee and wrap a bandage around the knee and keep it warm.

Aloe vera makes one of the best home remedies for curing knee pain.

17. Boswellia :

This branched plant has been used in many old remedies in the ancient text. It is also known as frankincense. This is used in incense and perfumes.


This plant has been a source for many analgesic tablets. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties have been used in the olden days to cure all sorts of pain.

In the old texts, there are remedies which suggest using the Boswellia bark decoction for treating knee pain and other types of arthritis. Another way to use this traditional bark it to directly apply warm frankincense oil onto the knee for immediate pain relief.

18. Green Tea:

For old people, knee pain is caused due to arthritis. Arthritis is majorly due to the inflammation of the joints. The green tea for losing weight is also a miracle worker in the field of curing inflammation.

Green tea

Boil a handful of green tea leaves in water and then filter out the decoction. Drink it with honey while it is still warm. Let the green tea magic work on knee joints and watch your painful knees get better within no time.

19. Cinnamon and Honey:

Cinnamon is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties. It is used in many other home remedies to control cholesterol level and to relieve knee injuries. Its benefits can be obtained from the cinnamon bark or even from its oil.

Cinnamon and honey

In this remedy, we add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a spoon of honey and two tablespoons of water. Mix them well to make a paste. Massage with light force the affected area with this paste. This is to be applied externally for quick knee joint pain relief.

20. The Holy Basil or the Tulsi leaf:

This sacred leaf has been used in many Ayurvedic remedies. It is majorly found in the Indian subcontinent. Its essential oils are also very useful.

Holy Basil leaf or tulsi leaf

It is also considered as a primary natural remedy to cure arthritis. For this remedy, take equal quantities of basil leaf, basil seed, basil stem and its root. Crush them together and leave it to dry. Mix it with old jaggery after sieving and then take it with a glass of milk. Have this drink two times in a day till the knee pain subsides.

Basil is Very Effective in Curing all Types of Joint Pains

I hope the above simple yet effective home remedies for knee pain relief can help you relieve the pain at their best. All the above solutions have been proven to be true time and again. Hopefully, their results can also be testified by you.