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Treatments with Yoga – Yoga Poses for Curing Ovarian Cyst

The research and analysis on ovarian cyst had an extreme impact on me as a content writer. As a man, I feel completely lucky, but my heart can’t stop feeling sorrow for women. They have consistent problems with their typical monthly cycles which may even go as severe as life-threatening. With this article, our team has decided to write on women’s problems and their cures continuously.

Treatments with Yoga _ Yoga Poses for Curing Ovarian Cyst

Our current presentation is on yoga for ovarian cyst treatment. There are many interesting uses with yoga for health better than any natural and alternative medication. But treating menstrual problems with yoga is outright miraculous.

Basic Idea of Ovarian Cyst:

An ovarian cyst is a common thing that happens is women. They take form as smaller ones and often disappear at the end of every month. But the issues it leaves aren’t such minor. Some cysts may even grow bigger to cause abdominal pain, and severe problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS). Adverse scenarios may even lead to ovarian cancer.

The biggest problem with the cysts is they do not show symptoms in most cases. We always have to manage the food and mood in balance so that any hormonal or nutritional disturbances become causes of ovarian cyst.

Biological understanding of ovarian cyst needs an elaborated description. But for now, we are focusing on asanas(poses) of yoga for ovarian cyst treatment.

Yoga for Ovarian Cyst:

Treatment for ovarian problems with yoga may seem a bit strange, but it is quite a usual thing in India that yoga can give you everything! ‘Everything’ literally includes every problem just except the injuries and advanced stages of severe diseases. Ovarian cyst pain and its removal are not anymore harder once you learn the best ways of utilizing yoga.

Let us step into some important poses of yoga that work on par with natural remedies for ovarian cyst removal.

Important: Always try to practice the yoga poses on a mat or a clean cloth, but preferably not on the ground. When we say sit on the floor, it is always intended to be on the yoga mat or cloth. It enhances our life energies to get iterated within us and restrict to escape into the atmosphere.

Standard Yoga Poses

Standard yoga poses are those which can heal up to 95% of the health ailments with regular practice. Health protection doesn’t need any harsh precautions other than healthy food habits and regular physical workouts.

Here are some exercises which become useful for general purposes and also for particular issues like ovarian cysts.

1. Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation

“Surya Namaskara” is a long exercise of 12 effective yoga poses. It can aid in excellent

Body relaxation, increase the muscle flexibility. This tremendous fitness exercise can combat hormonal imbalance too.

Even the menstrual problems can be relieved extensively by Surya namaskara exercise. Women get highly benefited while they are pregnant, it eases the childbirth if they practice the sun salutation until 12 weeks of the pregnancy.

Menstrual cycles are regulated in women with this exercise. This brings up a positive change in the ovarian health and becomes useful in treating minor ovarian cyst symptoms.

2. Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati is the first exercise everyone needs to do at the starting of the workout. It is one of the pranayamas that enhances respiratory health and also useful for numerous health purposes.


Menstrual regulation is one of the key benefits of Kapalbhati. Out of the plenty exercises in yoga for ovarian cyst treatment, kapalbhati gives the quickest and effective result. Belly fat reduction, constipation relief, glowing skin are some of the top advantages of practicing Kapalbhati.

3. Pranayama­­


Conventional pranayama is different from kapalbhati exercise. Pranayama involves in alternate respiration with the nostrils, i.e., breathing with one nostril at a time. To count the number of pranayama exercises, it makes a long list. Practice any one of them which is familiar to you; there will be no doubt you will get rid of ovarian cyst symptoms. Within a week you can observe tremendous changeover for sure.

4. Savasana

Savasana seems to be the silliest exercise of all. But the relief it gets for you is outstanding. Regulation of breath and relaxation of entire body, i.e. muscles, bones, nerves, etc. and every organ of the body is the task you do while your body plays the role of a corpse.


At the end of physical practice, perform Savasana every day. It gets you the perfect relaxation to all the organs, in which ovary part is the major inclusion. Relaxation of abdominal muscles is the key to curing ovarian cyst symptoms.

