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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment with Acupressure Points

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, unfortunately, is a very common disease that is disturbing large number of lives throughout the globe. The Irritable Bowel Syndrome, shortly IBS, has plenty underlying symptoms which are found hard to be categorized. Yet, the reasons and features of this disease are utmost obvious and are clearly resolvable with particular healthy methods. Acupressure technique has many advantages for health, especially for body pains and minor ailments.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment with Acupressure Points

With this article, we are going to discover the fact that alternative medications have the capability to cure austere health problems too.

Let us get a quick glance about what causes IBS and primary notes about ibs symptoms, ibs diet, etc. before stepping into the core irritable bowel syndrome treatment with acupressure.

What Causes IBS?

Basic idea of irritable bowel syndrome is this: The disorders in contraction of intestinal muscles leads to disturbed stooling process. It may be as extreme as diarrhea and constipation. Although there is no particular factor that leads to the signs of IBS, we can cure it by clearing each of the IBS symptoms and few tips of medication for IBS treatment.


One who ignores food is the one who is ignoring life. We need not find any technical reasons for what causes an IBS from the perspective of foods; insufficient or abnormal food habits can take you to any adverse situation. Eating chocolates, spices, fats, soft drinks, and majorly ALCOHOL have huge effect on irritable bowel syndrome. Stop smoking immediately if you have the habit. It worsens the conditions of your digestive tract. Prepare an IBS diet for short period so that everything with your food doesn’t have any complaints with the disease.

Other Regards of Health:

Do not ignore any minor signs of IBS even at a small Fungal infections, bacterial infections also cause enormous adversity if they are ignored. Persistent constipation and diarrhea should be treated as and when identified


Women are suffering from IBS more. This could be because of their menstrual disorders caused by stress in abdominal muscles. In another way, mental stress also promotes ibs symptoms a lot. On the whole, maintaining a healthy diet and proper health care can rescue out of this severe cause.


As the stress gets severe, women are more prone to hormonal disorders which may cause huge intestinal problems. We must take care of this by maintaining hygienic living and food habits.

How to Cure IBS?

The mentioned causes of IBS in the above header are more than enough to give an idea about how to cure IBS naturally. But follow these points in addition to the acupressure technique for irritable bowel syndrome treatment.

  • Be on perfect diets, be it timings of eating, or the nutritional requirement. Any minor ailment mat lead to adverse condition of bowel motility.
  • Take immediate actions for bacterial and fungal infections. Otherwise, they may turn the bowel conditions and intestinal tract into a complete mess.
  • Be assured of amounts of nutrients like enzymes and protein in your diet which often help constipation and diarrhea to get you relieved.
  • Preparing an IBS diet is the best cure of all. Try to find them out and follow. It gets a quick cure for you.

With the acupressure points suggested below, you are going to get relief from irritable bowel syndrome symptoms within a very short time.

Acupressure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment:

CV 6 | The Sea of Energy

Conception Vessel points are vital in acupressure treatment, CV6 point is more prominent out of all of them. But the point is slightly sensitive to pressure because of its location. It is below the bellybutton a couple finger-widths. We need to apply pressure gradually increasing but not suddenly. Use your couple fingers rather than single fingertip. Making gentle circular massages will help a lot while dealing with these kind of sensitive points and sensitive signs of IBS.

CV 6

Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment has a lot to do with CV 6 Point. The benefits of CV 6 acupressure point for your abdomen and tummy are enormous. Many major problems like constipation, abdominal cramps, bloating, stomach pain, and persistent irritable bowel syndrome find cure with this pressure point.

No acupoint limits itself to one category of problems. Along with IBS treatment, CV 6 can cure insomnia, fertility problems, abnormal urination problems, muscle pains, impotence, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

CV 12 | Middle Cavity

CV 12 is located right in the middle of the line joining breastbone and belly button. The ‘middle cavity’ is known for correcting your appetite disorders. Our repulsion towards food is always a barrier for healthy nutrition. And stomach upsets, bloating, minor IBS symptoms might be the consequences of poor dietary habits, but you have CV 12 point which can relieve you from all these problems at once.


