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Nutritional Benefits of Raisins: A Rich Source of Minerals

Raisins are the small, dried grapes which are used in many regions of the world and are eaten raw. Raisins are the antidote to several health problems and act on the internal organs those affected. There are unique varieties of raisins brought from various vine grape fields from all over the world. Even though their size is small, they comprise a rich source of nutrition, tasty to eat and preferred to be consumed on a daily basis in the diet which are benefits of raisins. Upon dehydration of grapes, the nutrition becomes more concentrated making abundance in Vitamin B. More to the point, raisins also a great source of carbohydrates for energy.

Nutritional Benefits of Raisins A Rich Source of Minerals

Want to know how raisins are produced? Most of the raisins are produced from seedless grapes. At the time of harvesting, on brown craft paper trays, grapes are laid and allowed to dry in the sun. This natural mechanism turns grapes into raisins.

The sugar oxidation in this process turns them into dark brown or black color depending upon the type of grapes used. In very few countries, these raisins are dried mechanically where hot air is blown upon them.

Are there any types in raisins and do they have nutritious content? Let us explore.

Raisins types:


Currants are seedless, sour to taste and very dark in color. These are made from small black Corinth grapes.

Flame seedless raisins:

The extraction of flame seedless red grapes from these raisins which will be in dark red color and excess in sweet.

Golden seedless raisins:

Dried in the oven and are treated with sulfur dioxide in order to prevent from darkening through the effect of sunlight.

Monukka Raisins:

The black grapes of the same name are made dried which are large and dark, and produced in limited quantities.

Muscat Raisins:

Made from big, greenish-muscat grapes are large brown tastes fruity. These contain seeds and play a major role in baking.

Natural seedless raisins:

Sun dried seedless and the process of production takes two to three weeks.

You’ve known the types of raisins and how they’re produced. Now, we want to take you on the tour of nutrition present in raisins:

Raisins Nutrition:

Are the raisins healthy? Does the raisins nutrition sufficient to the body?? To be short Yes!

The concentration of poly phenolic compounds such as quinic, gallic, chlorogenic, and caffeic acids functions in the prevention of cancer. The pleasant taste of raisins is packed with fiber, potassium, iron and other essential nutrients to give the best benefits of raisins to the human body.

The list of nutrients present in 1.5 ounces of dried raisins is described below:

  • Calories – 129
  • Carbohydrates – 34 grams
  • Protein – 1.3 grams
  • Fat – 0.2 grams
  • Fiber – 1.6 grams
  • Sugar – 25.4 grams
  • Potassium – 322mg (9.2% DV)
  • Iron – 0.8mg (4.4% DV)
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.08 (4% DV)
  • Magnesium – 14mg(3.5% DV)
  • Calcium – 22mg(2.2% DV)
  • Vitamin K – 1.5mg (2% DV)

Nutrition Benefits of Raisins:


Fiber, exists in every one of us and best therapy for digestive problems. As you’ve studied above, raisins contain valid fiber enzymes in it. What exactly fiber does to our body?

  • The rate of absorbing sugar concentration into the blood is regulated and thwarts rise in glucose levels in the blood. Breakdown of fiber molecules is complex, hence limited food enters and makes you hunger very soon.
  • Cleanses intestines like a scrub-brush optimize the functioning of intestines and foils from colon cancer.
  • Reduces constipation

These are the raisins uses through fiber present in them.


The supportive companion to carry oxygen to your red blood cells is iron. The job of iron is assisting Immune System, keeps a hand in the generation of amino acids, and fundamental for metabolism. According to the doctor’s review, the intake of raisins contributes 10% iron in men and 5% in women.


Intensification of nerve impulses triggers muscle contraction, channelizes heartbeat and decrements the blood pressure restraining the effect of sodium. Through raisins, 7% of daily recommended value of potassium enters into your body.


Foundation to your activeness and unlimited energy is born with calories. Do you know what would happen if calories don’t burn? The chance of gaining weight will be much more and may lead to indigestion, high blood pressure, and obesity. For every two steps you take, the number of calories you’re burning is 0.2. The daily fitness you do burns calories in order to boost brain’s exponential productivity, proper digestive functioning, and other respiratory organ operations. Raisins have excellent calorie substance that should be taken by every individual. Raisins calories will have a profound impact on one’s body.


The instant energy in our body generates through sugar present in carbohydrates. Intake of raisins is as equal to as endurance in sports or exercising according to the review in the Journal of Food Science 2013. Lower cholesterol and balanced blood sugar are what carbohydrates maintain in one’s body.


The energy in the manifestation of repairing and building tissues, the block of bones and muscles, skin and blood, hair and nails lies in proteins. Each individual is excited to go to the gym and shape up their body, right? Then, an instruction comes from the trainer, “Have rich protein in your diet.” Again the raisins play a dominant role in proteins.

Your food diet shape-ups your body and intake of raisins supplies required vitamins and minerals to the body and regulates internal organs.

Raisins for health:

However, there’s another glance in raisins i.e. what exactly do raisins cure? Are these only limited to above-mentioned improvements? Here we go into deep to brief on raisins benefits for health.