Conscious breathing causes pelvic muscles to expand. This enables healthy blood flow in the ovary region. This entire activity soothes ovarian cyst pain almost permanently.

Particular Yoga Poses for Ovarian Cyst:

Now, let us explore some promising yoga poses but not used in everyday practice. There is no harm if you practice these exercises also but the time is major constraint these days. Women with ovarian syndrome must practice these for quick relief.

5. Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose opens up the pelvic area and relieves stress in hip muscles very much effectively. Stiff muscles get enormous relief with the butterfly movements. Also, hormonal imbalance and physical inflammation need to be cured for reducing pelvic pain or ovarian cyst pain. Butterfly pose treats this problem with utmost effectiveness.

How to Practice:

Sit with a straight spine, keep your legs bent by sides as shown in the picture. Keep both the feet facing the soles and touch each other. Try to bring the legs as much closer as you can though some pressure is needed for staying in that position. Start swinging both the legs in the form of butterfly wings with a uniform speed and controlled motion. Do it for a minute every day.

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6. Supta Badhakonasana or Reclining Butterfly Pose

Supta Badhakonasana or Reclining Butterfly Pose

This pose of yoga for ovarian cyst works better than the butterfly pose. The reclining butterfly pose helps the abdominal region and ovarian muscles a lot. The pelvic region gets extreme relaxation, and any stress and stiffness perfectly get relieved with this pose. It is due to the opening of the pelvic region to get the nerves circulate blood well.

How to Practice:

Initially, lie down in the posture of butterfly pose. Slowly lean back and rest on your back. By lying down on the floor, hold your both hands as the figure shows. Do not stretch the legs away but try to hold the position of your feet nearer to the pelvic region. Maintain deep breathing while your body calmly rests for 10 minutes.

7. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana is good for women because it relaxes the pelvic region and also improves blood circulation. This treatment betters the process of ovarian cyst removal by regulating the abdominal organs. The pose opens your chest to enhance respiratory and spinal health too. If you are a victim of anxiety and stress, practice cobra pose to get rid of the problem naturally.

How to Practice:

Lie down on the floor with your head facing down. Bring both your hands below the shoulders by bending them at right angles to ground. Now, slowly raise your upper body off the ground until your navel loses the contact with the ground. Start this movement with an inhalation. Lift as much body as you could till there are only feet touching the ground. Be in the same position as long as possible and maintain deep, complete breathing. Slowly get down to normal position and repeat the same as your energy supports.

8. Sethu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

Sethu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

Sethu Bandhasana is most widely practiced by regular yoga masters and practitioners. It has a lot of benefits for your uterus and pelvic muscles. Not just the ovarian cyst removal, it can also cure stress and mental depression.

How to Practice:

The posture is typical for fat people though; it could become a joyful exercise with regular practice. Lift your back and hips totally by just taking the support of your legs and shoulders. Take deep breaths while performing the asana and get relief when you feel tired.

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9. Paschimottanasana


Paschimottanasana is all similar to sethu bandhasana regarding their usefulness for health. However, the posture is entirely different. Paschimottanasana can improve fertility and also strengthen the ovarian muscles.

How to Practice:

Sit in casual position and stretch your legs frontwards. Now, bend forward with your upper body completely till your head touches your knees. Hold your legs with hands for support. This will improve the body strength and enhance blood circulation.

10. Bharadwajasana


This particular asana is the best one for improving the fitness of your entire body structure. The body contains all the principal parts near the spine. And the Bharadwajasana, usually called the Bharadwaja’s twist, is perfect check for any inflammation around the spine as it bends the parts to set everything right on track.

The main question is how is Bharadwajasana going to end the problem of ovarian cyst pain. The stretches made in this asana make the abdominal organs active and relieve the muscles from stiffness.

How to Practice:

Start from the casual sitting position, stretch the legs to your front. Now, bend your both legs towards left. By breathing intensely, stretch your spine straight and twist the upper body as much as you can. Be in a balanced position and make the maximum twist. Try to overstretch the body by pulling spine towards the front so that the body gets an effective exercise. Stretch the spine to a level that your head can feel the pull. Stay in this position for about 4-5 minutes and practice the same on the other side.