Use smooth circular motions for treatment with gradually increasing pressure. It will improve the appetite drastically to increase your digestive and abdominal strengths. Anxiety is another problem which has an underlying impact on digestive system and appetite.

CV 12 can cure such indirect IBS symptoms along with acid reflux, gastritis, bloating and constipation. Other major digestive problems are cured in parallel with irritable bowel syndrome treatment with the application of this acupoint.

ST 25 | Heaven’s Pivot

Stomach Meridian 25 is located on either side of the bellybutton with an offset of 3 finger-widths. The point is named ‘Heaven’s pivot,’ serves the purpose satisfying the name. The conjunction of upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts is concentrated at this point. The whole intestine region’s health is managed well with the activation of Heaven’s pivot.

ST 25

The primary activity of the point is relieving the energy from the point and moving the blood around the region. It gains the right circulation of blood to carry out the relied process of menstruation.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment and IBS pain relief for the effect of menstrual disorders can be achieved by applying gentle pressure at this point. Digestive problems like diarrhea, constipation are effectively cured by stomach meridian 25. You can get rid of inflammation caused by improper digestion by activating this point.

ST 36 | Three Mile Point

Just like CV6, there are wide uses with Stomach Meridian 36. And it has additional health benefits which cover more different organs. It is located 3-inches below the knee joint, n ot right on the bone but beside a thumb-width outside on the knee.

ST 36



The point strengthens your overall energy of the body to be able to withstand the ailments, i.e., promotes immune system strength. The improved body’s energy can get you rid of joint pains, chronic fatigue, asthma, edema, and ‘indigestion’ in special.

Problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea are perfectly cured with the three-mile point. Many IBS symptoms like bloating, gastric problem, abdominal distention are also cleared.

SP 4 | Grandparent Grandchild

Spleen 4 is located on the inner sides of the feet. The points are right in the middle of the feet’s length and a finger-width above the base or depression. This pressure point helps in relieving the major ailments that are addressed as signs of IBS.

SP 4

The point can cure spleen disorders, pancreas disorders and bowel problems like diarrhea, abdominal pain, gastric pain, anxiety, and insomnia too.

Press the region with thumb with gradually increasing pressure. Any of the IBS symptoms can be curable with spleen 4. This works because the meridians harmonize spleen, digestive system, abdominal organs to work in coordinative atmosphere.

UB 21 | Urinary Bladder 21

UB 21

This particular point concentrates on abdominal section and nausea symptoms. UB 21 is located slightly lateral to spine on the back and in the middle of spinal process. The position is on the 12th vertebrae. Starting from diabetes, gastritis, pancreatitis, it covers many core dietary disorders which cause irritable bowel syndrome.

Experts suggest activating two points, UB 21 and CV 12 in combination to cure any gastric problem at any stage.

ST 37 | Upper Great Hollow

ST 37

Popular irritable bowel syndrome symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, abdominal muscle contraction, appendicitis will be cured by activating Stomach Meridian 37.

The point is right below the pressure point ST 36 on both legs. Activate this point by applying pressure and firm circular motions with the fingers.

LI 14 | Large Intestine 14

Large Intestine 14 Point cures many underlying IBS symptoms like acid reflux, stress, and hiccups. There are many other problems treated with LI 14: Muscle weakness, visionary problems, shoulder pain, etc.

LI 14

Large Intestine 14 is located on the arm 3 inches below the shoulder in the outer part. Press the pressure point with firm force on the points of both the hands for 3 to 4 times a day. LI 14 does prominent work for relieving many symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome but at the secondary level.

Acupressure gives the easiest solutions for highly devastating health problems that are faced by large number of people.  Particularly, the technique of acupressure will soothe the disease and provide effective irritable bowel syndrome treatment within a week’s time. Following some health care rules for digestion and nutrition and with the above knowledge, there will be least possibility for the irritable bowel syndrome symptoms to occur.