As raisins get ingested into the body they swell due to the fluids present in the body. This bulks the food moving through the tract of intestine which provides a sigh of relief from constipation.

Weight gain:

Gain Weight

As we discussed earlier, the protein content and insolubility of fibers puts weight onto your body which contains fructose and glucose. The strength of the immune system is boosted and especially, useful for the body builders.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment:

Cancer Fight

Antioxidants present in raisins regulate the blood vessels and prevent from originating cancer cells. This is the best remedy to cure yourself at starting stage of cancer.



The lowering of blood pressure and Health’s integrity is definitive on consumption of raisins. How could this happen? What is the enzyme that lowers blood pressure? It’s Potassium! During tension, the blood vessels become fit and tight; the raisins loosen these vessels and reduce the chance of hypertension.


Vitamin B complex, a considerable presence of iron and copper content forms new blood cells within the body and directly suffocates anemia and it vanishes.


It is a state of toxicity of the blood. To be short, acidity in the stomach. The source origin for various antacids is the stomach. Acidity in the stomach affects other internal organs and give rise to skin disease, hair loss, heart diseases, calculi and other diseases. The contemporary of Potassium and Magnesium in Raisins neutralize these acids and are effective in restricting from acidosis.

Dental Problems:

Clean Teeth

Counteracting from tooth decay, cavities and toothache are done with raisins. The Oleanolic acid in raisins inhibits the rise of bacterial species that are crucial in dental problems. It gets into the action by strengthening the tooth while weakening the bacteria and eliminates it.

Eye Cure:

Eye Health

The polyphenolic phytonutrients in raisins has antioxidant properties. The damage caused by free radicals to the eyes are protected by phytonutrients, in macular degeneration, vision weakening, and cataracts. The vitamin A, A-Beta Carotene, and A-Carotenoid are good for ocular health.

Bone fitness:

Calcium and micronutrient boron are necessary for proper bone formations which protect from osteoporosis and promotes the growth of bone.

Fever or a headache:

As we know about the antioxidants present in the raisins, it kills the bacteria due to antibacterial properties. Also, these prevent from cold and other such infections.

Sexual abnormalities:

The stimulation of libido and inducing arousal, is because of Arginine, an amino acid present in the Raisins. This is mostly beneficial for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions. The levels of sperm motility during sexual intercourse will be monitored by Raisins. The experience of sexual effects is boosted that raisins provide.

Raisins for skin:

“Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.” The low-fat nutrition in raisins shines your skin and keeps it healthy. The raisins benefits for skin are discussed below:

  • The existence of phenol antioxidant in the raisins forms a layer around the skin cells which prevent free radicals from damaging the cells, Collagen (the abundant protein present in the body which gives elasticity strength to the skin) and Elastin (highly elastic protein in connective tissue that resumes shape after stretching or contracting). Aging properties such as wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes are delayed in appearance.
  • The rate of recovering of skin repairs and sagging of skin are prevented from damage by the antioxidants present in the raisins.
  • The toxic and black cells can be removed by the substance called resveratrol present in the raisins which nourishes and brightens the skin.
  • Due to acidosis, there is a chance of occurring pimples, psoriasis and boiling of skin. The potassium and magnesium clear the problem of acidosis.
  • Having black raisins as a part of your diet, this accelerates the liver functioning and detoxifies the body. As the body gets detoxified, the skin will be clean and healthy.
  • Phytochemicals and amino acids among the raisins boost the renewal of skin and a protective barrier is established in order to protect from the sun’s radiation.
  • Antioxidants of raisins fight with free radicals which slows down the process of oxidation and disintegration of DNA is prevented.
  • Vitamins A and E in Raisins generate new cells on the outer layers of the skin. Skin’s hydration is optimized and benefits of raisins lie on regular consumption.

Raisins for hair:

The most common and typical problem is hair fall. 80% of the world’s population is having hair fall and worried to grow their hair again. There are many remedies existing, but the simple remedy to see you as a King with hair is having dried raisins in your diet.

  • As you have read above, raisins are packed with iron and produces follicle cells which are the source for hair growth and concretes your hair.
  • Vitamin C maintains natural color of hair and facilitates absorption of other minerals.
  • Itchiness, dandruff, and flakiness will be reduced by the resveratrol which stops cell deaths and fights against hair loss occurred by environmental effects.
  • Vitamin E strengthens hair follicles further and makes it thicker and stronger.

The hair treatment is one of the effective benefits of raisins and best practice instead of other complex practices. Eating of raisins in your diet will never go waste. These are preventions and uses that make raisins worthy to have. Have the tasty raisins and enjoy their health benefits.

Raisins for diabetes:


Diabetes is a group of diseases where there will be excess sugar in the blood. The modulation of sugar levels by postprandial insulin response will be done by raisins. This helps in the excessive eating of food(that usually builds fat and starch in the body), hence, controlling the chances of increment in diabetes.

The best way to take care of ourselves is prevention. Hence raisins are to the health and for the health. They can control all the bodily internal and external fluids, regulate hormones and cure various diseases and balance the diet. The benefits of raisins are too good and have them for a better future and good health.

“Your body is your most priceless possession so take care of it” – Jack LaLanne