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11. Chakki Chalanasana or Moving the Grinding Wheel

Chakki Chalanasana or Moving the Grinding Wheel

The movement is beneficial for many purposes from arm strength, thighs, chest, and most importantly the entire abdominal region. Treatment for ovarian cyst isn’t a harder with this kind of yoga practices as they enable the muscles and joints to become active in metabolism. Hormonal balance in enhanced with these type of useful poses of yoga for ovarian cyst symptoms cure.

How to Practice:

Sit on the floor at first and stretch your legs away from each other. Join your both hands and hold them entirely with palms. Now, also stretch the pair of hands away from your body and move them in a circular motion keeping them parallel to the ground. Try not to change the position of the legs. Do not twist your elbows and knees while rotating the hands. Maintain breathing while performing the asana. Do inhalation while hands come nearer to you and exhale while hands go away from you. Do this exercise for about 10-20 times in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

12. Halaasana or Plough Pose

Halaasana or Plough Pose

Plough pose or plow pose benefits are not limited in number. It can give relief from muscle stiffness, indigestion, and menopause too. It can strengthen the abdominal muscles with its peculiar plough-like pose. Halasana can also relieve stress. The plough pose is a useful asana for creating six pack abs.

How to Practice:

Initially, take the pose of Savasana. Keep your hands straight and lose. Now, slowly raise your both legs upwards and raise the hip for lifting the legs and touch the ground with your feet with 180 degrees tilt. The image shows how halasana looks like. Do not breathe heavily during this posture. After a couple of minutes, get to normal posture, i.e. savasana. Repeat the move for about 4-5 times.

**Pregnant women are absolutely restricted to do the Halasana.

13. Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

Treating PCOS or any ovarian cyst pain is best done by this movement. It is perfect pose for melting belly fat, strengthening abdominal muscles, and also set right any inflammations in the key mid-region of the body, i.e., around the spine. Dhanurasana can also cure kidney disorders, strengthen neck and shoulder muscles. This posture opens up the chest and relieves any respiratory illnesses.

How to Practice:

Lie on your chest facing the earth initially. Rest your legs and arms in a relaxed position at first. Now, lift your legs and chest off the ground by holding the ankles with hands. Lift as much as you have the limited area of the abdomen in contact with the ground. Take deep breaths while you hold up in the posture. As the body looks like a bent bow at the peak point, the pose is called dhanurasana.

14. Naukasana or Boat Pose

Naukasana or Boat Pose

Naukasana is an interesting pose of yoga for ovarian cyst as well as regulating body conditions. It serves in improving blood circulation, controlling weight, and reducing belly fat. The blood flow is enhanced to ovaries and abdominal cells with this pose. Naukasana is a simple tool to control your weight and also cure intense women’s problems like ovarian cyst pain, menstrual disorders, etc.

How to Practice:

Lie down on the floor facing the sky. Keep both the legs closer and hands straight. With a deep breath, slowly lift your upper body and lower body simultaneously without losing balance. See to it that you only have the contact of your hips with the ground. With an exhalation, straighten up your hands by lifting them. Try to be in the same posture for about a minute. Maintain the pose until you feel the pull of your legs and head stretched.

15. Matsyasana or Fish Pose

Matsyasana or Fish Pose

Fish pose is a peculiar one out of all yoga poses for ovarian cyst removal treatment. It might be difficult for women to practice out of all the poses explained, but upon practicing it thoroughly, it will bring many benefits to your body. Abdominal muscles aren’t the only benefiters, but chest part, neck muscles, and entire spinal part get good exercise with this pose.

How to Practice:

Lie back on the floor and keep your legs straight. Bring both your hands beneath your back and place them under the lower back. Now, slowly lift your upper body and rest your head just touching the ground. The posture is better explained in the image. Stay as long as you can withhold the posture and get back to normal sleeping pose. Lift your head while coming to normal posture as it may hurt the neck and back parts if you directly lift the body without support.

With these yoga poses for ovarian cyst pain treatment, one can not only get a quick cure for the problem, but they can also enhance their body conditions to a whole new level where every minor ailment is completely avoided. Yoga has all the sciences that human body needs!